Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dream Force

I had a weird dream yesterday night; was out having a drink on my friend joy's birthday and came back home late. Slept later than usual too, and I had a very long (in dream time) uninterrupted dream (after a very long time- nowadays- i get up abruptly during dreaming-perhaps because of not having enough energy to sustain the dream through). Well yesterday was different, and as usual the dream (particular to me) I had; did not have anyone I recognize, I remember, I know or could imagine, also the places and indoors were not the least bit recognizable- this has been characteristic to my dreaming as long as I care to remember.
Another weird and very characteristic thing which happens in my dreams (as it happened yesterday too)- is that in between the dream- there is some sort of weird energy/force or something which does not belong there in the setting which materializes, like maybe a flying man, or some object which attracts all my attention or maybe a weird looking thing (cannot be characterized as living or dead)- let me illustrate with the latest dreaming I had...
So I am with a bunch of seven young (pretty, hot, wild) japanese/chinese girls, they are all some sort of kung-fu dudettes (and no, I have not been watching erotica or shaolin movies or any other such combination!)- these women are all possessed with some sort of super-natural powers; as usual I am there with them, but my image is non-existent and I am only like a camera following the dream like a play/movie in my head.
The women are stalked by evil things- there are a series of them, one after the other- the first one is a deadly witch looking woman- who comes and tries to kill them one after another- there is one girl in particular who I like, and we are all running away and she falls behind and I go back to pick her up; and the witch catches up by that time- so we start fighting her (well I am looking and not really fighting but it feels like it)- and the other girls notice this and come back and put up a fight and we win and the witch succumbs.
So, after her there is another creature, (i now don't remember what happened with it), after some action sequences we find out that the real evil creature- some sort of long haired eunuch maniac is there left still, and it is after us now. So it comes attacks the girls one by one and here comes the vagary in the dream- the out of context *even for this dream* force- this evil creature has a mask with it, so it attacks the girls one by one with a pin of sort (a long white slender pin) with which he pricks 'em and then like a syringe puts the pin to the mask it holds. The mask absorbs (I feel it, and this is how you can recognize that this is out of context/power in the dream) the soul or part of soul or energy of the girl and shes out cold. The mask becomes more alive when its fed with the energy of these girls, I remember focusing on it and seeing that initially its inert and after getting fed once/twice; the face adorns emotion and it twitches and becomes more colorful and alive- it also increases in its surface size. Its a sort of Buddhist terror mask but somehow a bit off from what i have seen. The evil creature seizes all the girls and the mask now is all powerful, its glowing... the creature comes for me, and I know I am to die now... but the dream thought as usual interrupts dream logic and concludes that I am but a camera to this reality show- and I cannot die, none the less the pin touches 'me' and then the evil dude sits in front of me and feeds the mask more power. I can see it, as the incapicated girls lie all around...
The dream is kick ass and it continues and shows that my favorite japanese gal is somehow faintly alive, she musters energy and comes and kicks the creature, she takes over the mask and feeds all the power (I can again feel this transfer taking place) to herself and her friends including me, we are alive again and without the mask the evil thing is dead. The dream ends by itself and before another one starts; I wake up with the entire thing fresh in my head.

What I like about such dreams are the out of context dream-forces which come and start playing havoc in our dream space. I to the best of my knowledge believe that these are conscious entities which enter our dream and our dream attention is naturally drawn to them because they are more energetically able... and they feed on the energy of our attention in turn... I don't know how to properly confront or use or become one of these dreaming forces but unfortunately for me; I have had countless number of them in almost all the vivid dreaming I have ever done. Maybe someone with dreaming knowledge/understanding can help me out.

Peace and Joy!

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