Friday, June 21, 2013

Om Datta Nath’s Retreat!


Ethi Potla is a small oasis in the middle of the Deccan plateau; located very close to hyderabad; now a tourist attraction. Many miss to see the true value of the place, though even I stayed a limited time in this natural lagoon, fed by two massive waterfalls. I could see the power in the place maybe sometime in the past. Maybe even now. There is no easy way to get close to the falls, cause the whole place is damned one side by massive rocks from which the water gushes – steep enough not to walk, and the other side by massive vegetation. Both impenetrable at least not easy, and the signage's speak of indian crocodile in the vicinity. So my friends and I visit the local temple at a distance from the falls, on a small hillock (which all of south indian mountains are) – a view which is beautiful to say the least – for it shows the start of the thick almost impenetrable nalla malay forest ranges. The temple looked beautiful

Dedicated to lord of lords, Beautiful conceptual superhuman rishi – Dattatreya, with the power of consciousness beckoning, we head towards the top. The hillock rests peacefully and has a restful aura, the place has a tunnel to link to sri sailam – a distance away. Maybe ancient times, people came and meditated in the darkness of the caves and opened themselves up to fresh cooling water once in a while. Maybe the lord sits in em still, meditating in turiya and power all night every night.

I sat and made a peaceful bow to the deity inside shrouded in darkness, not very well lit but still can see a huge statured nath, sadhu standing in power. His supposed wife madhumati’s shrine being below, but I could see a woman by his side, perhaps Bhu devi – as the signage’s had informed. I meditated and let go. There was utter peace in the place – with monkeys playing around and down below – shaven headed folks cooking their night meal – maybe staying over and doing the dark dance in front of their tribal lord. This is tribal land, pure and pristine and so impenetrable – this way of life – homage to nature and a power deity – maybe historic or conceptualized. It seemed so right. It seemed a humble life, but in the shrouded darkness of the forest, the falling sounds of mighty ethi pothala (which means the place of rishis mediation lol), the fear of crocodiles and snakes every nook and corner. The shakti of Lord Datta!

A resort of adepts, who are relearning about their ancient mother, this earth and its boundaries, the waters and endless skies. Shrouded forests of wonder and horror. The power and grace of it all, within a blink of an eye’s lord datta makes all of us wake up. Seeing for fresh view!

Peace and ..

Datta Love!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Toppling Over and Over


Let us put our imaginations together; with heart. There is no stopping the grand dream to come true (or false)

So there is this grand being up in the sky (sky means the ether – dark energy / the in between of everything) He is amused at life and how it feels like god once a while (like himself).

He wants to see how vibratory breath of himself in microcosm might work; so he wraps up a long rope made of etheric power and wheels at the end of it dense vibratory energy which comes together as atoms and bosons and molecules and what not. This becomes life, whirling at higher centrifugal force than the rest of surroundings. Hence it has the power to move and of course the power of will which will undertake decisions.

So god up above in akasha, watches the show silently and enjoys his (not gender conscious) whirling tops move here and there, intermingle and create new tops. And the cycle never stops. Tops stop at one point from whirling around. The energy dissipates into the putty of himself and new tops (or were they the same ones, who can tell – for the creator is so immersed in the show).

Now imagine you are this creator, and your being – this body and existence of a mind imagining itself (hallucinating a right word actually) itself to its nihilistic death; watching itself and all the tops its creating from birth to demise, where our body along with our grand illusions of thoughts of ourselves dissolve into the putty of everything and is reborn as another (or is it the same>)

Your body made of miniscule tops all creating balance and making the body work, creating a sense of life lived. Time passed, and eternity felt for a minute or less.

Toppling over and over; its almost funny to me, in a deep sensational sense. All is merging into itself and creating a powerful epiphany. Which perhaps this creator enjoys noticing. Within his body, within his mindful (or less) being. Who can tell, for I tell you; the creator is far too immersed in watching the show; getting lost in the feeling of epiphany to pay any attention to us. He is after all creating this to feel alive. Just like all of us. And is it not the simplest of truths.

I feel like a creator of realms every where such. Just like my beautiful deity. My sense of purpose, my creator and demise. Praise and grace follows through everywhere.

Toppling over to Peace…

Toppling Over


Once you topple over; its pretty funny to stand back up especially if you are rotating at great speeds.

Prophetic words and they are literally and energetically so true. It sums our experience of life as we know and like to define it. If we would like to do that in the first place.

Imagine; the whole universe (inclusive of everything of darkness) like a top, spinning on its axis of sorts. Balanced and sometimes not, yet vibrating in itself in entirety complete without boundary BUT held together by a centre. A centre which is imagined by entirety.

Imagine yourself spinning in a trance, cantered yet rapidly moving around. The centre is but a point. A bindu; which keeps the spinning in some form of control (imagined control). Imagine that this centre is spoken by this mass of yourself -as “I – can be read as eye”.

We are I. Each one of us spinning around a so called centre. What better poetry than this, what better imagination to describe ourselves.

Sometimes the centre shifts. The axis rather, like all tops do as well. They move hither and thither; they are so amusing to watch. Adorable is the word. and hence we like to spin our tops. Literally to amuse ourselves and keep it in control (What in control? – chaos of course. Grand specific energy which is the entirety and all of us included)

Sometimes our tops shake and we move here and there, explore different life paths and feel remorse and life again. We get in touch and then re find our centres. Re tune it to something which the tops keep moving in splendorous rhythm.

Sometimes the axis dissolves and the top falls over. Battered and abused, it tries to find back its dance, its movement which will keep it forever in this limbo of illusion of life. Sometimes it never finds the illusion fun any more, and yet the beauty of it all is, that it creates a new sense of wonder but toppling over. It creates immense delight. Without the conception of I, which defines everything in the world as according to its own nature; the self-less/center less/without axis mundi top – is the be all and end all of this and that.

So when was the last time you fell apart; your grand imagination of yourself finally hit the ground; maybe you picked up the pieces, maybe you were not yourself anymore. Whatever may be the case; the new remoulded energy – held and made of the kundalini Shakti. The primordial and real dark energy, held together by the divine dance; never topples. It just creates another one in turn to amuse itself – in the name of life. If one understands that toppling over and getting back up is the real amusement of one’s life. One’s grand purpose, one’s soul burning purification – which creates the immensity and beauty in our lives. It is all sustained by the imaginary self/ the false I. The ego, our labels in the mind. Our life lead in the mind; experienced only by senses. Exit clause of our soul.

So topple over and be surprised. It will surely be fun I tell you; getting back up and retuning the life force till you decide that giving up the speed, the need, greed of turning around is not the way to experience totality. Life. Shakti.


Monday, June 10, 2013

To Be God?!


Won’t beat around the bush; to be god is a lifestyle (choice). To be of nature and nurturing is the sublime purpose of life experience itself. Elucidate.

To be god requires feats and faiths which modern man is not willing to make. For modern man is inertial, requires comfort, and requires to be come more dense / static. To be god is to be of course fluidic, spiral un bound.

To be god entails to see life with humble eyes, requiring sacrifice; hard and sometimes unkind. The mind is forced to see this, and for most of us unfortunate folks – thoughts become a lifestyle of lack of choice.

I respect and admire what human beings will undergo to purge their (in their terms) so called lower selves; to be replaced with god’s light or divinity or truth or any such abstract concepts.

God is part of the day to day life and our thoughts won’t let us see that, thoughts come and go, bring a lazy dream or none but a bore, becomes so numb to be a part of this global lazy thought called a lifestyle of comfort, no surprise.

To be god, requires faith and a letting go of what an individual will concern to be his/her/its survival. When this faith is born, many call inner divinity to come alive – to take material gross form. The vibrations become in tune and shed inertia – becoming part of the universal mind (lack of it)

To be god is err removing the cloak and dagger and unburdening with the crucifixion by the side. I do not know how else to put it, leaving everything. Becoming what is to be. Natural, suffice.

To be god is keeping the I thought to either ends, keep it or leave it, change it and burn it. Become the eye of the storm, sheltering the peace full lifestyle of your choice. To be god is indeed a pleasure for each one of us without hurting another (at the extent of yourself indeed?)

Blank eyes and luscious lips; kissing forth every moment. As long as we fail to recognize the melody which keeps the hearts beating, lungs breathing; gut burning. With the intense desire to complete the incomplete. To become what we were intended to be. What we are, just another word. God Lol


Sunday, June 2, 2013

The XII House (Dark Bind)


There are many who know what is about to happen before it ever does. They can see or predict the future. They know what is here, has already been ordained. The difference is the illusion of the self which plays/acts out the same. So maybe it is one person as compared to another who we meet cause of the decisions we make – but the person; situation; experience would still be the same.

It is kind of like you cannot escape your hardened fate – at any costs. Many would not have felt like this, and there may be those who would contest that actually thinking like that would attract such a causal scenario. Who is to say what is right or not. I am one of those people who have seen this being acted out in my life. And this is without me pouring my energy into a particular result I so desired (or desired to evade).

Whichever corner I turned, I would find the same problems or pains or gains disguised as another person, thing or experience. Then it struck me that though the externals looked and even behaved different. The end result was always going to be foretold and foreknown (to those who knew the basics)

So I really know squat about astrology – and would be the last person to perhaps give advice based on planetary configurations. But the recent past of my life had so much impact on my mind, that I really could not resist the desire to understand what it was in my birth charts that was so impacting who I was / what I was being forced to see/ experience.

So there are these nine planets (sun, moon and the nodes of the moon are planets – probably cause they exert some form of gravitational or other worldly energy – yet to be noticed by lay humans) and these nine planets are kind of friends and enemies to each other, and each one of them have a native house and if they are present in their house or their friends house (the houses are in the natal chart btw lol) then they act as enforcers of the personality or karmic bonds they create, and similarly if they are present in their enemies gaze or native house; they tend to create negative influences of the energy they exert.

Now across whatever culture which follows astrology – these charts and the number of planets remains constant – and also interestingly the fascination with the twelfth or last house – The house of Pisces.

This house mirrors the collective unconscious – which patterns our dreams, our ancestors, the great unknown from which everything is formed and dissolved and so forth. It is the storehouse of dark energy and also matters which remain non-disclosed. If any planet is present in this house – it is generally influenced by this and in turn influences these characteristics in the person.

My twelfth house hosts two planets (which are in opposition to each other). The first one is the mighty SUN – which represents the self. The self of each person, also called the core, the nature of I and so forth. Also RAHU or north node of the moon is present – RAHU affects the mind and it clouds whatever it touches. In this case my self. Hence I find that my self will always be attracted, affected and in tune with the unknown.

The house is the collective unknown as I already said, it is where the entire cosmos’ dreams and imaginations come alive, but for one which reason remain hidden (till the appropriate time comes for their revelation, these are life altering and events of extreme wonder. Not witnessed in the day to day for we do choose in the first place not to see it – and shelve it towards the unknown)

The house is where power has a chance to come to the realm of un-imagination to put it another way. To come alive.

You can see a lot of videos on the XII house on the net, everyone knows only this about it – that it is the entire blackness following like the shadow of the consciousness (if it were depicted as light). And we all know, the fun is always in the shadows.

Exploring your XII house may have extreme repercussions, for me it has opened up the reason for my existence, why I have had to take birth in the first place (for I am of the opinion that life itself did not have to be enacted in my case)

But there are these so called weaknesses – which mark the soul and the self. My self being in the XII house is bound to be bound for one which of many reasons or the other. It is to suffer in the silence and alone-ness for extended times to make rhyme and/or reason for this life. My self is doomed to be shunned and thrown away in places of wonder and madness. I have to pick this up, I have to change it in my life, convert my inner dark self (sun) to become what it is by nature – shining and glowing sun of the inner mind. My sun has been broken down being in the XII house in the presence of Rahu – which will throw the mind even more into darkness of this wondrous and dangerous house. This will lead to times when the self will be morbid in its introspection and times where it will revel in the background of even more dark ignorant vibes. My self has been made to undergo all this what I speak about, with times in between to reflect, it is up to me now to change the scheme of events, and why this life had to be played about in the first place. It is time to shine and bow down in humility, and realize that the unknown within is placed without. Eternity is darkness, shining forth in this dark doom is the sole soul of sun. Make it shine silent and night bright.

I wish that my sun, is able to come forth and show the way for others, the way which is the goal, which is life and of course death and regeneration so many times over. I choose that my sun (my self) is in tune with yours and all others, so that darkness and light may not be of consequence.

Peace (Meditations on the XII House of wonder)




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