Saturday, July 16, 2016

Birth of Morality

I am very intrigued by what we call as right or wrong, not because I don’t believe or feel its true. This I do indeed – and sometimes its different from what we are taught to believe or know as right or wrong, but it does affect me how many or rather most of us have been taught to view something's as right and others as wrong.
This has helped our society cohesively blend in together and weed out those which do not fit the bill. Before I dodder on on another track, I wanted to express why I say that we require and sincerely do not require Morality. (or my understanding of the word which means a uniformity in righteousness and wrongful doings)
The ancient forefathers saw that energy is and that’s about it, initially in potential form and then it moves (in some kind of dimension) and acts as per the laws it creates and then adheres to. Some of which is called Laws of Karma.
Karma to me is an energetic action reaction mechanism, and for most it seems that it ends at that. Well you do good and then the good is repaid to you back. That is the answer of the universe to your so called actions. So I thought about it some, and then started feeling apprehensive cause I know so many of us that are not righteous in my definition and yet are so happy or well off or doing so much harm to others while none comes back to them?
SO what then is Karma. How does it make it imprint and then cause action reaction scenarios, and why does it show biasness in certain cases and not all or none?
In the absolute sense, which our forefathers saw – they understood that there is no absolutely right or wrong energy or condition or experience. It is what the soul chooses at its beckoning to consider as favorable and non-favorable. I will not go further into this (for many reckon that there is higher and lower truths and that translates into right and wrong – something which I do not believe for I do not believe in gradations)
So once when the spirit/soul feels something is right or favorable then it blesses it – moves the energy in a way that it becomes a part of giving – of grace and then it becomes positive and does unifying activities in this illusory mess. This we call as positive karma, and similarly if the soul feels that it is not favorable – then it causes curses or negative karma to come out of itself towards the energy source of this scenario.
Now this is what gets me – there is actually no absolute right or wrong and hence Karma is situational basis the action done / required and the spiritual condition of the soul. What if the soul was in under delirium – was mad and then curses a life form (organic / inorganic) and then karma plays out the translation of this in energy terms. Well many may say that person was mad and his curse shouldn’t make a difference – but that is what life really is. A genuine mix of blessings and curses and that makes up all of Karma.
So this is what our forefathers did a long time back, they defined what should be right or wrong to the masses. Maybe so that Karma doesn’t strike without the correct cause. So we were told that Killing was bad – and hence who kills shall suffer. But you must see that many of us do kill during wars to protect our so called democracy and ways of living and there its seen as an act of valor and courage – doing it for the greater good. These are two similar actions in different contexts yet their karma is different. Karma should have been absolute but it doesn’t seem to be. The person who kills another is thrown in jail or maybe killed himself while the one who fights wars is given medals and a fat paycheck and a life without care (other than the self trauma he shall suffer from the rest of his life due to this exact conundrum in the mind)
So what is the right or correct Karma – does the murderer in spite of his courage to save his fellowman gets cursed by the dying and then suffer the Karma which will come in due time?
There is no answer except the transaction which has taken place between the ones who are party to karma. The ones who are used and the ones who use. They are the ones who will curse bless or turn a blind eye (like the saints often do)
The effect of Morality is that it makes most of us curse or bless for the similar reasons – so that our energy exchanges are for the most part for the reasons we would feel ok with. Well I got cursed for hitting someone with my running car and I feel ok and not go into the details that if I had not hurt the guy he may have walked 100 meters forward and maybe run over by a speeding truck. This is how complicated karma gets. And this is perhaps why we have a uniform course of ethics (almost the same around the world).
In the absence of such uniform code of conduct or moral structure – our future kinds may not only become more free (without boundaries of these illusory karmic structures) but at the same time – the fallout of blessings and curses may be without a rhyme or reason which can be controlled or manipulated or even predicted. This is the scariest – to be in the mess of life and all without understanding what you can do to get out; and frankly there is no out – cause anyone and anything can bind onto you and make you dole out your energy to them and of course vice versa.
That is the scariest proposition to me, the inability to appreciate the complexity of our inner natures – the energy who we are and control and how we may be able to project it for the good of all (if there is something like that). But I have always been a reluctant optimist preferring to laugh it all out loud than reminisce the pain inside. That is where perhaps the grip of karma disappears or at least becomes lesser. Where actions are not absolute in their nature to harm or help us, but the inner intent so clear always points at breaking the routine of karma and disappearing into the slipstream. Not just for yourself. But for everyone of us here and now.

Love and Peace!

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