Sunday, June 10, 2012

Field Visit–I


Followers of the ancient past; they follow not a path. Salvation in their heads is nihilistic, The souls are forever free like swans white crystalized.

These guys are on a field visit, they are backpacking to find a secret hidden treasure; amidst dense vegetation and unstable terrain. their salvation does have a path.

They walk in silence and know or rather decide the route telepathically. They are guru – bhais, of this secret order. The order without a particular name.

They are cutting through the plants through their feet and will; under the dense clouds pouring intermittent rain. They are seeking the secretive lucrative violet lotus of the beyond.

The vision quest is simple; to one point to another – but does this action have any meaning in the larger sense? We shall have to see..

The lotus lies in a pond covered in secret soma ras. Dipping into which one would forget their former self, if they so choose to do so. They would realize their true forge. Their true self. The lotus itself would shine on, vibrating a subtle purple – violet tinge. It would be calling to the grateful and graceful, it is a gift of the beyond.

Nothing is known of the origin of this plant, but having a look and maybe a bite would cure the illness and illusion of a lower self. It would maybe strengthen the higher curing self. It would make one love their entire being and not just one single portion of it. For momentary transits of lifetimes, This is such a simple wisdom is it not? And that is exactly what this plant would cause one to realize.

Sounds funny but the bunch of guys from this secret order are looking at this plant now. They are thinking of losing the veil and adorning their naked selves. This is such a condition which is unlike ours, cause we are all but staring at the stark dark burden of a grave. That is not morbid but also a subtle realization.

The violet lotus makes the experience no more. It would set you free. No freedom is not so cheap, maybe it does come with a heavy price. I would wonder what that would be? The after effects of this plant would be fatal not to say, which is the truth. Losing the cloak is changing the cloak as well. The plant invites the brave within its layer, and vibrates the highest chakra within the brain. Makes the experience shine in darkness of the void. Makes the experience null and void.

The seekers have traversed wide and far trying to seek to be near this lotus, experience tormenting one after another, without a single reprieve asking to show the earnest sincerity to seek salvation, to die with an extreme liberation; through the head; through the cranial device out and above to the endless void. What a rhapsody. Intense overtones lie.

They encounter their worst selves, for the self is the veil of a mirror; mirroring utter chaos; facing as you and I. And it is going to self- destroy. They encounter wild mythical beasts from the other side. The ancient naga’s who are gatekeepers and keep the myriad mundane at bay. The powerful etheric spirits of water and fire who destroy the senses and provide nothing for those who seek worldly gain. The beautiful temptations of fruit and flesh; all which will rot with time.

Everything and one faced and destroyed; It seems that the quest has taken its toll on everyone; the brothers are broken and destroyed. What would happen without the lotus. The death which would redeem them somehow?


To be continued.

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