Saturday, June 27, 2015

False Remuneration


What have they paid you this time sire? A shilling or your weight in gold. To buy your jaded soul. They may have got that for free perhaps.

Indeed now you must be feeling happy – I cannot deny, neither may you; yet look carefully and realize that you have made the pact with the devil (of men and principles)

Why cast down what you have been given – the chance to bake your bread in the warm shining sun (glittering more of gold in your head than in the blue sky). The poise and choir you praise and sing is so superficial and indeed satisfies / satiates you cause you too are so hollow like the content and weight of what you have been remunerated with.

Do you feel I judge thee wrong, and indeed in the wrong light – then I may cut of my tongue and burn it in this instant. For which man sells his worth in a commodity worth nothing but in the mind and that too dictated through the deceit of others in time.

Indeed would you slave and work your while away – for accreditation from another? For the natural resource now molded as a twisted rendition mimicking your worth through the dead face on the coin?

The coin is your worth; it may be what defines you – it may be what becomes your fall. It may be what makes you who you are worth. This is wrong is it not?

Who am I to say what's right and wrong. Subjective and impersonal, and without rhyme or reason at all. Look to your personal call – which has the value of your valued soul written on it.

The remuneration now so sweet stings like the bee (at the end of your mortal life), where all you worked for was your betterment and that never came through; how much ever you wished hoped and bought for. Remuneration is self evident, and does not have to be worked for through your bank balance at least. It needs your struggle with a smile, your hope through a trying tear and your faith through desperate times. This is what makes your worth go up and never falter. This is what makes you who you really are intended to be.

I am telling what all of us know anyway. This is not a new ball game, to not go extinct we must make use of all what we have. Consume it and stick this plan. Cause of course you see everywhere around you – inside you, that we are happy with the money deposited in our accounts at the end and beginning of endless months. Yet this too is going to cost us beyond what we can see.

Peace and Joy

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Enquire silent Erase Complete


The silent enquiry since antiquity, remaining resolute and sincere in the approach to conducting oneself through life. Nothing interesting and yet acting as if everything was a fucking surprise. This in its naivety is bloody difficult to pull off. You would appreciate what  I am speaking about.

Enquiry is must, there is nothing which we must take for granted, nothing at all. Yes of course we are all defined – and that is cause we have eaten the apple and then shat the remains. We could not digest the beautiful truth, much less fathom the creators design for ourselves. Indeed enquiry is a must then.

Since the time I grew up, I could notice changes in the impermanent consciousness of mine, tempered with bouts of bipolar depression and tendencies to see everything in detail, nothing so odd as long as one is in tune with their mind and heart – I could see the plot was incomplete – the puzzle had parts missing. Of course its true for all of us; yet the puzzle is a little more complete for some than many. It makes sense and indeed people need to make less sense of it all in some lives than many others. It was thankfully not the case with me. Puberty hit me and my mind reeled within for purpose and place, life and its of course subtle meaning. There was none of course yet the process of enquiry was indeed required. Indeed needed.

I spent time myself – reading and contemplating on truths and lies. If there were such boundaries to the mythical tales that all our lives are. Indeed time is a myth and its impermanence is felt only in our impermanent mind. What a concept, and then one day when we turn to dust, Its all fine again.

I sat and laughed at myself, many a time at what I was supposed to be; to myself and the society (sick indeed) which I was born within. There seemed to be a sadistic tendency within the cells which harbored the thought of me – to annihilate themselves and in the worst possible manner. Without leaving a trace behind; and yet here I was like so many of you. Fit and fine, without a trace of ever conducting a crime (indeed a crime).

Yet the more I enquired in silence, I believed truly that life itself was a preposterous crime and complete thorough erasure was the need of the hour. Yes indeed, I must admit – till date for me emancipation is complete erasure of the self, and this is of course I blog here; to destroy the ego self. The false lower feeding self. Which feeds unto itself and others as well. Which believes it knows what it is upto and indeed in a dark void – thinks that it is the false light.

Not that through my enquiry I have found fault with the illusion of light and dark, or even ignorance and enlightenment. I deeply hold all these connotations true and the search for self identity, loss of ego identity and the merging into god hood are all fascinating to me since the moment I have felt them to be a concept of the overmind.

Indeed the overmind – the universal consciousness playing itself in tune of light and dark has played such an integral role for itself – for all those who evolve (all of us indeed) through the illusion of space time / light dark to notice that the ego has been deeming us all untrue. This enquiry so precious and a part of all our lives indeed is to be cherished – this process to make all of this true in our fabric of recording life and then annihilating it to make it complete.

Why Don’t I see the picture till date? it is sometimes difficult I must admit, as the process makes one very tired at times not to mention morbid. to see life in all its shades and then discard it in silent enquiry for the purpose of erasure is no easy feat. yes of course all of us would know, and how. cause we feed ourselves to make us remember the false selves every moment even more, through actions and words, through thoughts and energy – through life and death we are obsessed with feeding the self everything other than nothing. Indeed enquiry for the purpose of erasure is no easy feat.

And yet we must all indulge, for there is no purpose of life other than setting the head aside so the heart may beat. Enquiry through time has made me quieter, firmer and resolute to erase any and all footprints / thumbprints of my so called self identity of this and any other life, this would of course mean to remove all attachments, illusions of attachments and so forth to get the good deed done and done right this time!

Please see the power of self – enquiry and self – erasure. there is no need for yourself to be in this web of illusion anymore (no pun on this illusory time). look and behold – be bewildered’'

be no more. anymore….


Peace and Joy

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Something Like Money

Life is sometimes funny and we are the ones who enjoy playing a pointless joke on ourselves.

So we all are running to secure currency, so that we may trade it for more. Resources of course.

It started with trade and commerce, where we dug our souls to make something for someone - but of course not with love but with the intention of getting something grander in return. This was birth of the seed of greed.
Yes it is logical, that we need resources to survive - and instead of remaining where we were - hunting like fools for a deer everyday - why not kill as many and cultivate as much; produce to consume. Consume like never before.

Hence we proposed over time - something of value - which could be traded - like a gold or silver coin. Perhaps something standard with the seal of something more. The face of the paid assasin under whose rule you could trade became the norm and the great coins of more came pouring unto our hands, albeit a bit blood stained.

Money became what it is, with the interest and intention of the many. To get something more for themselves than they could afford. Yes they were willing to work for it, but not all kinds of work. Work which was soul feeding was left to the dogs and that which fed to the dogs took up our prime responsibility.

Love is a trading item, it is gonna redeem us all. There is no other way it will be. Trade your love and gain your personal success, i.e money. Its something like money but you can manipulate it - use it and get more. This is what our world teaches us, that love is impermanent and of course money is not. SO let us now vouch for what fills our wallets and no more our souls or stomachs.

This is not just the case with money but with all tangible facets of existence as we know it. We do not have a clue on how to tackle it, the impermanence of life itself and to deal with it as a trader, what could be worse!
If the situation demands it, and you accept it, the pain of this world will leave. If you are receptive and look for something other than money to fill yourself with, then you may as well be remembered through time.

And of course not to forget, money in whatever form by itself holds no intrinsic value - it is the culmination of resources, attention and intention from all of us, which creates this morphed illusion which we take for truth.
I just look at how money must have gained importance in the world. And it may not have been a pretty picture at first - to convince the masses that this is important and this is what you must toil your endless days and nights for. How could such a master elaborate white lie be propagated?

Of course by implementing a lifestyle around waste and indulgence, in Sanskrit pre vedic terms - a Tamasic / Rajasic life, where we do not find any intrinsic value or purpose to do something which we abhor and yet do it - so it may satisfy some so called created urge of ours. Perhaps to be materially superior (whatever that may mean), to be in the limelight or feel worthy of ourselves (through the validation of others). What neurosis has been webbed into our minds - which refuses to die.

What we do need, is energy - to sustain the body. What we do need is peace of mind - to still the mind so that the spirit finally is able to sustain, and love - which is indeed the food of the soul. This is what we are born to acquire (which is present within ourselves). Yet a lifetime and many spent in abject disdain, torrentous ignorance. What is to become of our species and time, I do wonder with the likes of something like money taking over our minds (and perennially!)

Its not that I have something against capitalistic tendencies, god knows that I have been a part and parcel born into it as much as I remember, and I also get how important it is to play along lest you are ready to be martyred. But the sheer magnitude of its stupidity does get through to me at times, as it does to each and every single person whoever they may be or have (in terms of money).

I am against capitalistic tendencies leading to nihilistic tendencies too soon, not that I do not respect the latter and somehow in the catacombs of my complicated heart - I do see that the universe is intrinsically nihilistic - yet to achieve this state with the false purposes of ours (to make money / or get maximum for oneself at the cost of another - sometime just to spite the other) seems preposterous. It seems not the action of an intelligent soulful spirits.

We all must relook what we are earning for (without lying to ourselves), and do we really need so much as we state. We are all in abject poverty - and indeed it is not of the body anymore. It is what we have spent so many eons neglecting with pride.
The soul shouts, cries and seeks you to break free from the web which is the illusion which we think is creating security and self sustainance. Yet it is darker than this - this conspiracy, to keep us hooked to a job, to trade to get what we need to have without understanding what we are and we actually need to head to.

It could be just the worst disaster in the course of this world and our kind, to make money our god and make our god dead yet never burying it in peace and mourning for it even when we have all that we need or would require.

Peace and Spend well

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Structure and Time

Time remains both a boon and bane. We are constantly running out of it in this day and age. Yet when we have enough and more of it - we get scared; running from pillar to post to spend it. With anything and anyone, we run away from time till the point time runs away from us.

At the end of our lives, we keep wondering - where did it all go, though it was one hell of a ride yet we wonder deeply, why did we not spend it the right way, on things and people which/who mattered to us.

Let me put another twist, time is energy and is fluid in nature. We cannot bottle it up per say, yet we can maximize time. We can utilize time for what it is made to serve. An experience, movement and realization from the perennial illusory nature of self (created by of course the self)
Yet this time remains also power as it can be pooled together. As in I can pay for ten people's time and then achieve what I want from the efforts they put in as per my demand. Isn't that how everything around here in the history of time has every worked?

Every single living organism uses time to put in effort to survive, in some intelligent forms - post survival - they use time for self introspection - leading to freedom from time itself. From the fluid energy dynamics which keep us mesmerized to this bound illusion.

So we have formed governments and organizations and social circles and so forth - so that we can use time as it was intended to be used. With the introspection, dare I say - meditation to break free from the illusion of time bound.
Yet these mechanisms which we have created are the ones which bind us even more to time itself - for these institutions and people who may run them - may indeed use the time of folks like us for their selfish interest. This is a big "may" - yet the more I see, the more I realize its true, my time being constant is being used by someone for a goal which I may or may not require. Yes indeed the purpose of free will dictates what I may use my time for. Yet the structure of everything my mind has created has fallen unto itself. It has broken its own frame and damages what was created to make the self enjoy time - to break illusion across time and relive timeless eternal bliss.

When we have done what ever we thought was best to use with time, is when we realize that we may have never used it to the potential it was built to create and satisfy; yet for many of us, we do not want/wish to break free from time. It satisfies us in a morbid sense. We feel it great/grand to have lived a petty experience, not what the glory of self was made to sustain. Its original design.

Make use of time the best we can, is the best intention and will directed towards the workings of this beautiful vast and mysterious universe. To waste time or to utilize it on a false structure is to waste veritably beautiful energy on something which need not have been created in the first place.

Peacce and Jou

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