Friday, July 17, 2015

Journeyman - Thirudeva


The finest hour is at hand, sweet lord. Redemption is undone. Work until the end, and I have been saved by the graciousness and mercy of lord Siva.

Robots congregated together, to fulfill the desires they had made of themselves. Yet Thirudeva has made his match with his Eshwara. There seems to be little joy for this fact.

Who will come unto you sweet lord; mercy and compassion thy names. They seem to think that you are stark raving mad. And indeed I am mad indeed for none other than you.


These are words which have no resolve in the hearts of people who little but themselves. We who defiled the lord’s sweet will – which is of course our very own. To think that he brings bad luck and ill boon. The lord of destruction dances swiftly the night away.

Where are you running to oh fool, speaking to myself. There is no way out of purgatory for souls like us, bathed in grey matter energy of the universe. Only he who dances in the wake of night can save us from our plight. Indeed saying Namacivaya.

Thirudeva looks so soulful and open. Yet mysterious and a delight. There was no way that people like myself were going to let him go from our hands or hearts. We would need the remedy too – and this is of course the general nature of plight.

He looks so resplendent under all conditions, lighting powerful lights to his shadow strong. We long to see him open his eyes and (bless) be a part of us.


This is nature of love for Ishwara, that who breaks the condition of woe. Who is a rolling force, with the name all misery undoes and becomes one with this creation. We all have to become like Thirudeva. That who is respectfully God.

Yet we go on screeching, what can Siva hail to give us. That silent yogi – who breaks his attention not for anything or anyone other than his divine lover Parvati. How can we be of any profit with a God without a reason or rhyme.

Yet he pulls us to his feet, and showing his grace on the dying bed – many of us cannot welcome instead. We fail and fail whimper and wail. There seems to be no end to how Siva prevails. We cannot be a master to his plans ever. Till we meet him and he touches us and takes us to never never land. He comes for the gentle and loved, He comes in fury for those who were of ignorance and anger. He comes still for the sad and hopeless. Yet he comes and takes all.

He is a kind god, one which we must encounter when we die and pass on to the pearly gates, as luck would have explain it – he sees devotion to Yoga and Oneness as the category for a kind admission.

Many of us approached Thirudeva to open our own mandira for happiness, not oneness or purity. That which Eshwara would love. We became destitute and started asking God for which does not matter. And which does – makes you wonder why anything matters. This is the power of the Jata covered god of ashes and death. lord an master of the human race.

Siva sits under darkness – opening his third eye and ending the play. This is nature of consciousness descending upon itself to the power level. When it restarts – reducing everything back to dream 0.

And we look at Thirudeva not as our source of Escape to redemption, as I said earlier – redemption is undone.

Many days pass in silence and he is not succumbed to temptation – indeed the master has learnt like the banyan to stick its roots way down under the ground and above as a plan B. He has escaped into divine union with his silent and loving master and one – Lord NamaCivaya

Meditating on the South Facing Silent Mauni Master – Dakshinamurthy, I become ripe and fall in love with the mystic master Babaji Thirudeva, who is under rapt attention of his Shakti. Who has become whole and realized leaving the body while changing nothing is the way. I become unto them for that moment atleast.

There is great play here, with the thirst to the silent master Lord Shiva increasing. Becoming manifold. There seems that levels of consciousness that only Thirudeva can fathom. Merging into his deity, Thirudeva has made his life whole. Complete and none.


Master, facing the eastern sun, I look and pray to the face of all creation. The shiva Linga – hidden in plain sight is your manifestation of delight and how I wish to merge me into thee.. Only you can save the soul that is me. That is meant as an offering of love to you. This lifetime and so many more. Saying this, Thirudeva like you and I, in this lifetime or maybe another merged his personal energy into his saharara chakra. And as the energy exploded and blood flowed from his nose. He slumped over and with a benign feeling. Set everyone who looked at this frame through heart and eyes – absolutely free!


Peace and Joy

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Makers Sport


Tripartite agreement :

The father, son and holy ghost are sitting in a room and hatch a plan to make the illusion a success. They are collectively Godhood and all that is present.

The Creator / Sustainer / Destroyer have shown the path under divine grace of themselves to make and break this illusion. They are the three sacred jewels of this logos.

The left and right eye look and ponder and then the third eye manifests and removes all the illusion. Could this be the field / field knower and the Known? Could this be the conspiracy theory of master proportions?

This is the path in which the trinity make the dual.

Duality circles :

The holy three create the illusory two. The two battle it out day and night. Sun and Star, ida and pingala and male and female. They are looking facing each other and then they absorb.

This is holy play which we must play, and then pay for. We are one and not both, We are not together in the holy holocaust. The one which breaks into one.

The Aham :

The two collectively produce the one. In gene and form. The one is self / Aham and I. That which defines this illusion through frame of reference. The ones of the two procreate another one of their kind. This is the magic play of One which sustains this grand play.

The Expansion to Enlightenment :

This is makers sport, the one now searches within and without – and abandoning thought now becomes none. The true mastery of evolution indeed. This is enlightenment of soul; and in this beautiful vista – it indeed creates back the illusion triggered by the holy trinity. That ones which come to form from this void.

This maker’s sport seems so futile. Yet it is what this universe justifies. You and I and the holy ghost. Looking for our long lost home. Wandering Wandering through the night sky.

Peace and Joy


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