Sunday, June 26, 2011

For The Pure of Love held in your hearts


Pain is like the burning fires into which you are thrown, sadness the heat and anger the wrath of these raging nightmares.. burning the night to dawn; and hopefully melting your pot into gold.

For the pure of will, there is no path; for all path lead to glory! For the strong of will, there is no remorse for every action taken is without regret and eternally rewarding no matter what the consequence. The consequence is decided before the will takes its form. The consequence is already materialized as the will decides what it owns…

For the pure of will, Love is the gift from goddess to their raging hearts. For those who do not bend down to conformity; Love unconditional the eternal reaping. Life will not disappoint those who have moulded their wills into the misty eyed flutter of those gleaming eyes. Those eyes which have haunted me to the grave and more. Those eyes of the saint and lover, Those eyes which I forever search, Those eyes which will look back into me; and set me free… or so I believe~?

The will is impure; The will is hidden; beneath your frail and fickle mind. Under the cloak of a forked tongue. The will is the way of life. The will must be pure. The will must be forged once more. Once more; Once more; from birth to gore to just once more…

Pain brought the experience, experience brought the hardening of the arteries, and the (hopeful) tenderness of the heart. The experience left a bitter taste memory. The will was perfect and concocted. The will was ready to in turn impose it self on the world and beyond.

The will rages like a mountain stream to the sea of unconditional love. The will perfected and pure makes its way; meandering and unceasing towards the sheath of pure eternity. Eternal will meeting eternal Love. Something worth keeping. Something worth seeking….


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Circular & Convoluted


Though I observe that a higher seat of consciousness is what we must aim for, in truth I have no such aspirations from myself or others.

Observation #1

Human civilization is not at the pinnacle/peak of its creative or technological/rational abilities at this time of our lives. In truth; past civilizations have reached the same if not greater heights in technology, science and logical abilities. The reason we know not about them is because they self-destructed just like we are about to. Because power is self destructive without consciousness which peers through it. (civa-shakti balance)

The problem is similar to this, we have a classroom- filled with human denizens, they come to attend the class to learn about the universe and all. There is something written on the board (lets say E=mc2 or 1+1=whatever), we learn digest and then suddenly the classroom is dead, the board is wiped clean and a new race or civilization comes and sits in, without ever knowing that the lessons we are about to draw have been already done with over and over in time before. Every class thinks its way superior to the others which sat there, without bothering to introspect why or how could that be.

We are not at heights of anything, yes we are technologically superior and our cycle times have reduced to absolute minuscule. But the fact is that this all have been achieved before, and swept off like dust when over and done with. Why not learn from the past; the civilizations which were at their peaks; their occults and sciences; their teachers and teachings. Why not compare them with our own, you will find that what we have learnt about the universe and the world is verily the same in quantity and quality as others before us.

Observation # 2

Evolution is a myth. Its a word and a farce made by zoologists and biologists. There is adaptation to environment, but evolution as something better than before is just a mocking of our intelligence, and thats precisely what this viral strain does to all of us. We believe that we are more evolved; than animals, plants or humans or like who exist with or before us in time. We think that we are the epitome of living consciousness.

Well evolution is a cycle- a complete circle. You can look at a circle and tell whether one curve is more superior or advanced to another or not. I compare evolution to a circle cause in my own personal wisdom; through nature’s grace I have experienced that everything comes a full circle, from thoughts thought to the reactions experienced, to actions sought and the wisdom received. From enslavement to liberation and then to enslavement once more. Life is a complete circle. (though most sights of the world are spiral than circular- but that I will get to another time; and in another context).

Evolution can only happen when linearity exists- and for a line to be in the universe- it must have a beginning and end- in absolute contexts there are no such things- if you say that your life has a beginning or end- its only because you try to focus narrowly on a fragment of the universe which you believe is you- in truth you exist before you were in the body in the form of clouds, rain, sun, earth and so many more and after death you become the very same- everything in the existential frame is cyclical.Hence for me there are only cycles and circles, this is something which cannot be explained or dialogued. It has to be experienced.

A circle also means in metaphysical terms to me as every aspect and moment to be perfection. There is no striving to become something ‘better’ for that is a figment of imagination; there is as I already said- a striving to adapt to the environment and vice versa.

Observation #3

The main conquest is to liberate/free oneself. This life or the next (past or whatever?) but what happens then, The liberation comes naught and we are once again in the cycle ignorant and mute to experience from the miniscule-microscopic consciousness to the grand macrocosm which is all.

The most beautiful part of life remains this- That liberation/moksha is not apart from life and death and rebirth; it is verily a beautiful part of the cycle in entirety which is our lives!

Peace and Circumambulation's to all ye!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dream Force II

This is another very surreal and powerful dream which I had today afternoon; It was completely out of the world and hence I thought it would be kind to jot it down.
The dream starts with My folks and I, in some weird cave or underground structure- we are supposedly looking for some relics or perhaps its some holy power place *its very weird that I get to have someone I know-especially my parents in the dream-most times characters are sketched purely from imagination*.
We are looking around and suddenly I guess, my hands hold a photo/paper of some sort which has loads of bodies piled into the mud-some carcasses could be seen while others are inside. This is supposedly some sort of a holy picture. Suddenly out of the blue (characteristic of dreams)- a girl- in her teens-or perhaps younger is in front of us, the place is extremely dingy and it perhaps is a dungeon only. The girl looks at the photo in my hand and says that is the holy shrine where many such holy people (referring to the carcasses in the photo) are buried... here itself. She continues that there are so many saints/holy people buried here, but they are coming out of the seams, for no one has taken any care to bury them properly. My parents are a bit freaked out, but she continues, she is very powerful I could feel- she has an aura- we find her in this dungeon where there are only dead everywhere- she says that she comes here for the same purpose perhaps which we have come for- she says she enjoys being here- the power and the dispair or something to that effect. She says its almost her second home. She offers then to take us on a ride on the underground train (of some sort) to see the holy bodies. My parents refuse; and I get inside this yellow submarine sort of train- another character joins us- its a little girl- my mind now tells me that she has been there the whole time perhaps- I just did not bring her to attention- so its me, this young cute girl and this powerful teen/pre-teen and the train starts up.
I think that the train will go deeper underground, but it comes to the surface suddenly and now speeds like an am-trak device on regular tracks- there are people on the tracks- who cannot see or hear us coming and they one after other do get too close or come under the tracks (???)... I cannot see this- well none of us three can, and we decide to get off the train at some point and make our way to the entrance of the cave structure- here I meet my folks once again, and the powerful girl makes her way to somewhere and back to say good bye- my parents look at her very suspiciously- as if to ask what is this girl doing in this crypt and how does she know so much about it, and well I look at her and she winks at me and I wink at her and tell her through my eyes, see you here in the crypt as soon as possible lol!
Pretty weird indeed and I am not even trying any combinations of rational possibilities to this dream. Most of my afternoon dreaming is like this, and as surreal and intense as this- due to which I really don't figure out that its a dream (unlike my night dreams) cause i am so mesmerized and involved in the whole tapestry of my mind (I hope its my mind).

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Most Beautiful Hill Station Of India: Dalhousie


The British did one fine thing during their rape and plunder of India, they set up some of the most beautiful hill-stations for their convenience and escape during the summer subcontinent fury. Dalhousie was one such place. These hills have always been every beautiful but the British intervention set up amazing roads to such isolated places with adequate amenities to become reclusive yet self contained.

Dalhousie is nearly 600 kms away from the capital Delhi. There is a fairly decent road all the way through and it takes around 12 odd hours to reach by road. There are currently no Volvos running (last I checked) and the best way is to catch a state owned bus, if u can handle that long a journey or arrange your own (as I had done). I stayed over a week in this quaint hill-station and did not visit anything (probably because nothing is there except a distant kala-top or something to that effect/ every hill station has the top most point as a sunset or view point in India).

The thing about Dalhousie is; that its ethereal in its view. The entire landscape is like a small English town, the streets are magnificent; I guess made of stone in a cobbled way (some were) and rest very well maintained tar roads. There was a small central locale and all the roads dimly lit with neon lights post evening. Little nook and corners where there is seating for couples and families to see the beautiful valley below. The best thing is that there are not many tourists here year around cause of the long distance away from metros; plus the place is not very well known and lack of high-end buses makes it difficult to make such a journey with faltu/useless family by the side.

I went to Dalhousie perhaps half a decade back, and been to many other places since yet this place remains ever fresh in my memory. I used to walk through the little town by day and night and the sight of no tourists coupled with fresh mountain air made it so rejuvenating. It is the perfect Rest and Relaxation place for anyone looking to get away from the pressures of traffic and pollution and the rigour of everyday city life.

But for the distance you travel, make sure that you get ample time to spend there. Its extremely serene (unless now more people have discovered its hidden treasure as well), and its one of the brightest honeymoon type places in India. A perfect place for people trying to get away and become attuned to the silence of nature at a perfect altitude. (yea; you will notice your ears will not stop ringing for at least couple of days cause of the silence in this place!)

Peace and Happy Travels

Friday, June 17, 2011

Myths about Money


Money Money Money; is so funny; in the rich man’s world. are the lyrics of a very popular song. Its funny to the rich man cause he knows the pointless-ness of it. Its not to the poor man for he has not seen its true worth. Less than paper.

I propose an original myth about money:

Man lived long and strong for eons, without money. His love was plagued by urges of food and safety and freedom from nature’s wrath or unknown disease, yet he understood that his life was pointless, without any grand existential meaning. He partook of hallucogenic plants and saw alternate reality, He packed up his home and was perpetually a nomad, roaming where his feet could take him. Yet there was no sound or touch of money in his heart or mind.

One day man stood up and walked as usual, yet his mind was plagued by something disturbing; the mind in its fury reiterated again and again like a hammer… why why why. Why are you born, why are you walking and why has your reign not come to an end yet so far…?

Man was perplexed, he was an animal, an upright citizen of nature; and yet he never had such impulses directed within him ever before. Something was asking him the ‘meaning’ of his ‘existence’ . He never took it to be a cause of anguish or despair and yet now it had become exactly that.

Why be born, when you are to die? Why walk and roam when you are to rest inside the earth? Why hunt when you are to be hunted? and nothing made sense ever again. Man had awakened the hungry demon of doubt from within his mind. The demon never went asleep or hungry ever again.

The doubt spoke in his ear, loud and firm. It chose him and he thought he was special (or something like that/ this doubt chooses the weakest and the least willed.

He thought he was born to do something great, something unique. Something special that no one else had seen. The doubt worked inside his frame, changing natures gain into painstaking greed. He wanted more, more from life, more from his breadth and more from his sight. He was never satisfied, he remained quenched in eternal thirst. Liberation once which was his, now had to be reclaimed like everything else.

He became the inventor, inventing nature’s device. He bought and sold and made the myth of money green like envy and alive. Its no coincidence that we equate money and materialistic gain with satisfaction. For the more we have, we imagine, the more in truth still remains.

Money became the goal. The point in this vast vast existence on this lonely planet within the frameless frame of reality. Money became the goal indeed; the path to fame/name and to be winner of a game (trivial one at that-life). It was what we all worked for. We worked not so that we may be as we are. We worked to improve, create, re create and dissolve. All which are meaningless acts as any other. But with the invention of this imaginary invisible doubt. We chose to give each of our acts meaning. Covered in self-satisfying ego gain- through money and gold. Something only our race could hold as of value.

Money has now become an obsession beyond any scale measurable or imaginable. Money has become a distinguishing factor even within our own race, Money does not do good. It only makes us unkind to others and ourselves (causing inertia of body and mind). Money has a purpose, But we do not. We are children of eternity, and all of you must know by now; eternity has no purpose. It is eternal.

Money makes you ‘educated’ and lack of it (in our pockets) makes us ‘cynical’. It is the umbilical cord which sustains our emotions. We cannot love without it, live or breathe without it (or its effects). So what our minds doled out eons before as doubt regarding the nature of existence. Money has been able to fill to the brim through inertia and conformity, through material acquisition and drudgery. Through killing and dying. It is the prime class a drug of our race/species. We need it in our wallets like junkies need heroin.

We feel satisfied when we have enough of it? Not quite, when it comes to money and it as a reflection of our uniqueness. Then there is no enough of it, your bank balance is easily matched by so many others out there. So you must fight and bicker and earn so that you could bring back satisfaction regarding a bigger goal (in your life) and the toils which you undertook to achieve it.

Money does not feed you. Money does not clothe you. Money makes you whole. does it not? Save the bullshit, you and I are no deep and wise creatures of consciousness or light. We are slaves to doubt and money has forever been our god.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Awakening Equation


Many logicians and rationalists have a considerable problem when it comes to abstract religious/spiritual themes; most consider it easier to dismiss it than making a serious effort to understand or experience religious particulars. Why is this so, to my understanding it is because that all logic and rational stems from a need to equate an unknown to a comparable known. Without equating we cannot understand the phenomenon (rather our mind has a difficult time visualizing it). So when it comes to religious phenomenon/themes; it becomes hard to equate something which is beyond measure or compare. Well still I take a jibe at describing (rather equating) what an ‘awakening’ is or serves.

There is power and only power present, here and now. Power/force/energy/will is the entire matter-energy-existence. Power will try to experience power by itself (through power). Hence a little (not quantative) amount of power tries to gauge the entirety of power (complete) by increasing its power. The awakening is the power needed to remove misunderstanding other path breakers in this particular process. The awakening is realized by power which touches/chooses a person external to the power which the person already has. Carlos castanada calls it the ‘earths boost’/ You can work to store the power yourself to create the power sufficient to cause the natural progression for power to ‘enlarge’ and see more of itself. In entirety.

This is awakening of the human. Before which the entity acts like a closed vessel, trying to induce ‘individuality’ and causing the microcosmic power to shine. When the wise; induce power to expand (life), then this becomes not a quest to seek individuality but totality. The illusory states of one and many drop, for the veil is power and the little power is veiled by itself towards entirety and eternal.

The awakening is the external push, the electric shock or the mantra japa or the mudra or nyasa or the breadth control or the money or tragedy or the goddess grace which makes one ‘realize’ the presence of universal all pervading power. Without dimension form or sense. It is reality and a vision. It cannot be compared or equated for truly there is nothing to compare it with.

(my understanding of ultimate total power; Peace)

A very happy powerful Lunar eclipse 16 June 2011. Peace and Love

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dream Force

I had a weird dream yesterday night; was out having a drink on my friend joy's birthday and came back home late. Slept later than usual too, and I had a very long (in dream time) uninterrupted dream (after a very long time- nowadays- i get up abruptly during dreaming-perhaps because of not having enough energy to sustain the dream through). Well yesterday was different, and as usual the dream (particular to me) I had; did not have anyone I recognize, I remember, I know or could imagine, also the places and indoors were not the least bit recognizable- this has been characteristic to my dreaming as long as I care to remember.
Another weird and very characteristic thing which happens in my dreams (as it happened yesterday too)- is that in between the dream- there is some sort of weird energy/force or something which does not belong there in the setting which materializes, like maybe a flying man, or some object which attracts all my attention or maybe a weird looking thing (cannot be characterized as living or dead)- let me illustrate with the latest dreaming I had...
So I am with a bunch of seven young (pretty, hot, wild) japanese/chinese girls, they are all some sort of kung-fu dudettes (and no, I have not been watching erotica or shaolin movies or any other such combination!)- these women are all possessed with some sort of super-natural powers; as usual I am there with them, but my image is non-existent and I am only like a camera following the dream like a play/movie in my head.
The women are stalked by evil things- there are a series of them, one after the other- the first one is a deadly witch looking woman- who comes and tries to kill them one after another- there is one girl in particular who I like, and we are all running away and she falls behind and I go back to pick her up; and the witch catches up by that time- so we start fighting her (well I am looking and not really fighting but it feels like it)- and the other girls notice this and come back and put up a fight and we win and the witch succumbs.
So, after her there is another creature, (i now don't remember what happened with it), after some action sequences we find out that the real evil creature- some sort of long haired eunuch maniac is there left still, and it is after us now. So it comes attacks the girls one by one and here comes the vagary in the dream- the out of context *even for this dream* force- this evil creature has a mask with it, so it attacks the girls one by one with a pin of sort (a long white slender pin) with which he pricks 'em and then like a syringe puts the pin to the mask it holds. The mask absorbs (I feel it, and this is how you can recognize that this is out of context/power in the dream) the soul or part of soul or energy of the girl and shes out cold. The mask becomes more alive when its fed with the energy of these girls, I remember focusing on it and seeing that initially its inert and after getting fed once/twice; the face adorns emotion and it twitches and becomes more colorful and alive- it also increases in its surface size. Its a sort of Buddhist terror mask but somehow a bit off from what i have seen. The evil creature seizes all the girls and the mask now is all powerful, its glowing... the creature comes for me, and I know I am to die now... but the dream thought as usual interrupts dream logic and concludes that I am but a camera to this reality show- and I cannot die, none the less the pin touches 'me' and then the evil dude sits in front of me and feeds the mask more power. I can see it, as the incapicated girls lie all around...
The dream is kick ass and it continues and shows that my favorite japanese gal is somehow faintly alive, she musters energy and comes and kicks the creature, she takes over the mask and feeds all the power (I can again feel this transfer taking place) to herself and her friends including me, we are alive again and without the mask the evil thing is dead. The dream ends by itself and before another one starts; I wake up with the entire thing fresh in my head.

What I like about such dreams are the out of context dream-forces which come and start playing havoc in our dream space. I to the best of my knowledge believe that these are conscious entities which enter our dream and our dream attention is naturally drawn to them because they are more energetically able... and they feed on the energy of our attention in turn... I don't know how to properly confront or use or become one of these dreaming forces but unfortunately for me; I have had countless number of them in almost all the vivid dreaming I have ever done. Maybe someone with dreaming knowledge/understanding can help me out.

Peace and Joy!

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Less Obtrusive Division?


We all know of the caste system established during the Aryan rule in India, on the basis of a persons ancestry; he/she was divided into 4 castes- Warrior/Priest/Trader/Common Man

I was recently reading upon the older Tamil cultures which thrived in the subcontinent fairly long and in peace (due to the fact that south India was protected by mountain ranges which prevented any unwanted attack and conquerors from the north). The Tamils had 5 major caste divisions which go like:

  • the Vaelir - the farmers,
  • the Malavar - the hill people who gather hill products, and the traders,
  • the Naagar - people in charge of border security, who guarded the city wall and distant fortresses .
  • the Kadambar - people who thrive on forests and
  • the Thiraiyar - the seafarers. 

(taken from wiki- reference-

This caste division looked to me a lot more convincing and intricate that the previous. This provides kind of division on one’s occupation (I really don’t believe Brahmins and Kshatriyas are a permanent or actual useful occupation of any sort. I really don’t believe in paying people to pray or kill for a society- and the reason that these two castes hold a certain power over others- either a religious or physical one is the reason they became the higher castes in Indian civilization)- the tamil caste system also has a caste responsible for security- but do note—> this is related to border security and town security- it does not amount to being a king or royalty as it did in the indo-aryan caste system.

I really don’t like labels to be put, i guess it becomes a lot more abstract that way and the average human cannot live like that, I would rather people did everything related to all the caste divisions themselves to live. rather than one particular occupation or lifestyle. But this was something interesting and thought I would share none the less.

(oh this division still exists today – there are corporates, politicians, agrarians, scientists, middlemen and army/terrorists- nothing much changes except probably the label’s names)


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spark & Spunk


I heard her once not ever twice; the ripples of her shadow struck me, left me speechless and sublime.

I was broken and lost. She picked me up from the dust and healed (my heart). Sending me forth to fly free. towards the ethereal sky; I chose to fly back to her arms over time…

I could see the depth of her eyes; feel the warmth of her breadth and melt in her divine laugh. Why did she choose me? I was the one who ostracised the world and its ways of pathetic love. The love which needed and wanted more than it gave; then why such kindness bestowed?

She walked slow; oh so slow, her sensual glow overtook the pale moon above, she danced as if she was making love. She sang me into her arms, cajoled me to overlook the mundane; always revelling in the divine. Always one in such joy.

I strung my guitar and she appeared in my dreams, speaking so soft that I could but see her red lips move… calling me… calling me…. my dreams so far; yet could deliver her; into my arms.

I broke down and her vision of lustre erupted to console me. I ran and ran endlessly to escape (myself) and there she was everywhere within and without; smiling and calling me to her arms once more. Why did she choose me? Was this something even worth considering?

Oh You of little faith; she spoke though she kept no name. You who give up your essence over endless human follies and mistakes.. You do not need love as she does not need you. You are free and immortal yet cursed in human form for sure. I could not fathom my angel, holding me; speaking what needed never to be spoken. I could not fathom that one day; once again, I would imagine a love divine possible. Possible without boundary or form.

Its possible my love; she spoke with her eyes burning bright, it surely is… for your beating heart beats oh for this. It pumps the ink of blood through your coil. It beats with purpose to find (she smiled and laughed as she spoke) the endless strings which you strum. The strings you strum,as this heart it beats, The love which is lost or forgotten surely takes front seat.

Love is nature, Love is nothing, as nothing remains. So shall love.

Love is timeless and forever locked in that sensual kiss.

Love smiles and bestows. Love gives and with open arms; accepts what is.

Love is not a condition; Love is god and surely god-less-ness.

Love is a word which cannot be spoken. Love is an act which once be done cannot be known.

Love is being consumed by itself. Love is the plague which is waiting outside.

Love is your heart beating. And as it stops one fine day; You will know that love was for ever more than your heart beating for someone or something held by some narrow sighted sway.

Love is all and nothing; its not an object or a feeling. Its you and me and in between. Love was also my personal angel coming to save me.

Forever Peace and Love ~

Ode to Humanity

I am not a big fan of human kind, the version of life that in today’s day seems to be only focused upon itself. The day’s pass and humans ...