Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Circular & Convoluted


Though I observe that a higher seat of consciousness is what we must aim for, in truth I have no such aspirations from myself or others.

Observation #1

Human civilization is not at the pinnacle/peak of its creative or technological/rational abilities at this time of our lives. In truth; past civilizations have reached the same if not greater heights in technology, science and logical abilities. The reason we know not about them is because they self-destructed just like we are about to. Because power is self destructive without consciousness which peers through it. (civa-shakti balance)

The problem is similar to this, we have a classroom- filled with human denizens, they come to attend the class to learn about the universe and all. There is something written on the board (lets say E=mc2 or 1+1=whatever), we learn digest and then suddenly the classroom is dead, the board is wiped clean and a new race or civilization comes and sits in, without ever knowing that the lessons we are about to draw have been already done with over and over in time before. Every class thinks its way superior to the others which sat there, without bothering to introspect why or how could that be.

We are not at heights of anything, yes we are technologically superior and our cycle times have reduced to absolute minuscule. But the fact is that this all have been achieved before, and swept off like dust when over and done with. Why not learn from the past; the civilizations which were at their peaks; their occults and sciences; their teachers and teachings. Why not compare them with our own, you will find that what we have learnt about the universe and the world is verily the same in quantity and quality as others before us.

Observation # 2

Evolution is a myth. Its a word and a farce made by zoologists and biologists. There is adaptation to environment, but evolution as something better than before is just a mocking of our intelligence, and thats precisely what this viral strain does to all of us. We believe that we are more evolved; than animals, plants or humans or like who exist with or before us in time. We think that we are the epitome of living consciousness.

Well evolution is a cycle- a complete circle. You can look at a circle and tell whether one curve is more superior or advanced to another or not. I compare evolution to a circle cause in my own personal wisdom; through nature’s grace I have experienced that everything comes a full circle, from thoughts thought to the reactions experienced, to actions sought and the wisdom received. From enslavement to liberation and then to enslavement once more. Life is a complete circle. (though most sights of the world are spiral than circular- but that I will get to another time; and in another context).

Evolution can only happen when linearity exists- and for a line to be in the universe- it must have a beginning and end- in absolute contexts there are no such things- if you say that your life has a beginning or end- its only because you try to focus narrowly on a fragment of the universe which you believe is you- in truth you exist before you were in the body in the form of clouds, rain, sun, earth and so many more and after death you become the very same- everything in the existential frame is cyclical.Hence for me there are only cycles and circles, this is something which cannot be explained or dialogued. It has to be experienced.

A circle also means in metaphysical terms to me as every aspect and moment to be perfection. There is no striving to become something ‘better’ for that is a figment of imagination; there is as I already said- a striving to adapt to the environment and vice versa.

Observation #3

The main conquest is to liberate/free oneself. This life or the next (past or whatever?) but what happens then, The liberation comes naught and we are once again in the cycle ignorant and mute to experience from the miniscule-microscopic consciousness to the grand macrocosm which is all.

The most beautiful part of life remains this- That liberation/moksha is not apart from life and death and rebirth; it is verily a beautiful part of the cycle in entirety which is our lives!

Peace and Circumambulation's to all ye!

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