Saturday, March 14, 2015

Man Made Insanity

Man Made Insanity

I am a firm believer in the true “Non – Purpose” of life. Everything we deem important is only because we have chosen (at some level of being) to incorporate it as a part of being alive. In fact this is personal truth, In fact there is no collective truth other than the wisdom that things and people – moments and experiences do not matter (as they are energy – ever resplendent and existent) and they only do materialize when we put in our energy from the base of our being and make them so.
Most of the world has been ruled by dynasties, empires, lunatics and their families and deviants. Ruled because we have chosen to let go of our collective wisdom and regard for a non-personal truth (which incorporates nothing important worth living as a tenant) and consciously and wilfully given up our control. No I am not talking about giving up your faith in voting or such – I am realizing as all of you will too, that time over only a handful of folks collectively decide the course in which our lives and indeed the life of this precious ecosystem of earth shall move towards. (This is a wrong according to my perception – my personal truth).
Man made insanity reeks from the corner – every single speck of your existence is ruled by the others. These who will take your blood and sweat and time to make them profitable under the illusion of money (having power) – and they will spend the same for you. They will enjoy while you are given a pat on the back or a severance package. These collective few who are the secret society of Illuminati and corporate boards – are deluded epitome of our collective delusion, ignorance.
They control the clothes we wear, the fashion we preach, the amount of truth we need to know and the needs which define our selves. They control the deeds of our fathers and forefathers, our guilt and shame and even our humanity.
They propagate lies and hate – they push in money into the economy and make us buy things and use fuel, they further put guns in our hands and feed drugs to the psychotic to numb and push innocent ignorance to the brink – they define what is lawful and moral and what is not.
As if these things cannot be understood with a simple self-introspection.
They do not stop there, they hide behind the curtains – these wicked few (yes they are fewer than we can imagine – to be counted on our fingertips – and NO they are not the president or prime ministers of various so called free nations). They hide and they push the envelope on us – they feed us the blame – they tell us that we are the ones who wilfully destroy nature and forests and cause diseases to become rampant. Indeed it is not the majority of us who would willfully do this – but with conditioning and propagation of a need fulfilling society – what else can you expect?
So we fall into their trap and feed them more money for their charitable organization – while it’s a big hawala mess where money and resources and man hours of work and pain are fed into an even bigger mess without the cause ever being divulged. The nature of this mess is never scrutinized – when free press and need for truth rises – people are bought off and killed like pawns till the story dies down and we are no longer bothered to follow up.
Before we know it – another region erupts in conflict, another deadly disease rises its head, another economic impact causes years of unrestrained lifestyle to go awry. We are all unhappy – when we get what we want (or what we are programmed to want and satisfy) and when we do not. The mind is not so difficult to train – once you know that we are all the same. Only the conflict need be changed periodically.
The Men who pull this off have been doing it for generations – its embedded in their genes, to rule through FEAR and MANIPULATION. No I do not believe in conspiracies out of the mind, but the things are so clear and yet no one wishes / needs to see the truth. The people are no longer able to hide without leaving traces – through corporations which wilfully fraud people and then go bankrupt to those who are converting their ill gotten wealth to arms and reloading the pain. Yet no one wishes to dig beneath the surface – because one thing is amply clear – those who seek and need to find the truth to set all free – will be the first to be prosecuted by these men of hate.
These men will use media, laws, religion, politics, arms and natures resources against those who are willing to rise up to centuries of brutal mental tyranny.
Yet these can be counteracted – these people will use us against each other (what better than the country Britain and its impactful Divide and rule policy to demonstrate this piece – which almost all western countries have used in one region or other in more than several instances). This is the crux. This is the age old tactic – to turn man against his fellow man. This is what feeds fear, hate, anger, loathing, apathy and doom.
This is the epitome of manmade insanity – we are not fighting against the earth or universe, we never ever were. We had to survive in this awe inspiring universe and we have done it, but for the first time we have been made to fight against each other – this what causes strife, which causes our magnanimous nature to become petty and scornful is the depression of our time.
This is what we need to fight – whatever whoever says – do not close your heart – our personal truths have been fuddled with – they have been downright manipulated to the core – yet there is a spark – cause the heart is still there (mind you these wicked few demons do not have this – would you want to become like them – those who cause hate for their pleasure yet are never able to satisfy themselves no matter what the cause?)
These ignorant devils – are not quite ignorant – they know who they are. They know they are the product of our collective ignorance – they know that we are the ones who need them and not the other way around. They will dissolve without our ignorance. They will not exist anymore – when we decide to become who we were born to be.. So this is a devolving negative cycle – which we initiate and the devils of our outpouring take and lead to take over our minds and lives.
This is not a new age phenomenon – this has been happening since the time we have lost our wisdom. Since we have started believing we were too good to make our own decisions, and that we needed to get people to take care of what we eat, what we decide and how we are defined to be alive.
Till the time we do not take qualitative choices in favor of collective life. This unfortunate manmade pandemic is only bound to increase, multiply exponentially till we all consume ourselves and the very few rich and powerful who are our inner demons alive.

Peace and Joy

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Revelation Ó Love

We fell from the stars to rise up to them once again.
We gained higher ground only to slip so to embrace in the mug again.
She spoke so less and saw me through this endless teary eyed night.
There was once a mirage which manifested as an oasis in this empty rune-d head (of mine).
Why this anguish, pain of separation – kneeling down for no good reason till the end?

I see her like a beautiful dream; never ending and never repeating. She by my side and I feel satisfied.
True love is like a gentle colorful delightful flower; growing in places of despair; Rising and blooming into adoration and care.
Into the night we walk, succumb to our human plight – perennial misery and fleeting delight, hold you unto me. Breathing the warm scent that you are; reminding me gently. Walk with remembrance of your delicate love. Never kneel and never forget.
When I look at her hands, shocking sweet and indulging in an obscene manner. There is no respite from this blissful illusion of sorts.
Revelation now – it’s all Blue from the bottom of my heart to the head held true. Love is the reason why existence shaped us in this form.
Love is the answer and the revelation we have been looking for. Love is not a word or a feeling. It’s the being taking form and shape and playing the fool, the angel, lover, miser, devil – the personalities of ours which we attach to, which we desire-detest-and so adore.
It’s there in the core of our being, the beating fragile heart. Where and when it may end – and in whose arms is the mystery worth enacting the part.
So I say that place your head on my lap; there is no reason that this day need to end in separation being away. Let us lock our hearts and throw the keys away on a river with no start nor end. There is madness and a tingling sensation which keeps us alive for the revelation to unfold and flower bloom into sky dust once again.
I have rediscovered the true extent and imagination of my heart. Where I loses in another I, simple naïve without end; without a start. This play oh so futile – a revelation par the imagination of our loveless minds. This is beauty unparalleled.This is indeed the purpose of our births and deaths timeless and circular. 

Peace and Love.


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