Monday, September 17, 2018

Invitation to Acceptance

I invite the miraculous extent of all unbound creation to enter the within and without. To enter thought and soul and make itself shine.
I invite myself to be immersed in pure shining thought of love and laughter. Of wisdom and suffering seeking an end to itself through liberation.
I invite an end to hypocrisy which plagues my thoughts and my inner and outer space. An end to all lower mind existence. All darkness for the sake of darkness to evaporate.

I accept that life is a wave. Never still and always showing and seeking visions hither and thither whilst the heart (which is my home) remains still beating only for my beloved love Kamakshi Lasya. I accept that I have done wrong unto myself and have learnt what I can and may and moved to better myself and the ones who I have come to know in this lifetime. I hope I can do the best to better their existence too.

I see that life is not a struggle or a test as much as a choice which propagates further through the will. As the will marches on, one is forced to reconcile the polarities (which cause us so much grief) and this is where the invitation to accept all that is comes so handy.
Sickness, illness and death are but the causal attributes to health, life and wellness. If the first one is experienced then the latter will surely follow..

There is no doubt. Accept all that comes your way; make the difficult moments your penance and make it flow.

There is no greater yoga than the person who sees his immutable self in all inner and outer landscapes. Where he is ready to accept that there is nothing he is or isn't and hence his existence is an invitation to accept entirety!

Peace and Love

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