Sunday, August 9, 2015

Eat Thyself

There is fun in this. You are what you excrete.

For a long time – I could not understand why people in Vedic era and perhaps before worshipped all the excreta of cows. Well you can worship the milk and its subsequent products like butter cheese and curd. You can also worship the urine (for I understand urine may contain some drained of vitamins which the cow excreted, or even in some preposterous connotations like the tribes of Alaska – maybe the urine contains amanita muscaria mushroom whose potency leaves unhindered when it passes through the system, and maybe cows which consume them – send them out and folks could consume it as the purest psychedelic around).

But then why worship the feces (yes the rituals of Vedic proportions require one to be comfortable of the feces of the cow) Is this not mad/ I wondered, for feces contains many harmful micro organizms which could harm the living being consuming it.

But I wondered – this ritual and respect for the feces of animals around was truly wise. It is because of the feces that plants can find adequate life support to grow rapidly and to complete proportions – the same plant which our ancients harvested and indeed even now we do to create our food source. This means that we are in turn part feces of others, which gives life to us. This is of course broad minded assumptions and in a broad minded sense absolutely correct.

So eat thyself complete and satisfied – for the more you do that, you shall shit. Which will help the ecosystem around feed you better, more satiated than before. Indeed a funny and of course an uncomfortable thought to consider while eating (and perhaps not while shitting).

Some food for thought indeed!

Peace and Joy!

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