Monday, December 27, 2010

God Sends Death

We think of ourselves, true and naive; good and absolute; not realizing that what we are and do is of no consequence. The earth beneath our feet shifts and so do we; the skies above tremble and pass and so shall we... The greatest veil we adorn is one of ignorance towards the truly certain. That god sends death; and beckons us inconsequential to be free...

Why do we give special consideration towards children? Have you asked; we exclude them from death and suffering, care for them in the most adverse of conditions, is it because that we consider them incapable of taking care of themselves; or that their true innocence be safeguarded. That is the one thing which adults do not possess is it not?
What if you knew Hitler or any other tyrant this world has seen as a child, of course he/she is innocent, and you will try to see hope in them, but at what cost? At the cost of over 6 million other children and people dead? Would you have the compassion to breast feed and cuddle the child tyrant so that they could grow up and destroy the rest of humanity or the forests or the earth itself?
Think hard and fast; the child is no more worth the effort to protect and love, for you know when they will grow up, the chances of them becoming good are not just as attractive for them as being way bad.
Today when I saw a child walking alongside his mother, I thought; no matter what creed or race or gender; we view children with awe and love; would it tantamount to anything good; if you loved a child hitler who would grow up to kill indiscriminately....
Who knows where the next seed of hate and despair is planted; in which child's heart, in which child's mind. Why pray and care for what you could not be sure of. Isn't that what human civilization teaches us children in the first place.
There is something to be sure of; the imminence of death, It prays your side, waiting for the night and grimacing as the onslaught of age and decay begin. Be wary of death, for it is the only certainty that god sends down, not even a child's innocence is comparable to the mighty irrevocableness that time and death havoc upon all!

The times were different before, the gods sent death through the rats; the plague entering your tract and eating you up whole.. killing millions, rotting dumped on pits and holes and not one left to burn them away; The stench rose over the continents whole; A sort of signal... sent by man to outer space- look at the great human condition, we die as the rats live. We are the fore bringers of death certain ~
The gods send death through the atom, with a fragile man's thumb on the button; the twin bombs fall to different towns, the "little boy" and the "fat man" fall from the skies, impending doom within a sqare foot (of uranium and the like). The cities lie nuked. The bodies do not need to be burnt this time around; man already took care of his fellow man (a human gesture indeed, how can it be mistaken!)... In a hope of for the "greater good". He incessantly kills the larger good. All ways

God sent his arch angel Lucifer for the greater good, and the myth got twisted and replaced. He fell to the ground and his wings got clipped and he became the anti-christ for so many innocent heretics to follow. The twisted imagination of this feeble creature that is man; wrecked havoc, bringing the innovative and the creative to the cross, culling them without the faintest notion of a cause. The men in robes called it the "cleansing"; burning down the witches and heretics and leaving millions more to be liberated in the false hope that something good would come out from the stinking death that is man (who thought different could be good)

There came a time when you thought that peace was a dream; a sign of the stopping of the barrage of artillery or the echoes of the last shell gone wrong. There was a time when you thought that the land without land mines and the skies without skud missiles to be a dream. The dream is here. The dream is right now, blowing shell shocked; without limbs and burnt out. It is abysmal what you will do to wear your precious diamond on your finger and acquire it at whatever cost it may take; what you will do to impinge your ideology on others who refuse to take it. It is pathetic how we all can live with ourselves when the rest of us are dying every second; what do we have to thank ourselves for? A biased and timely fate! Its worst to give death a bad name, when we all love to indulge in it; and hey; it makes no difference whether we accept this or not, our violent ogre natures is what we think of as our saving grace. (it really isn't a play with words, its the truth, the condition of the human race)

God sent death and misery, its all a lie; there is no god. Much less someone external to this apathetic human race that has caused our present state of affairs. It is us, all of us, and all of us who are partakers of our finest product till date.
Death has never taken a back seat here, nor shall it. The future is bleak as the false hope we give ourselves shall fade and it is extremely comforting at the same time, for it will bring upon neon clouds of demise. The great end of our times, beckons and cries. Lets not bid her an impolite goodbye.

Peace (oh not the hope again!)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Out of the world-III

The other day I was walking on the side of the road; I am extremely careful when I walk on main roads (as generally I am listening to music on the pod and I don't hear any outside noises), but this time I was actually without ear-phones plugged in, and was minding my distance from the centre of the road.
This did not make any difference to a maniac woman driver who ploughed me down in her toyota carolla without any notice rhyme or reason. She didn’t hold any personal grudge towards me I suppose, after all I had not seen her ever before. She just drove up my arse so fast that I did not have the faintest idea of what happened (or rather what ‘hit’ me). I got bumped and due to the powerful impact (the lady was driving at a potent speed of over 40kmph says my ass still through sporadic hints of excruciating pain); I got flung a near feet or two away on the road and the lady had the courtesy to hit the brake pedal at least by then so not to run over me a second time. I fell face first onto the tarmac, and got up instantly in a daze. I just did not understand what had happened in that fraction of a second; it felt like a powerful slap on my behind from god (pretty funny). I turned around and understood the situation alas! The woman took her own sweet time to get off her car, I yelled but one thing to her; ‘Are you drunk?’
I repeated it atleast once more, she was flustered, and probably in fear that i would hit her beyond any chances of mercy (oh how i wish that would be). she replied ‘ No , No My foot slipped, My foot slipped, I am sorry). That was a lie, neither did her foot slip nor was she sorry; she looked like one of those delhiites who talk incessantly on their phone while driving their businessman daddy’s car. They dont take a drivers license seriously and the repercussions of driving their cars over other people; even when they do exactly that
I was very angry, fuming. I remained quiet. I looked down; didn’t even look at the girl’s face. i wanted to disappear, away from these people, these inane acidic pathetic bastards, who didn’t care enough even to be vigilant while driving a powerful machine.
I have never been hit before a vehicle, i always am very careful; and after all I have to be, this is delhi and there are enough maniacs born in their rich daddy's lap to be brought up like the cunts that they are just to be given a big ass vehicle on their 18th birthday (according to the drivers licences; while their real age would border closer to puberty- both of the body and mind). And then one fine day they decide that looking in front while driving their car was not really a priority; or even a necessity.
I just walked away, she kept asking me from behind, I am sorry, can I drop you somewhere. I wanted to drop her into an abyss. I had no need to be hit by a person that day or any other. especially for no fault of mine. The incident/experience spoilt a perfectly spoilt day even more. I felt the hand of doom whacking my ass over and over. All the time laughing and saying my foot slipped
I learnt through the experience, and reaffirmed that women are really no good when it comes to handling a vehicle or any other machinery (even phones, computers etc). They are supposed to be less rash then the men when it comes to handling cars, but i really did not see any hint of that being true either. They are equally if not more foolish and careless when it comes to driving their corollas in their pencil heels (oh yes she was wearing heels driving and hence I presume her foot slipped).
The presumption that the world is a decent place filled with people who are basically kind hearted and good natured was once again banished from my mind for a very long time. Such people, incidents and experiences just go ahead to reaffirm that people (and people in india) are morons, fools and filled with some sort of contempt. We all should be shot dead at point blank range.
Yes we all belong not to here, but to some distant corner of outer space…
(and yes, the story continues further……..)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Out of the World- II

We are all living and striving for ourselves; The betterment of our lives in terms of monetary and physical comforts and then once achieving that; struggling for the betterment of our minds and finally our own souls. Its a long and arduous route; and by the end of it.. each one of us is so tired that we require and eternal rest in a grave or on a funeral pyre.
We never look at what it is to help another, to live for another, to strive and struggle for the betterment of another’s life. I too like most of you belong to this category of people (or personal behaviour) which looks only at our self as a source for comfort.
For many their satisfaction and comfort (physical or otherwise) comes from the feeling of helping another; making another feel or be better for their lives. This is not quite right…. I meant making another child feel or live better.
Children are truly out of this world. Their imagination and hearts are so huge. Their understanding of simple issues which us adults tend to ignore or look past is comprehensive. They are without guilt or shame. they can be taught anything and they can interpret what they have learnt with originality. This is why i adore kids, not the crying cribbing kinds; but rather the learning smiling and playful kinds.
Our HR class had an opportunity to visit various NGO’s thanks to our awesome social cell, composed of guys who are sincere and want to do something to help others and taking the right initiatives for such thankless goals too!
There are many many NGO’s in this country operating without name or recognition for improving the conditions of various sections of society without much funds from anyone. All they have at times is will and determination and hope of intangible rewards like a smile or love from the eyes of a doe-eyed child.
Life is holy and its perfection in action; its empathy and the feeling of elation of being able to connect to another life form as one. Without any distinction or ego hassles. Many people though don’t see this, and they run past in their attempts to just make it better for themselves.
Our group visited a little girl’s ngo in chattarpur area next to the temple. The village is like many others in Delhi; its unsanitary, filled with people without jobs and rampant with social evils like drinking; drugs and discrimination towards the girl child. There is poverty and social inequity and the root cause of this is lack of education.
The children whom we interacted with briefly over a 2 hour period were aged between 10-15. All of them went to school *thankfully!* and were very very smart from the first go! Many were outspoken and some preferred to be quiet; and all of us interacted whole heartedly to listen more than speak. For a child’s wisdom is something us adults have to learn from them! The girls understood why education and independence is important to their lives and what the consequence of not learning like other children could be. They also knew that rampant causes of poverty and abuse in villages like theirs was a consequence of the men getting violent or not going out to get work for their family. They also clearly knew how much a woman does (like their mothers) for a family and how under valued such a job is in the eyes of society.
We also held a little painting competition for them; and the group (consisting of some 20 odd girls) could create out of their imagination such artistic designs, that it left all of us dumbfounded in awe! Such celebration in the hearts and minds of those who are in youth, for verily youth and innocence are the only ways that this cruel heartless world could regain some of its pristine beauty.
I was particularly impressed with a child called lakshmi yars, who was I guess in 7-8th standard at this time. She had a deep thoughtful aura about herself, she was clearly responsible for more siblings in the house and perhaps had to do some house chores alongside her studies as well. She understood that guys dont work and spend most of their times in loafing about (something very abundant in indian villages and indian culture itself). But she accepted this and wanted to do something to make her family and her name better, What a selfless goal for a child. A child is one person who could be selfish- ask more for themselves and just themselves, and they would be right in getting it too, but these children living in villages wanted to do something good for their families, they wanted to study and earn a honest living so that they wouldn’t have to be in the position that they were currently in. This realization so crucial and critical for anyone wanting to change their lives- was so clearly present in these little kids (girls). I was in awe of god’s miracles in the form of the child. I truly was in silent celebration that i could find even now; in today’s world- people nay! children who were truly befitting the kingdom of heaven!
Yes the eyes and laughter of a child are something out of this world. they dont belong in the vile desecrated atmosphere which us adults make in this so called society, and children are not worthy of being in a world where love peace and chance for living in entirety are not possible.
I am amidst people who more often than not discuss their own personal gains at any and all costs. They want something for themselves not knowing what that something is, or at what costs it would becomes theirs. People who i interact with are prospective owners. They want to own something and everything which comes their way… But they could never own their own hearts and minds to liberate the same.
Children don't own or possess much, but they are in supreme control over their hearts. Their innocence ripples through to the most beaten bruised souls in this world. They remain the pillars of our society., In this place where evil and hatred pounces in every alleyway; every corner….. Children remind us of a better place; perhaps this better place is after all a place out of this wretched mean world!
(and the story unfolds further….)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Out of this World - I

I have lived in this stinking hole for time undefined, vile and putrid. Decay is fast imminent, I am sick of people caring about this body. And people stalking this body for their sickly gains. Its just an auxiliary system; and the power levels are just dropping…
The whole world is run by humans, and they dont know what the fuck they are running towards or away from. I am sick of systems of control and those which seek to control YOU>
Its just one step from doom, another step in the stairway upwards to that room. Its a kind warning from within; what you glorified and missed out is the sweet greed and gluttony of this pathetic race. No you may not save your face; anymore
The body stinks when it burns on the pyre. It reeks unholy when its alive. Personal motive gives away to the missing edge. That what is called ‘compassion’ and ‘love’ in this terrible day and age….
Where is no more? When is this awful game gonna get over? Its just a facade. An impending doom…. envisaged
The world doesn't deserve this body, and so it shall be sent out to space. Where it can look to find another home worthy of the wrath and hate that it so quickly spews. So frequently and without a single rhyme or reason sound…..
Sick of doldrums and loopholes in the machine. The false notions of purity and integrity. The sell out is the one who gets his profit tomorrow noon. There is no other explanation and the gods conspire; conspire to take over our minds. Till the mind is savaged by false notions of something good becoming from this rotting iron maiden dressed up to its fateful place in a grave or a burning funeral pyre.
You slave, and they will pay you; In gold and damsels, You speak and they shall cut your tongues half in size. If you choose to better yourself. There is no place left for you here; you belong to outer space.
You cannot change your nature. Your nature is of the parasitic virus. Intune with the stinking rotting corpse of mother nature. You are yester year’s creature. Your day of judgement passes and you will be out helping another.Why oh Why everyone asks while they laugh!
There is simply no use for a body like you.
Burn and be gone. the ghost of winter past; your misery and torture abound haunts these hearts no more. For these hearts are as dead as this cold vaccum of dark un bound outer space.
Away from the earth which gave birth to the devil. The devil which seeks venom in the form of money and vengeance. In the eyes of duality and partiality. In the end there is no worth to the sweat and toil; oh did I forget you fogged up when you said (your) truth would be the winner in gold?  Your honest life the base for fortunes untold?
In spite of your earthly treasures, you dig within your soul. Not a single ounce of worthiness. Yet you can go ahead and rule this world. The body is dead. Eaten by vermin like the one’s in your head. You won; and everyone else lost. And the days of never ending hell are back again., at all costs……
Welcome to the seasons within the inferno; where its warm and cold. Its all so simple when the plan unfolds. What you seek is what they got. What they got is what you sold. Welcome to the very beautiful end of your world. Celebrate in the coffin embarked forever more towards outer space.
The story unfolds……
(Part 2 follows)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Flooded Heart&Upward Transit(way old)

Converted roughly from diary to blog (wont make sense till you enter my head)

Something in a white blue dream, for the one who would liberate me is not me but in turn is my self.
I run away from what I was yesterday, through and through I search the skies for a glimpse of the majesty which I need to find still… Night melts into burning day and I grow old worn out and decayed.
In my youth I left it all behind, all that was sacred profane or even divine. Now it seeks to be with me once more. How long this fight shall be? I just could not know….
Sometimes I feel blessed or even a bit elated, that my life reflected something simple… far from being planned or thought about. Just a small experience of a wonderful divination
These moments are all the cause for the flooding of my heart. An outpouring of joy which remains unnoticed to all. The fire moves now moves inwards and not outwards. It burns my cells and tissues, It draws the power from the internal fire, It burns everything down to the earth. It draws drive from the wind, and draws control from the stable water. Its movements is planned ether. It looks minute and yet its the size of a million suns, Its brilliance unparalleled.
Molten Lava is the one mouth and insanity remains always the other mouth. Its awkward assuredly but its firmly required.
The Upward Spiral/Transit:

The creation spirals downwards and hence the evolutionary movement is always upwards both in metaphysical and technical reality of a sense. The eternity is spent moving towards the state which is unparalleled. The state which is the true mother of all dichotomies and contradictions. Towards the enlightenment, the soul seeks its own creator. Its own mother… The molten sheath pours finally towards the first centre. The chakra of becoming…
There was intrinsic silence in the soul of the moon today as if the skies had cleared up so that she would speak, But she did… only to those who listened to her.
There is ecstatic fervour/flavour moving alongside the energy now. Some thought it was the wind which made her move, but did you know; the wind too radiated with her psychedelic colors.
Certainly the humans spoke, but never in the language which I could understand, but in an entirely different tone; their love was for something else. Sometimes I feel that the colors in this great world are too much for me. I wanted a bit of darkness, perhaps therefore causing such darkness to appear.
Winds which remain tall, create an amazing sense in the alley ways of demise. They dont exist anywhere but in the shadow of our own souls.
Do you know what the soul is?
You could feel it when your skin itches deep from deep writhing in pain but you dont know how to remove the itch. As if there was no itch to begin with.
It is when reality cannot be described. Not because the real is not present. But there is no perceiver. The soul cannot be known; its just that my friend. Just that.
The words which are spoken or written are the soul too. The emotions and reactions are the soul. Even the soul is the Soul!
All selfish motivations are truly the soul.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Shri Mahavidyas: Chinnamastika

The life everywhere is one. It is one for it is bonded by the life force. The life force (prana) is the breadth. The breadth blends with blood. The blood is the elixir; sustaining and propagating life.
The Senses wander. The illusion deepens, and lo! my mother arrives, She is brighter than light. She is stronger than will. She looks over in compassion, and cuts of her own head.
I am fed the blood of my mother, outpouring after outpouring of life sustaining blood pours and gushes out from her decapitated body, it is the pure life sustaining power that I was devoid of in the first place!
Chinnamastika is the fury, she is the storm. She is annihilation of desire and all that is wrong. She steps forth to protect those who have given themselves up to her. She is the true mother who feeds her devotees at the cost of her own self!
She holds her pristine head in her own hands; and her other hands holding the cleaver which releases one from the illusion and bondage of the mundane. She blesses all with the boon of everlasting life and power. She protects all those who have given their faiths over to the cosmic mother.
Chinnamastika pours forth three streams of blood. Its esoteric interpretation. The three streams represent the three major etheric nerves coiled around and inside the human spine. The Ida; Pingala; Sushmana.
These are the true channels that carry energy, power and the will to life in the body. The center springs forth from the mother herself. In the form of the nucleas- she is kundalini mata. Where everything begins; coiled around the svyambu linga 3 and a half times. This is mother benign and as she springs forth and upwards, she becomes the strength beyond measure kinetic energy- Ma Chinnamastika!
Chinnamastika lies above the sexual union of kama and rati. They copulate and spread their energy within two bodies – the using of sexual energy to convert it to true spiritual power- Ojas
She is both the giver of life, and taker of life as well. She is strength and force of the abstract giving itself to life. The spiritual energy which coils and toils and descends to create man. Then only to ascend and unite to destroy all that has been created. She is the example and metaphor of the cycle which is Life and death.
She is prayed to before war, confrontation and death. She is angry, and she will kill herself before she kills us all. What a daunting and dangerous iconography. What will required to worship and pray to such a deity!
She feeds Dakini and Varnini, who are hungry for life. She is compassionate in her anger, she feeds herself to give to her devotees. She will consume herself within us (our own bodies), to feed true life in every warrior who undertakes the process of self actualization and realization.
She is redder than a thousand burning suns, she is covered in her own blood too, her decapitated head looks hauntingly at our souls, piercing ignorance and drowning it in an unending hole.

Chinnamatika Yantra (downward pointing triangle in red hue)
She keeps poise par excellence, her leg crushing lust and burning the ignorance of separation from paramatan. She has snakes as necklaces. She has skull caps as ornamentation; My mother is fierce, with fangs and lolling tongue. Her decapitated head laughs and roars at man’s ignorance. At man’s futile efforts to elude death and true life. Her sight will redeem those who can see her!
She breeds the spirit of bravery and courage. She is the true warriors goddess. Present in all places where there is fear, death, malignant energy and demise. She feeds on dark energy untold, only to convert it to the life energy blood and spew it forward towards her devotees.
She is the self sacrifice which heroes undertake. She is the caring loving mother to her devotees, she is the energy untold. She is the interconnected cycle renewing irrespective of space and time
She is the epitome of left handed worship, which requires extreme vigil and discrimination at all times by the warrior. She is the mother of vama marga
She will cure all maladies related to blood and body. She will restore vigour and virility. She is symbol of continuous sexual union. She is the fountain of Soma. She is the fountain of Ojas. She is eternal Life. She is eternal Death

Pray in silence, Pray sincerely to the definition of sacrifice. To mother who cares like no other; Pray and you will be saved. Pray and meditate and you will also be decapitated as her.
Raise your glasses, filled with the holy elixir which is blood. Your Blood.
Save it till the time is ripe. The night is holy. Bathe now; In your life force.
Renew and Restart. Life becoming the longing night spreading death revisiting itself to eternal Life!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Seasons of Wonder

I tried to look away; that cold misty rainy day, when the world lost its appeal; replaced so visibly by blatant vanity.
I was young; observably naive, believed in values that no one could care to see; walked the earth silently, overjoyed at the becoming of myself; Me.
Harsh melancholy brewing within, not a living soul to fill my cup to the brim. There was life and death and yet nothing to look towards. Where had my seasons of delight disappeared?
A little bit of love goes a long way; Those who haven't loved could never ever say; But the heart knows the broken path by night is delight, that by morning light would seem ordinary without respite.
In quiet wilderness, with the moon beaming on my forehead; I tried, Oh how I tried to look away; but in vain. She stood by the deodars calling the morning twilight. She was not looking for anyone in plain sight. Her silhouette made me howl in pain and simultaneous delight. How did a nymph escape the cruelties of such dark and lonely nights.
Depth of sorrow; surfaces in the pools that are my eyes, separate from her even an instant is a cruel torture befitting no man. How I survived centuries alone, without her, my seasons of delight were in reality but cruel fate.
I approach her in silence and we merge in silence. The spirits collide this silent night. The fury is the moon and the love is her light. Oh how we become submerged in the outpouring of one; There is no telling whether this is dream or real. With your beloved; youth turns to wisdom turns over to rebirth once again.
Over the pacific we sail; with our sights on the sunset. There is downpour from the torrid skies, yet nothing to stop us from our chosen path. She and I; apart and aloof from the rest of the insane world. Where words cause hate and actions result in pain. Amidst the ship of our dreams, we forge forwards towards unity in silence plain. The seasons of delight have begun once again!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The complete Path

India has two paths to worshipping the divine. Indians call it traditionally the right hand and left hand paths. Most of us; have been accustomed to worshipping or praying by only the right hand path (its denoted right hand cause we as a race are mostly right handed, and hence I assume right is considered more auspicious or even right~eous than our left hands).

Right hand path is to attain purity by negating the polluting or unrefined sources of energy. Well you see that sex has great energy in it, and so does eating meat, but our thinkers consider this/ or see this energy as a raw, course and un refined form of power. And so we shun it, for when dealing with power; there has to be responsibility exercising it (otherwise the power holder becomes the first victim of such callous experimentation).

Hence the right hand path, abides in cleanliness and purity; physical mental and spiritual. We negate many things when we tread on this path (all of you who have religious grandparents would see it in them as well- they have spent quite some time in fortifying this right hand path to liberation)

Well there is another path as well. The left hand path; or so it has been termed, I term it as the complete path. Its the path for those who follow the action of tantra.

Tantra for most people means some sort of revelry in flesh and doing things morbid. Most people in this illiterate country (ironically the very same country which produced the bliss of tantra) associate the complete path that tantra is to some black magic or ‘jaadu-tona’. Well ignorance is no excuse anymore.

The left hand path does not look upon the earthly attributes (material) as non spiritual, The flesh; the senses, the mind and body are all both the obstacle as well as the means to liberation/moksha. For you see; that in this world and this universe; tantra advocates that nothing is unholy or non-divine. Everything is pure; including the so called forbidden things according to the right hand path.

The only thing which tantrics possess which we normal people of our race don’t is subtle and powerful discrimination and will power. This is what makes one a tantric in the first place.

All of are bound to our material lives for we do not possess the willpower and discrimination to use the same for higher ends. We see sex/coitus or eating flesh or hoarding power as ends to themselves, while tantrics who are masters at enjoying the material also at the same time use the orgasmic energy created due to these material interactions for creating means to liberation.

The complete path is dangerous; for the line is extremely fine between careless abandon and wilful concentration. At any time a tantric is walking a razors edge between forgetting his true nature; and falling down to forgetfulness. All that can save him is his will power and his discrimination. He is truly a warrior when it comes to the day of reckoning.

The complete path is tough; and it cannot be sustained for long by most. The patience required to reap rewards which are intangible as compared to the bliss of losing oneself in material and physical intoxication is highly compulsive and tempting to say the least.

Hence I pay utmost respect and venerate those who especially in today’s day and times have given their lives to tantra, its ways and its study. Who at any given time do not negate any part of this grand reality/experience; and at the same time are concentrated on an abstract goal of moksha; with the will power of gods par excellence. Tantra is the complete path. Its is the path which is the conscious recognition of the power manifesting; creating this world and many more.

The use of intoxicants like sex and substance and power are for expressing our divinity. They are not the end; as far as I have learnt, they lead by themselves to boredom and depression. They are to be used with wisdom, to expressing our true cause. Our true nature. That is for me the complete path.


Peace Be Upon Us All


Monday, October 18, 2010

Not quite capitalistic

I was looking at the night sky, the pleasant winter wind (late late night), and I wasn’t looking for no answers. Then it struck me, something which i had been brooding on sometime back; Its called an epiphany I guess, but this one struck when least expected.
This is a generalization in all respects. But I hope you get the context (that’s most important).
Our present state of affairs is such that we are a pure performance oriented civilization (and civilization nowadays comes to mean one humanity with the efforts of true globalization)
Performance means results, we are a results or end game oriented race. Our education system and our colleges as well each and everyone of our past/current/future jobs are such. This is capitalism, which honours only results. This is what struck me, the path or the means to the results is least respected (as has been the case – corruption, hypocrisy, not practicing what you preach—time over). This also is not a hypothesis, You and I both know that most times a ‘smart way’ of doing things- which could include any array of means, is better than a sincere or hard long way. (though its rightly quoted as a better way of doing anything time over by religion/spirituality/moralism etc- almost a indian middle class culture bound way of looking at things lol)
So this comes to mean that, whoever gets the grades, or the marks or has the intelligence or cruelty to do what it takes to get those results is respected. I partially appreciate this philosophy, what struck me was that it should be the effort or passion (as the greek say) which one has for the work which should matter and not just the results.
In the gita, time over krishna proclaims that the true way to live is by doing work (karma yoga), no end dedication for the result, there is dispassion in this regard. I am not jargoning any book or quotation but what strikes me as the balance between capitalistic (nihilistic almost way to life to me) and the impractical Marxist or socialistic way of life is that;
if we as a civilization start honouring and respecting the effort which is put by individuals towards a goal and not just the result of that effort; then we would be actually moving towards rewarding those who most deserve it.
Think about it, We currently only look at intelligence as the key factor, to be respected, in our education systems, if this was to be replaced by how much effort, sincerity or dedication is put by the student; the true worthy would be rewarded for their efforts.
This scheme has worked in many European countries and is even started trends in India, where other aspects of the individual personality are evaluated and tests and exams don’t have to be mandatory.
Now I propose the same in evaluating the worth of the individual holding jobs across the world in companies and establishments. If the individual is actually putting in effort for the organization’s good, though it might be not yielding very productive results, such an individual currently would not be rewarded adequately than such a person who would be intelligent or dishonest enough to get ahead in the system any which way to his own benefit. Such a person who could persuade, be dishonest, be competent or skillful as a result of intelligence or smartness, would be at an unfair advantage.
The thought which goes into me elaborating this, is that what is the source of happiness for humanity, currently following a capitalism model; we are trying to maximize every aspect of our lives, the corporations and organizations across the world are doing the very same thing. This un thought-of of greed for more is destroying the glorious chance for every one of us to live a life; dedicated to living and working passionately at what we would want to work for or at/
If each one of us would be rewarded according to a test of the dedication and hard work we put into the work we choose; the world would be a lot more peaceful and better place to live.
Check it out; a student who works hard for learning though he might not be very intelligent or adept at it still would be given encouragement to go for more as compared to a very high IQ student who would be marginally interested in theory yet currently would end up scoring or getting better grades or jobs than a sincere one.
A person working in a service more dedicatedly; longer; more passionately would earn more than a person who could just deliver results or be smart enough to get results.
I understand that to many delivering results might seem to logically flow from working hard or more passionately. Unfortunately reality is a bitch, and people more often than not get better for not being sincere in true ‘karma’ ways.
Work is life and truly life is work. There is no escape, you cannot work half your life to one day not work. It simply does not happen, if you think that work is a means to an end, then you are mistaken. Work is the means to the end and the end itself for every one who lives.
So when we work for profit or maximization of it, as I see it; many a time we just work to destroy everything around us, so that we get more. The obsession for more equalling better is a myth. More cars or houses or women or money all come with equalling baffling problems centered around them. Hence i say that you can never work to get to a situation where your work will cease. Your work will continue till the day you die.
A new paradigm shift in thinking is required for us humans, we have to reward the sincerely dispassionate; the strong and not the cruel. The brave and the sincere. The humble and the truthful- This is the way to enter a new millennium (at least that's what I feel fit to see for a beautiful race like us human beings)
So your suggestions are also welcome; I honestly say, how to change us beings and creatures of comfort and inertia into powerful sincere and loving organisms promoting life and not just the slavery for more (and please do ask once in a while --- from within--- what does this more get you – a temporary euphoria—a drug to get you high--- does it last? of course not, thats why you want more of this more….. )


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The true state of things are such, the great ordeal that we as a kind face or have always faced is to view reality or our perception of reality (or real state of affairs of this world or us or we or I or the entire universe) from only one viewpoint-or one and only one single interpretation of reality).

From time immemorial people around us have witnessed, seen, experienced and understood of underlying subtle psychic phenomenas ranging from alien encounters to out of body experiences (NDE), from undying eternal divine love to spontaneous combustion... and there are oh so so so many. We do not live in a singular predictable environment let alone a single continuous stable reality.
Now the point what I considered is, I conform over and over to this one single interpretation of reality (the world as we see, hear and know it as from birth); I conform even when I do not want to. The organism called arvind has only understood of one reality. He has not been able to understand or experience any other.
This in any intelligent evolved dictionary would mean to being plain simple apathetic towards life or plain boring (thats what I see our great challenge as a race of creative willed people- how to work for a life or create one which incorporates not just one way to live but many ways to live, so that we wont get bored with life so early lolz).
I am sorry to say, that all of you like me are also the same, I wouldn't for the world want that in all truth, I really want to be inspired; elated with such people around me who can make me soar in the skies with their interpretations of this/// *these* glorious realities abound... people with acceptance and understanding of the many aspects or dimensions to this life we all possess; yet do nothing to create value for)
Why has humanity become so lax; its such a magnanimous opportunity (equivalent to non existence!) to live life. Life is numerous and more numerous than our imagination (There is more to heaven and earth; then is dreamt of in our philosophy ~ so true) could ever fathom; and look at all of us; instead of nurturing and growing that imagination, inspiring and elating each other, we embrace a drone reality... made of sure shot certainties ;  our life time slowly and surely getting filled with routines which have no use for us, for we surely never even learn from even a routine (its wisdom or futility)
I see it sometimes as apathetic within myself; that I let myself get bogged down, bullied into conformity or submitting my free will and time for useless activities, or activities from which I dont learn (its a problem; from both the subject and the perceivers viewpoint. Major conundrum~)
Well there is only certain times I like to brew on this existing reality which I live day in and out; and when I view it with clear sober (not rose tinted) eyes, I see that its as apathetic towards the cause of life itself as it can get!!

What to do, I shift the blame on the rest of us (like we all do), I blame the apathetic situation of others as compared to the same which I let blossom in my own heart. I refuse to take heed, I refuse to open up, let it all be and let it all be at ease; to let go of the fascination of a single stable reality. Perhaps it shall go on, and then one day the experience of death would free me (us). Or maybe, just maybe I choose to clear the dust from my eyes, look around one last (first) time before I change it all.

I have seen that what you and I perceive or even experience is to say the least, vast; its an entire rainbow of everything life is. Its sad, that at times (and I mean all of us here) we cant hold on to life, enjoy even this one single perception of reality we choose to hold on to. If we are really such senile unhappy creatures; why bother to be here.
So Lets let go, Lets stop brooding one single way of life; for others to conform to you, or you to conform to others. There is no right wrong; good bad; Life or death. Its the widest range of parallel overlapping dimensions, worlds, states, realities, experiences, breaths, Oh holy light! we can ever have. We have all that we dream of; and more.... and more.... So let's all Let go.

Peace and Love and Ananda!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Insights into a Better Life

For a long and wholesome life, somethings must be kept in balance within and outside of our bodies. Some kind of relief brought along with our rigid and stress ridden lives..
We can take insights from our lineage of ancestors who have tried learning the secrets to eternal youth and vigor. Some things which I consider worth while are:
1. Breathing is key to natural wholesome life, our breaths going right inside to every pour and seeping our selves with energy. The entire body and mind gets uplifted with the in breathe and gets energy filled with the out breathe.
2. Walking is key to memory; taking steps at regular intervals and keeping a balance between speed, intention and enjoying the process of walking. Taking long breadths and walking slowly and intent fully is key to a complete life.
3. You cannot escape what is coming for you; you are the decider of your fate and you have already chosen it; over and over. You want to quit choosing then develop dispassion, and leave things to themselves. No energy poured into creating your future, You remain always in the present
4. Must keep your body active, your mind refreshed and your spirit renewed. I wont describe the explanation, for these things can be understood by everyone at their level.
5. Honor and revere your parents and your teachers, These are thankless roles and what they do can sometimes be never be done by anyone else; They mould you an can teach you more than you or I could imagine.
6. Spend time creating abstract dreams and then apply your will to implement them in real life, its a tough deal but its the easiest we get in our life. Life is a beautiful plan by the creator, the force of reckoning. And now its up to us; to create what we may, to glorify and exude the sense of realism, the sense of eternal timeless life!
7. Know thyself. Its the only thing which has or will matter, IT is the concern of the hour, embarking on the journey of self discovery; all mental masks torn and facade revealed. The weakness is now converted to a source of inner strength, the will becoming strong molded from the sense of I within all of us.
8. This is not a moral issue, but remain truthful to yourself, your friends and close ones. Effects of these would be the improvement of positivity and removal of all sources of depression. You will become a saint and your words will become nectarous truth to all of us who share this common blanket of reality.
9. Reset die and restart, the process is never ending and only intermittently broken by a source called 'death' or rebirth. Remove the jargon, feel the pulse of the energy pouring within everywhere. This is you. This is me.
10. Listen to music, different forms of melody just reflecting like how this life ought to be.

Peace and Love.
Happy Winter Navratri~2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Unified ~ * ~ Collectively

Evolution as explained in terms of consciousness:
1. The de-evolved human being believes only in individual unique consciousness existing; to explain more simply imagine a mental frame where you only see non-living inorganic items; like we see cars and computers and watches and everything non-living, expand this frame to include people too. The devolved man is blind perhaps; he uses his kind (human beings) and others which are alive for he thinks that he and only he is truly alive and hence its imperative that he uses any and all means to his end. This is termed as Machiavellian personalities to some extents, but I see such people as the real fools for they forget to understand that they are not the center of the universe, they are not special and they are not favored, they are equal and that is the true treasure of life. 
2. The evolving Human being does believe that individual conscioussness exists similar to him in other beings as well, but their importance to him cannot be as much as he cares for his own conscious self. This is because deep down, at an instinctual level he has believed this mirage to be true- that even though other consciousness exists; it is partially alive and hence its never as important as his needs wants or desires ever.
3. The evolved human being understands that there are others exactly like him around him everywhere in living things and people; if hes truly smart, he would find life in a lot more places than we usually care to look; and he would know at an instinctual level that his needs wants or intentions are exactly like any other life, maybe for different desires but they are equally important to those living beings. There is co existence at this point between individual and a collective consciousness. Yet there exists a dual understanding; as in the individual evolved being does not still see in a unified field* This is termed as empathy in our psychological constructs at times.
4. The saint is one who understands that in reality or mirage there exists only one unified collective consciousness, though it fills space between as void; all life exists everywhere every-time and though the mirage of separation of mind body thought and spirit exist. the soul is the same. The intent of all life remains to expand this very same consciousness, perhaps through different means; but the individual and the collective co exist and are also experienced and understood; not at a mind level, at a no mind level, and it cannot be put more detailed than that, for language fails where silence and unity prevail. This is termed by buddha as true compassion! (How I agree with the buddha), and hence you see that saints time over giving up what might be held as dear to their life for another, for there is no true difference in energetic terms as long as life survives as one (the collective is the symbol for the one and only one consciosness; and individual consciousness a representation of the many that are still one - again in terms of energy)
5. Ofcourse In this recount of evolution, and surely this is an expression of evolution at a energetic-power oriented level, I have not accounted for mad people or schizophrenics, whose energy aligns to see world present as different consciousness, some real or imagined. I never pay attention to the titles; for at an energetic level, you can understand what the state of evolution a being has attained by the 'subjective wisdom' present within and around such consciousness *for saints; this implies they become collective storehouses of power and consciousness and also attracting more conscious living beings at the same time




Monday, October 4, 2010

Higher Order

Humans harp about order and chaos; as if kids know anything of such sort. I firmly believe not; A higher order calls upon, what biologists have termed as symbiosis. A collective life as I term it.
We as humans have constantly evolved on individuality (whatever we define that as) and not upon collective consciousness, I also see that this maybe vague or abstract to some who have never thought on its lines.
The human entity is closely defined upon rigid physical lines of the body; One body is intrinsically seen as different from another, by the organ of logical reasoning i.e the brain.
Symbiotic relationships are by far common in nature, and many organisms cannot physically survive without the existence of another, man has no such problem as he is not bound to any 'one' such organism, in symbiotic terms he is a parasite (yes that too is a form of symbiosis unfortunately)
But its my observation is, that throughout the phase of his/her evolution with time, man has still not freed himself from apathy and great depression, her life remains at best a case of survival against the odds until some form of enemy or death takes over to finish the unfinished life. The life which calls upon 'more' in all forms of knowledge and material gain for no apparent reason. Its only said that at best its man's nature to satiate himself with more, until satiation itself is a cause of demise.
Symbiosis of such lower order is still thought by the lower order (of man) as order, but to the highly evolved organisms which also roam this universe, its at best a beastly and ghastly way to approach life. I am at agreement with such sentiments (highly evolved refers to the race of men as well as organisms we can fathom and those we cant...)
What I mean to broach upon, is that life is a collective effort; life cannot exist without multiplicity; because that has been the intent of the creator (or whatever comes close) in the first place. Multiplicity which is understood and experienced at a unified level is the highest order that life can be experienced at. This is not an opinion or a perception or even an observation. This to most living organizams in the universe *I mean to say highly evolved life* is the definition of life itself.
This is what the modern human has partially understood. Parents go out on the limbs to take care of their own, and brothers protect their sisters. But we are one family; more over all life belongs to one family, its understood that humans cannot do without the presence of other life in the world. Yet we take extraordinary measures to be callous at all levels towards this need for symbiosis (need referring as the base levels--> at a biological physiological and physical level itself not even coming close to mention the definition of life as understood by highly evolved beings)

We see traffic lights and parades in lines and babies being delivered in the safety of rooms and decide that our world is at the peak of order than it ever has in the past, away from the brutal and savage wilderness of what the world was before we came along (the jungles and inhabitable terrains where only the most fittest survive, *refer darwin - that and almost everything else likewise has always reminded me of the world of men; where the meanest and the most vicious survive; it has never ever seemed to reflect nature or the life existing in an ecosystem sans man). There is an arrogance or a naivety combined with stupidity that makes our race unique at times....
But that is not the intention of any highly evolved life form ever (to be stupid lol), so if we are to consider ourselves smart, learning and mature life forms then we must first learn what it takes collectively to experience life not at the expense of another, but also with the benefit of another. I am sure that it would multiply the experience that life is meant for us to be;
There are always going to be capitalists and materialists who argue that they somehow deserve better more or greater in terms of anything for their own body defined consciousness as life than the person next to them, the life they will devour to try to make their own. But this too must be considered as part of our parasitic nature, and sure some natures can never be changed (as some people and their intent to devour down everything on their way cant be changed too).

Now what I really wanted everyone of us to experience if not completely indulge in is a form of symbiosis which is voluntary for the good of another as much as to oneself. Oneself and the definition thereof will change then, Experiencing a dual state of individual and collective unity in intent, being and life.
What some might imagine as an impossible achievement (clearly at the lack of intent being understood), is a whole lifes effort for others right here on planet earth. People leading lives close to mother earth, the source of all of life on earth, feeling close to other living beings both physically and spiritually. Learning and interacting for a share in the power and energy that makes all life happen (what some call prana or chi perhaps) and in the way also removing all the conflict an misery that could ever be created or exist (seems mostly from the world of men). It is sometimes defined by thinkers and writers as a "utopia" but most would shudder to imagine that this utopia is actually already present to us when we are born to the world, and man in his infinite need to have more actually just disillusions himself to a world made to conform to him and not exactly what life is (or could be)!

Peace               Peace                     Peace

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trace of the Free.......

At an equal pedestal; the enemy and the self confrontation to satisfy; One over the other.
Lockhead; matched and poised, the darkness and light; enveloping the throne; who is the one to get higher?
Sweat trickles down; There is no respite, the arena floodlit, capital punishment for failure tonight. The armed and the wary; go head to head in an endless dual, threat to the balance and the welcome of mental demise.

Evening to night, the dual between muscle and spirit; shredding of one's skin, like a venomous cobra renewed to stay alive, It feels kind of funny, the enemy looks straight into the eye; He almost seems to be another version of I. Similar in purpose and safeguarding his interests, just like myself or you for that matter; fighting for supremacy; fighting someone while all we are doing is fighting an exact copy of ourselves in another shell for a body or mind.

There is no change foreseen; There is only greater deeper pit of misery, plotted so that we can fight ourselves and sink into a single grave, a grand delusion pivoted around the egoistic nature we so fight to protect.
This dilemma, such tragic drama, yet arjuna feels the misery twice over; killing kin and killing the same blood; Where is glory or freedom integral to existence present in a battlefield; there is only shed wasted sweat of both man and his blade for eons till now....
Inspite of our best efforts, enemies crop up all through our battle for life, Inspect who you are. Why would you need the battle in the first place, Where is your hidden purpose(lessness) hidden in the grand scheme of life. I bet you are as keen as I, to throw down the weapon, walk away and cremate our former selves,
Shell shocked; and out of focus, You and I fight; for food and shelter; ideas and power, Not looking deep enough to see that we are same, we are one, we are a multiple expression for a singular entity. It seems that true dark ages has finally arrived.

We swarm like locusts, bringing perpetual darkness; Inside hidden corners and untouched realms, bringing and binding the thread of severing every chance of hope of a brighter future, a world which we didn't destroy collectively, a world with that has a chance to survive.
Still at it, locked horns from the world for the piece of pie; to call our own, to leave a legacy; to die an incomplete lived life, wasting our precious gift; The magic wand of time sweeps everything away; Nothing left to hammer in anymore; already ingrained deep within our souls.
Enemy to my life; You are no enemy that could surprise; I know your weakness for it is mine too; I learn and you learn and we both leave our grounds; disillusioned by the world veiled again and again; No trace of truth; No trace of the free...

The saving truth; saves the trouble we all undertake; to live a life trying over and over for your break. It is such drama; a show put up till the day when your heart explodes to liberate you from your self made chains of thoughts and feelings..  the enemy as I lie within the single grave.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Activate Infinity

A yaqui Way of Knowledge:

Listen to the hidden voice, deep within you. It is calling you over and over; soft and subtle looking for you to pay heed. Instead you break down every time the world and you come apart!

Its the real and kinetic nature of infinity, asking you to follow where it will lead. Where you are going; is all ways been where you have been. When you are facing problems which you think are unsolvable; then you are forgetting that all what you need to tackle this cruel and merciless world is energy, harnessed in 'you' and let out towards your intent. The world is the mirror dear friend; you are the source, looking at the mirror, seeing yourself in every thing the world has created. The energy; when overflows makes this clear, and all the rest is a mirage; an apparition. 

The energy which makes this entire creation is vast; its infinite.. There is no measure nor a container which can hold it, for if they were; they too would be part of the energy web. This is the infinite side of reality which we all want to know, understand, and participate in. 

The master sorcerer looks at the void, and he knows why he is staring at the endless pit of energy; He is an active observer, looking and getting awed at the endlessness which makes everything and everyone. 

There are known, unknown and unknowable things which make up the world, the known is in a flux and it takes sometimes more than one glance or thought to make up what the known is to us; the unknown is something the human mind has not understood or known in the past, but that doesnt make it unknowable~ it can be investigated rationally and logically and a conclusion can be arrived. But understand clearly that the unknowable is composed of the infinity~ which no one know about; the intent and understanding of the motives that make the infinite are not possible for us mortals to ponder upon, Its not in context and even if it was, humans cannot pay the price to know the intention of the great infinite void. 

The power accumulated can be held within the container of the body by maintaining internal silence or the suspension of internal dialogue~ this dialogue which makes and reinforces the world for each one of us, is the illusion of a common reality. The internal dialogue takes over all the functions of the mind and leaves us as mere drones; recollecting whatever has been taught to us or whatever we are taught to believe.
Your mind has been taken over by the whimsical mind; it is not free and it must be killed. It must receive the treatment that is meted towards a plague. Remove whatever is not creatively instilled. The infinite is pondering as we discuss right now; whether to remove the illusion of the mind and grace the truth.  The answer to this is within each and everyone of us. What we choose is what will be. The infinite is the answer we have been searching for all this time. What shall we do in its presence, What could we achieve in its absence,. and hence it becomes imperative that we move onto a path that leads us to true internal silence. 
Maintain a distance from people who live under the illusion that life is eternal, life shall change and end before you realize and hence its more than beneficial if you can keep the company of such people who understand the significance of their actions, and also treat them as final and premeditated. 
This is the sacred meeting with the infinite. When the energy gap opens up further, and the shell of man holding the energy harnessed within leaks until everything escapes to the infinite void.  Where all things come together only to split away once again, a constant and yet a flux~
Remove the illusion with suspension of internal dialogue, that you are important, all your energy is wasted in convincing yourself of your own importance, this is not least bit true, and how much energy has to be wasted in spreading this lie. You are no one, nothing and of no consequence to the universe. You are even micro cosmically insignificant; just it takes some more time to grasp and accept this reality than others. 
Go through your life, with action and intent-- think about what you want and then stop thinking all together and implement what you must, every action will have its re-action/repercussion and you must be wise enough to live with them all your life without cribbing or brooding; all which are wastage of energy. You will see that there will be times in your life when you will slow down in your actions, understand that these are times when you recapitulate everything that you have gone through. Life is giving you a chance to slow time down so that you learn everything you have experienced. Dont give up on these chances/opportunities to incorporate your experiences as energy in your frame.  

And finally to make sure that everything has been recounted, sorcerers make it a point to regale themselves with tales, of power. Activating the graceful and kind side of this unknowable framework called infinity; where we all are born love and die for how many times with a sigh...(this perhaps even the infinite would not know~)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Final Frontier (Up Irons!)

God gave man a sadistic sense of humor; Twisted cry that fills and haunts the room, creeps inside your brain and lays its final message. The end of times is upon us, a crying shame that its in front and all around yourself and I; and we choose to ignore the signals of our demise.
Peaking, together vibrating at another frequency, takes a subtle eye to figure it out the first time she chooses to bite.
The lack of character is filled up by the fancy suit and swaggered arrogance, Its not your fault but I understand that it is something you will never understand; till the end takes you for your final ride.
The final frontier is something so cold; but its not human; perhaps thats why I termed it divine. Crafted and molded every single instance of time, Your adamant stand will be the cause of an eager/early funeral; laugh now, burning your skin; defining your purpose; the work you have done to finally be done over (by natures special gift; a quick release from the complexities of life)

I have passed over the seven pools of holy elixir, each more sweeter than the last. I have set foot on the entire world; including mankind. Different and indeed a difficult answer to digest. Paths are a million paths to million goals scattered here and there, spending your energy, and crawling over to the reminiscence of your former "successful" life.
Dance with me! I will see you outshine, a supernova of increasing energy, a dynamo creating revolution(s) faster all the time. Incessantly explosive, a euphoria like never seen before. In you I see myself, and in my eyes the crafty devil to tackle misery of creation. Nothing you can say no to at first meeting, Its a set task. Immolation of body and spirit, crossing over with the dancer by my side. A limbo, perennial existence, Time vanished and so did space, Only the dance survived yourself and I.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Shri Mahavidyas: Matangi

Pollution is man's self made notion. The energy in the foul; The rampant underground coming alive with sound.. 
Matangi My Mother; She comes over where pollution has taken over. Spiritual pollution and physical disgust, creating a residual powerful energy. The goddess Matangi; is pleased where decay and rotting take over. In the mind and the body; you are the energy that is anti everything, anti matter. 

You are the lowest of everything which could happen. You with the sensual attire; You with the power to bring us back from deep inside (ignorance). 
Matangi Oh compassionate! Keep this sacrifice; The pollution of a non-perfect mind, spewing hatred venom everywhere; decaying slowly and surely. Matangi, with the dusk attire; Third eye the colors of universe unified!
Matangi loves the left path over of the psychic yagnas. She is the energy that stays to swallow unto herself. 
You leave me no choice other than to fall on to your feet, in realms of power; You are the divine saraswati taking on the power rupa. It is the throat where you come alive, visuddha becomes cleansed from the world and clairvoyant speech comes instantly. The mother communicating to her devotee. 

You are outcaste
You are beyond words
You remain when no one can
You are dragon power within this fragile frame

Up and down, tilted without holy sound... You offer the power to liberate from the cycles of birth and ignorance. Come up into the safety of the residue; of the power that is. 
When praying in ardent fervor towards goddess matangi; you give of yourself that which is filthy and residual. The energy is consumed by this gracious maha-vidya; she consumes and reconciles it; sending it back as pure light back into the cosmos' frame. 
She is the night of intoxication; living in the sound which is not created by any creator. She is the dark sensual mother; whose glitter is more glamorous than gold. She sings aloud to the world in turmoil, listen and distill this holy sound. Filter it to your core; and take in the breath of devi matangi; so you may once again fly in ethereal dimensions, step on magical clouds; spread your tantric wings and soar. 
The mother of divine magik; the lover of kaula; the compassionate redeemer, and the sensual lover. Her eyes become wine; Her fragrance overpowering of jasmine and left over pollutants; her attire pure red like the blood we hold (inside us all). She remains without time, teaching the left hand path towards totality. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pouring Light towards Third Sight

Some say life is memory; memories making a string woven by the common thread of the self- I.
When one closes her eyes; Speaking less, borders dividing fall besides... To show that life is one. Ones life repeated through cycle of life and death. Killing your memory; a reboot of the mind. To create another li(f)e.

Some say,
The memories of each self alive are held in the ethereal transcendent Light. Light permeating dark; removing shadows (of) doubt. The light holds together the collective illusion of the I. The I which leaves us nevermore;

The dark is the matter and energy of th universe; places and realms which are the possibility of en-light-enment. The possible solutions so infinite; the energy web so vast and rich. The darkness (oh some say, that is death!) holding the crowned jewel; inside/everywhere here and everywhere else!

Some recount tales which regale. Esoteric meanings abound, that is the power of darkness converted to sheer infinite light~
Ashoka split his life on victory towards a path which he thought was the way; The way that was true and right (according to his nature, his ambition, his life).
Light shown upon his hide; breaks and casts the soul away; as he kneels looking at the playground of devastation. His tears wet the blood soaked earth. His spirit cries in anguish at what his will has done. And all in all ashoka sits like a crater inside the earth; Misery and death. His best efforts thickened into red blood of the innocent.
Ashoka gives his way up. He walks towards the tree and sits a recluse for all time. His nature changed with the light; bringing the memories oh so abundant of what is to be and what had been done.. His smiles evaporated into the atmosphere. His plans plundered and reckoned into the abyss.

The light cries from within; The wisdom overflows; in fervor and frenzy. The knowledge captivates no more. Release believes itself to have arrived. And so it has... from infinite light outshining creating lasting infinite third sight!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Centered In I

I Am thoroughly fascinated by what the source or seat of I in human beings is. For you see, that we consider that our body is ourselves, but in reality the source of feeling of I; is not present equally everywhere in our bodies. Our toe or perhaps our ankle has less of such a source of I. Most would argue, the feeling and logical conclusion of I comes from where our thinking originates. The brain; there are some who argue that the pineal gland is responsible for this very persistent thought. I beg to differ, I dont argue that the feeling or thought of I might originate in the gland, but the I itself is present elsewhere. (the feeling of I - in my opinion is actually stimulated in the brain due to the presence of the source located elsewhere)
Every physical body that science studies; is based on the coordinates and assumption of 'center of mass' of such a physical structure. Where is the center of mass of a human body? Though it changes depending upon the placement of the human body; but while standing in a vitruvian position. The center of mass is roughly calculated around the pelvis *its lower in case of men, than women*.

Mystics across generations have been talking about the base of the spine and the seat of consciousness present their in. From the oldest civilizations (Sumerian, Egyptian, Babylonian, Indus) to the relatively younger ones (Christianity, Buddhism etc); all have given special importance to the center of the human structure, The spine. The base of the spine is the seat of power. In hindu tantra its called 'kundalini' or 'serpent' power. It is considered the center of oneself. Of the mirage/illusion called I. The same power is elevated from the base upwards across the spine to the crown of the head. Where a reunion between individual and cosmic consciousness takes place. Its referred as moksha/salvation in most spiritual texts.
What I propose is; that I of each and every one of us, is not emanating in the head (like most of us feel- cause our thoughts originate in the head; its logical to conclude the subtle subliminal feeling of I also comes from there) but in reality; the center of our mass/gravity is the base of the spine. Thats where the potential energy- our inner self-our real self is present. Its considered generally dormant. The base represents the common reality, and as I awakens and makes a metaphorical journey to the top of the head; different realms of consciousness and also redefinition of what one calls I is felt. I undertakes a revolutionary existence- one of individual self to universal I self.

This is a proposal few should take lightly, any body while being calculated/weighted is done from the center of its mass, so it should be for human beings; We cannot consider our heads or hearts (many point to that as their selves) as our core- the fact could be that the base of the spine (the base chakra-muladhara) and the imaginary metaphorical serpent it contains within it- the kundalini could be in fact the source and seat of the soul- of Yourself and I.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sai ~!~ Leela

Walking through days and weeks, Listening to things and people who don't matter; and I lose perspective; beating my head over the trivial headaches of man. Singing the blues like canned heat cause I am in the loss against 'the man'. No way that life is fair; and no way does it stand to be great. Its a grueling fight for survival from the cradle to the last day in the grave.
I am hope-less; and I dont see a friend in sight, who feels like i do/did. I have no lover to complain to and rest my weary head. The world caves in around me and I am left naked in the streets of apathy.
There was once a fire inside my heart, to conquer the world and myself. I lost it once i stepped in the ring of the human condition. It was too much for me to handle....
I went to shirdi. I dream of my dear mother and father. Sitting at the same place smoking a pipe between hard lips and eyes reddened to the core. Sai, when I look to you; you look back with an assurance which is real. Sai baba; the mystic saint and lover of the divine; you are my savior. You are my mother and father. My friend and foe; my melancholy on those days which depress my soul, and my elixir on the days where its all elevated.

You have been by my side; in my heart and my head. You are my lover and my guide. In times of need, i call to you; pray and coax you into doing my bid. You entertain your child as always. teaching me something so interesting and worth learning in the process. Something about your doings, and the way you lead your life; and the way I must lead mine too.
Sai, your leelas are too many to recount; you are present in every place and person who thinks of you with love, your photo, your paintings and your sayings. Your thought and yearning is all it takes for one to become your dasa for lifetimes together. Goto shirdi, where he lives still in the dhuni/fire of his. He is the true agni-hotri. Lover of the changing element. He is eternal and manifests through yugas, for the blessed and the mournful to let go, to get closure of this one experience of a life and then move on to celebrate godhood.

Read sai baba's stories, they are worth it. In any day and age, when you feel lonely and oppressed; down in dumps or just not worth it. Read what he did in a lifetime in India, He embraced every disease; took upon every misery of others, showed the right way to those who believed themselves to be superior to him- through silence and meekness. He showed anger and compassion (in the divine moods of his). He got high and didn't care for caste sex or creed. He laughed and shouted obscenities in one go. He is the master; He displayed to us fools over and over. He said without ego - follow me and you shall never worry. Come to my samadhi/grave/think about me and I will always show the way. I will always take care of my devotee~!
His love and endless compassion, his energy and power; His aura exudes in all spheres of my life. When I am foolish enough to forget his graceful presence; he picks me up and makes me see his face- in any and all places i could imagine, i have found sai; looking at me in such deep meditative smile. It just lifts me up; all of lifes pains and pressures, anger and angst, hate and survival instincts just melts away. I am uplifted into another world all together. He has been kind enough to show me the way to unity/advaitya time over to me, especially when I haven't asked or deserved the fruit.

Pray to sai, you dont need a room or a pose. You dont need a mantra or a yantra. You need to call his name, to see him in whoever you love/hold dear. he takes on forms and names constantly but he is every listening to his devotees' needs. He wont let you down, for you see; He knows that he and us are same, for him our puny troubles are nothing, yet he cares for when we are in trouble; the masters grace!!. His love is ever permeating; Sai baba is omniscient; omnipresent; omnipotent. True master of masters.

You dont need to believe, you dont need to circumnavigate an idol. You can be yourself and expand in love and unity. He will pull you to his feet and then you (like I) will realize that the day to day mundane lives we lead, lead by cowherd instincts towards every decision in life; is not a complete/holistic life, and it will only lead us to misery. When you don't need any of the worldly notions anymore; you have arrived at the sai's feet. He will take care of you. Make you a part of the world; working for good of others and never leaving your side.... I bow pray and sincerely thank my mother father lover and myself.

Sai Baba grace us with your presence
Your name and form takes over everywhere in the world and in the hearts of all
Everyone is now at your feet praying and rejoicing; placing garlands and showering you with petals
Singing and dancing at the divine leela which is your essence master. Everyone is making the world a living shirdi.
Your samadhi is our hearts. Your eyes piercing and annihilating all ignorance. Your reign supreme has just begun.
'Ya Sai'  we shout in our divine merry making; we are blessed indeed to have a master of the self like you !

Peace Be Upon All
Sai Baba Loves All

Monday, August 9, 2010

All is in wonder land

In the year of the snake; trans is on the rapid air; it looks and wavers not, the sublime will manifesting in this populated wonderland.
Its infested with the creatures from a circus brought under the night sky; the stars shine back like a reflection of the ground where these magnificent creations surface...
Damsels; of beauty beckoning like a magnet. These muscians playing their true gandharv tunes, bringing out the ecstasy wave after wave. Its a selection of the creatures who come down to our consciousness, to worship like men and women. They worship the mystery that is creation, which never ceases to amaze. Its true that we possess a rabbits hole to jump into; a alternate and perhaps the realest creation; an open maze. Wonderful and the trickery of the dreamer (that is the self).
The trick was to fool yourself; into forgetting what you already knew. Not a function of time, as you begin to unfold, a mirror reflections are still the mirage. Deepen your sense and renew, what time made you forget is where you and I start to doubt our capabilities. In the occult and perhaps the realest sense that exists.

Alice falls deeper and sees that another world is still the same exhibiting characteristics of our age. Its not the difference but the unity that is the mysterious blossom rose of the garden of wonderland. It unfolds when you stop fooling yourself and step out of your self made cage. Its apparent and shrouded in mystery. There is not a strand of truth that you can use; to assure you freedom from dismay.
The apparent beauty and reflections of your apparent  known self, illusory and self satisfying. Its energy that is wasted in search of something precious, in all the wrong places. I won't and couldn't tell what is wrong, yet what does not feed the nature of the spirit. It will cause demise in every realest of real sense.
The trees stand with man, erect and aloof; in silent wonder awe of such beautiful illusory creations, We take a breadth in unison, perfect symbiosis between man and plant. Its the wonderland; keeping us bound and free at the same time, every step of the way!
Its crying shame, that you burn what feeds your creative imagination. Its a wonder that why we still exist; and not burn in perpetual hell. Oh Welcome to the human 'city'(for all those who have experienced it well)
The crackling of the pipe; the smooth thrill down the hatch, overdrive. Believe me; the more it pops; the stranger the night. Cross over to other sides. Till the shore becomes the river, its reflections which spring up in wonderland, some sort of game. A cruel remind; death comes at high noon. Your time and mine, reflecting and act fast. The wonderland circus will fall with your down time. Its sincerely advised that what you do count, in your mind and not mine. I wont bother to find out what it is the difference between your kind and perhaps mine?

All are part of this enchanting wonderland; every moment exhibiting tendency towards madness; or thats how 'sane' people tend to look at it. Because you and I are already neck deep in it, You and I would or should call it our lives.


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