Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Structure and Time

Time remains both a boon and bane. We are constantly running out of it in this day and age. Yet when we have enough and more of it - we get scared; running from pillar to post to spend it. With anything and anyone, we run away from time till the point time runs away from us.

At the end of our lives, we keep wondering - where did it all go, though it was one hell of a ride yet we wonder deeply, why did we not spend it the right way, on things and people which/who mattered to us.

Let me put another twist, time is energy and is fluid in nature. We cannot bottle it up per say, yet we can maximize time. We can utilize time for what it is made to serve. An experience, movement and realization from the perennial illusory nature of self (created by of course the self)
Yet this time remains also power as it can be pooled together. As in I can pay for ten people's time and then achieve what I want from the efforts they put in as per my demand. Isn't that how everything around here in the history of time has every worked?

Every single living organism uses time to put in effort to survive, in some intelligent forms - post survival - they use time for self introspection - leading to freedom from time itself. From the fluid energy dynamics which keep us mesmerized to this bound illusion.

So we have formed governments and organizations and social circles and so forth - so that we can use time as it was intended to be used. With the introspection, dare I say - meditation to break free from the illusion of time bound.
Yet these mechanisms which we have created are the ones which bind us even more to time itself - for these institutions and people who may run them - may indeed use the time of folks like us for their selfish interest. This is a big "may" - yet the more I see, the more I realize its true, my time being constant is being used by someone for a goal which I may or may not require. Yes indeed the purpose of free will dictates what I may use my time for. Yet the structure of everything my mind has created has fallen unto itself. It has broken its own frame and damages what was created to make the self enjoy time - to break illusion across time and relive timeless eternal bliss.

When we have done what ever we thought was best to use with time, is when we realize that we may have never used it to the potential it was built to create and satisfy; yet for many of us, we do not want/wish to break free from time. It satisfies us in a morbid sense. We feel it great/grand to have lived a petty experience, not what the glory of self was made to sustain. Its original design.

Make use of time the best we can, is the best intention and will directed towards the workings of this beautiful vast and mysterious universe. To waste time or to utilize it on a false structure is to waste veritably beautiful energy on something which need not have been created in the first place.

Peacce and Jou

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