Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Toppling Over


Once you topple over; its pretty funny to stand back up especially if you are rotating at great speeds.

Prophetic words and they are literally and energetically so true. It sums our experience of life as we know and like to define it. If we would like to do that in the first place.

Imagine; the whole universe (inclusive of everything of darkness) like a top, spinning on its axis of sorts. Balanced and sometimes not, yet vibrating in itself in entirety complete without boundary BUT held together by a centre. A centre which is imagined by entirety.

Imagine yourself spinning in a trance, cantered yet rapidly moving around. The centre is but a point. A bindu; which keeps the spinning in some form of control (imagined control). Imagine that this centre is spoken by this mass of yourself -as “I – can be read as eye”.

We are I. Each one of us spinning around a so called centre. What better poetry than this, what better imagination to describe ourselves.

Sometimes the centre shifts. The axis rather, like all tops do as well. They move hither and thither; they are so amusing to watch. Adorable is the word. and hence we like to spin our tops. Literally to amuse ourselves and keep it in control (What in control? – chaos of course. Grand specific energy which is the entirety and all of us included)

Sometimes our tops shake and we move here and there, explore different life paths and feel remorse and life again. We get in touch and then re find our centres. Re tune it to something which the tops keep moving in splendorous rhythm.

Sometimes the axis dissolves and the top falls over. Battered and abused, it tries to find back its dance, its movement which will keep it forever in this limbo of illusion of life. Sometimes it never finds the illusion fun any more, and yet the beauty of it all is, that it creates a new sense of wonder but toppling over. It creates immense delight. Without the conception of I, which defines everything in the world as according to its own nature; the self-less/center less/without axis mundi top – is the be all and end all of this and that.

So when was the last time you fell apart; your grand imagination of yourself finally hit the ground; maybe you picked up the pieces, maybe you were not yourself anymore. Whatever may be the case; the new remoulded energy – held and made of the kundalini Shakti. The primordial and real dark energy, held together by the divine dance; never topples. It just creates another one in turn to amuse itself – in the name of life. If one understands that toppling over and getting back up is the real amusement of one’s life. One’s grand purpose, one’s soul burning purification – which creates the immensity and beauty in our lives. It is all sustained by the imaginary self/ the false I. The ego, our labels in the mind. Our life lead in the mind; experienced only by senses. Exit clause of our soul.

So topple over and be surprised. It will surely be fun I tell you; getting back up and retuning the life force till you decide that giving up the speed, the need, greed of turning around is not the way to experience totality. Life. Shakti.


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