Monday, June 10, 2013

To Be God?!


Won’t beat around the bush; to be god is a lifestyle (choice). To be of nature and nurturing is the sublime purpose of life experience itself. Elucidate.

To be god requires feats and faiths which modern man is not willing to make. For modern man is inertial, requires comfort, and requires to be come more dense / static. To be god is to be of course fluidic, spiral un bound.

To be god entails to see life with humble eyes, requiring sacrifice; hard and sometimes unkind. The mind is forced to see this, and for most of us unfortunate folks – thoughts become a lifestyle of lack of choice.

I respect and admire what human beings will undergo to purge their (in their terms) so called lower selves; to be replaced with god’s light or divinity or truth or any such abstract concepts.

God is part of the day to day life and our thoughts won’t let us see that, thoughts come and go, bring a lazy dream or none but a bore, becomes so numb to be a part of this global lazy thought called a lifestyle of comfort, no surprise.

To be god, requires faith and a letting go of what an individual will concern to be his/her/its survival. When this faith is born, many call inner divinity to come alive – to take material gross form. The vibrations become in tune and shed inertia – becoming part of the universal mind (lack of it)

To be god is err removing the cloak and dagger and unburdening with the crucifixion by the side. I do not know how else to put it, leaving everything. Becoming what is to be. Natural, suffice.

To be god is keeping the I thought to either ends, keep it or leave it, change it and burn it. Become the eye of the storm, sheltering the peace full lifestyle of your choice. To be god is indeed a pleasure for each one of us without hurting another (at the extent of yourself indeed?)

Blank eyes and luscious lips; kissing forth every moment. As long as we fail to recognize the melody which keeps the hearts beating, lungs breathing; gut burning. With the intense desire to complete the incomplete. To become what we were intended to be. What we are, just another word. God Lol


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