Sunday, June 26, 2011

For The Pure of Love held in your hearts


Pain is like the burning fires into which you are thrown, sadness the heat and anger the wrath of these raging nightmares.. burning the night to dawn; and hopefully melting your pot into gold.

For the pure of will, there is no path; for all path lead to glory! For the strong of will, there is no remorse for every action taken is without regret and eternally rewarding no matter what the consequence. The consequence is decided before the will takes its form. The consequence is already materialized as the will decides what it owns…

For the pure of will, Love is the gift from goddess to their raging hearts. For those who do not bend down to conformity; Love unconditional the eternal reaping. Life will not disappoint those who have moulded their wills into the misty eyed flutter of those gleaming eyes. Those eyes which have haunted me to the grave and more. Those eyes of the saint and lover, Those eyes which I forever search, Those eyes which will look back into me; and set me free… or so I believe~?

The will is impure; The will is hidden; beneath your frail and fickle mind. Under the cloak of a forked tongue. The will is the way of life. The will must be pure. The will must be forged once more. Once more; Once more; from birth to gore to just once more…

Pain brought the experience, experience brought the hardening of the arteries, and the (hopeful) tenderness of the heart. The experience left a bitter taste memory. The will was perfect and concocted. The will was ready to in turn impose it self on the world and beyond.

The will rages like a mountain stream to the sea of unconditional love. The will perfected and pure makes its way; meandering and unceasing towards the sheath of pure eternity. Eternal will meeting eternal Love. Something worth keeping. Something worth seeking….


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