Saturday, June 27, 2015

False Remuneration


What have they paid you this time sire? A shilling or your weight in gold. To buy your jaded soul. They may have got that for free perhaps.

Indeed now you must be feeling happy – I cannot deny, neither may you; yet look carefully and realize that you have made the pact with the devil (of men and principles)

Why cast down what you have been given – the chance to bake your bread in the warm shining sun (glittering more of gold in your head than in the blue sky). The poise and choir you praise and sing is so superficial and indeed satisfies / satiates you cause you too are so hollow like the content and weight of what you have been remunerated with.

Do you feel I judge thee wrong, and indeed in the wrong light – then I may cut of my tongue and burn it in this instant. For which man sells his worth in a commodity worth nothing but in the mind and that too dictated through the deceit of others in time.

Indeed would you slave and work your while away – for accreditation from another? For the natural resource now molded as a twisted rendition mimicking your worth through the dead face on the coin?

The coin is your worth; it may be what defines you – it may be what becomes your fall. It may be what makes you who you are worth. This is wrong is it not?

Who am I to say what's right and wrong. Subjective and impersonal, and without rhyme or reason at all. Look to your personal call – which has the value of your valued soul written on it.

The remuneration now so sweet stings like the bee (at the end of your mortal life), where all you worked for was your betterment and that never came through; how much ever you wished hoped and bought for. Remuneration is self evident, and does not have to be worked for through your bank balance at least. It needs your struggle with a smile, your hope through a trying tear and your faith through desperate times. This is what makes your worth go up and never falter. This is what makes you who you really are intended to be.

I am telling what all of us know anyway. This is not a new ball game, to not go extinct we must make use of all what we have. Consume it and stick this plan. Cause of course you see everywhere around you – inside you, that we are happy with the money deposited in our accounts at the end and beginning of endless months. Yet this too is going to cost us beyond what we can see.

Peace and Joy

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