Thursday, November 17, 2016

In Humane

Sweating and abusing in no language. I see no way out, I run my wits end only to face the terrible fear again and again.

This is Gondwanaland - what you know and label. To me its a vast land of endless terror - animals and reptiles at every nook and corner waiting to annihilate me and the daily angst of no food or water. Sometimes rains come and flood the entire ranges in cold desolation. Sometimes the sun burns my back mercilessly.
I have lost my tribe and joined another one. Running naked day and night, we sleep much like the animals - standing on our feet. There is no room for error in the warriors way; yet I only want quick respite to fade away into death.

The real reason for our presence on this vast land was not deciphered for a very long time. It was for us to guess; yet with time everything falls into its place. It started as visitations from the sky - where the stars came closer to us than we had ever seen, and on one of these occasions the lights landed. We were mesmerized and unable to grunt at this awed sight. The lights faded and we saw our gods for the very first time. For the many of my tribe who parted (taken away by the gods) - they returned almost zombie like. Some of them never came back at all.

I ran for my life with the little I saw but could not escape their ethereal sight. I saw that they possessed power which I could not even fathom. They spoke inside my head without a language in sight yet it got through to me - they said that the real war has now begun. If I was to survive and make them proud - I had to kill what came in front of me, to eat what was in front of me. To win their favor. To make them feel justified to have created me.

This was a brutal contest - where we fought against other tribes, tribes which were not like us. They didnt grunt or run like us. They ate grass and other fruits which grew in trees and they buried their dead. We were taught to eat our dead and burn our infected. We were taught to hunt these species down and kill them with our spears and eat them if needed. We were awarded when we ate them while they were still alive. The gods in the sky watched all without remorse.

I never knew why this had been my life - I knew so little in this vast endless space yet I was made to run and hunt without need by my masters. Masters I knew so little about but this I was absolutely certain about - they created my kind. They wanted my kind to kill all other kinds alive on this planet.

It seemed a like a game, where I ran with my spear along with my tribe to roast the child of the other kinds and the saucers in the sky zoomed in with their focused lights. When the game was over - they may come around - they may pick couple of us up and then we may return or not. I was not picked up after that time. Yet they did keep a close look on me. In my dreams - they were there - probing and looking at my mind.

What an Inhumane start to our kind. In my quiet time - I would sit alone and contemplate in dark caves of yonder. I would draw to my might of what I could see as my lord and master - the many of them who wandered in the shadows and never came in full sight. The quiet ones who flew in the sky like the birds but quieter and followed us wherever we camped or slept. But the most disturbingly - the ones who entered our mind and told us to fight - to fight for our survival on this planet.
The ones who told us time over - that this beautiful land is only for those who are willing to fight and kill for it. The last part they stressed into us subconsciously and eternally.

Maybe this is where the true nature of evolution began, where we left our ancestors on the planet - the ones which grew accustomed to being in sync and peace with nature. Yet we were made with a purpose different - we were made for their amusement - their affirmation of their own inner nature - violent and unresolved. The ones which saw that strength comes out of chaos and hatred.
Though this is not what my soul and genes said - this is what I became.

Unfortunately my dear children - this is your destiny as well. The seed is planted and has been reinforced -  It will take sweet form in your nature. You will fight among st your own kinds - and you will kill and eat each other till sweet end comes about!

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