Sunday, June 2, 2013

The XII House (Dark Bind)


There are many who know what is about to happen before it ever does. They can see or predict the future. They know what is here, has already been ordained. The difference is the illusion of the self which plays/acts out the same. So maybe it is one person as compared to another who we meet cause of the decisions we make – but the person; situation; experience would still be the same.

It is kind of like you cannot escape your hardened fate – at any costs. Many would not have felt like this, and there may be those who would contest that actually thinking like that would attract such a causal scenario. Who is to say what is right or not. I am one of those people who have seen this being acted out in my life. And this is without me pouring my energy into a particular result I so desired (or desired to evade).

Whichever corner I turned, I would find the same problems or pains or gains disguised as another person, thing or experience. Then it struck me that though the externals looked and even behaved different. The end result was always going to be foretold and foreknown (to those who knew the basics)

So I really know squat about astrology – and would be the last person to perhaps give advice based on planetary configurations. But the recent past of my life had so much impact on my mind, that I really could not resist the desire to understand what it was in my birth charts that was so impacting who I was / what I was being forced to see/ experience.

So there are these nine planets (sun, moon and the nodes of the moon are planets – probably cause they exert some form of gravitational or other worldly energy – yet to be noticed by lay humans) and these nine planets are kind of friends and enemies to each other, and each one of them have a native house and if they are present in their house or their friends house (the houses are in the natal chart btw lol) then they act as enforcers of the personality or karmic bonds they create, and similarly if they are present in their enemies gaze or native house; they tend to create negative influences of the energy they exert.

Now across whatever culture which follows astrology – these charts and the number of planets remains constant – and also interestingly the fascination with the twelfth or last house – The house of Pisces.

This house mirrors the collective unconscious – which patterns our dreams, our ancestors, the great unknown from which everything is formed and dissolved and so forth. It is the storehouse of dark energy and also matters which remain non-disclosed. If any planet is present in this house – it is generally influenced by this and in turn influences these characteristics in the person.

My twelfth house hosts two planets (which are in opposition to each other). The first one is the mighty SUN – which represents the self. The self of each person, also called the core, the nature of I and so forth. Also RAHU or north node of the moon is present – RAHU affects the mind and it clouds whatever it touches. In this case my self. Hence I find that my self will always be attracted, affected and in tune with the unknown.

The house is the collective unknown as I already said, it is where the entire cosmos’ dreams and imaginations come alive, but for one which reason remain hidden (till the appropriate time comes for their revelation, these are life altering and events of extreme wonder. Not witnessed in the day to day for we do choose in the first place not to see it – and shelve it towards the unknown)

The house is where power has a chance to come to the realm of un-imagination to put it another way. To come alive.

You can see a lot of videos on the XII house on the net, everyone knows only this about it – that it is the entire blackness following like the shadow of the consciousness (if it were depicted as light). And we all know, the fun is always in the shadows.

Exploring your XII house may have extreme repercussions, for me it has opened up the reason for my existence, why I have had to take birth in the first place (for I am of the opinion that life itself did not have to be enacted in my case)

But there are these so called weaknesses – which mark the soul and the self. My self being in the XII house is bound to be bound for one which of many reasons or the other. It is to suffer in the silence and alone-ness for extended times to make rhyme and/or reason for this life. My self is doomed to be shunned and thrown away in places of wonder and madness. I have to pick this up, I have to change it in my life, convert my inner dark self (sun) to become what it is by nature – shining and glowing sun of the inner mind. My sun has been broken down being in the XII house in the presence of Rahu – which will throw the mind even more into darkness of this wondrous and dangerous house. This will lead to times when the self will be morbid in its introspection and times where it will revel in the background of even more dark ignorant vibes. My self has been made to undergo all this what I speak about, with times in between to reflect, it is up to me now to change the scheme of events, and why this life had to be played about in the first place. It is time to shine and bow down in humility, and realize that the unknown within is placed without. Eternity is darkness, shining forth in this dark doom is the sole soul of sun. Make it shine silent and night bright.

I wish that my sun, is able to come forth and show the way for others, the way which is the goal, which is life and of course death and regeneration so many times over. I choose that my sun (my self) is in tune with yours and all others, so that darkness and light may not be of consequence.

Peace (Meditations on the XII House of wonder)




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