Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Toppling Over and Over


Let us put our imaginations together; with heart. There is no stopping the grand dream to come true (or false)

So there is this grand being up in the sky (sky means the ether – dark energy / the in between of everything) He is amused at life and how it feels like god once a while (like himself).

He wants to see how vibratory breath of himself in microcosm might work; so he wraps up a long rope made of etheric power and wheels at the end of it dense vibratory energy which comes together as atoms and bosons and molecules and what not. This becomes life, whirling at higher centrifugal force than the rest of surroundings. Hence it has the power to move and of course the power of will which will undertake decisions.

So god up above in akasha, watches the show silently and enjoys his (not gender conscious) whirling tops move here and there, intermingle and create new tops. And the cycle never stops. Tops stop at one point from whirling around. The energy dissipates into the putty of himself and new tops (or were they the same ones, who can tell – for the creator is so immersed in the show).

Now imagine you are this creator, and your being – this body and existence of a mind imagining itself (hallucinating a right word actually) itself to its nihilistic death; watching itself and all the tops its creating from birth to demise, where our body along with our grand illusions of thoughts of ourselves dissolve into the putty of everything and is reborn as another (or is it the same>)

Your body made of miniscule tops all creating balance and making the body work, creating a sense of life lived. Time passed, and eternity felt for a minute or less.

Toppling over and over; its almost funny to me, in a deep sensational sense. All is merging into itself and creating a powerful epiphany. Which perhaps this creator enjoys noticing. Within his body, within his mindful (or less) being. Who can tell, for I tell you; the creator is far too immersed in watching the show; getting lost in the feeling of epiphany to pay any attention to us. He is after all creating this to feel alive. Just like all of us. And is it not the simplest of truths.

I feel like a creator of realms every where such. Just like my beautiful deity. My sense of purpose, my creator and demise. Praise and grace follows through everywhere.

Toppling over to Peace…

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