Saturday, July 4, 2015

Makers Sport


Tripartite agreement :

The father, son and holy ghost are sitting in a room and hatch a plan to make the illusion a success. They are collectively Godhood and all that is present.

The Creator / Sustainer / Destroyer have shown the path under divine grace of themselves to make and break this illusion. They are the three sacred jewels of this logos.

The left and right eye look and ponder and then the third eye manifests and removes all the illusion. Could this be the field / field knower and the Known? Could this be the conspiracy theory of master proportions?

This is the path in which the trinity make the dual.

Duality circles :

The holy three create the illusory two. The two battle it out day and night. Sun and Star, ida and pingala and male and female. They are looking facing each other and then they absorb.

This is holy play which we must play, and then pay for. We are one and not both, We are not together in the holy holocaust. The one which breaks into one.

The Aham :

The two collectively produce the one. In gene and form. The one is self / Aham and I. That which defines this illusion through frame of reference. The ones of the two procreate another one of their kind. This is the magic play of One which sustains this grand play.

The Expansion to Enlightenment :

This is makers sport, the one now searches within and without – and abandoning thought now becomes none. The true mastery of evolution indeed. This is enlightenment of soul; and in this beautiful vista – it indeed creates back the illusion triggered by the holy trinity. That ones which come to form from this void.

This maker’s sport seems so futile. Yet it is what this universe justifies. You and I and the holy ghost. Looking for our long lost home. Wandering Wandering through the night sky.

Peace and Joy


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