Friday, June 21, 2013

Om Datta Nath’s Retreat!


Ethi Potla is a small oasis in the middle of the Deccan plateau; located very close to hyderabad; now a tourist attraction. Many miss to see the true value of the place, though even I stayed a limited time in this natural lagoon, fed by two massive waterfalls. I could see the power in the place maybe sometime in the past. Maybe even now. There is no easy way to get close to the falls, cause the whole place is damned one side by massive rocks from which the water gushes – steep enough not to walk, and the other side by massive vegetation. Both impenetrable at least not easy, and the signage's speak of indian crocodile in the vicinity. So my friends and I visit the local temple at a distance from the falls, on a small hillock (which all of south indian mountains are) – a view which is beautiful to say the least – for it shows the start of the thick almost impenetrable nalla malay forest ranges. The temple looked beautiful

Dedicated to lord of lords, Beautiful conceptual superhuman rishi – Dattatreya, with the power of consciousness beckoning, we head towards the top. The hillock rests peacefully and has a restful aura, the place has a tunnel to link to sri sailam – a distance away. Maybe ancient times, people came and meditated in the darkness of the caves and opened themselves up to fresh cooling water once in a while. Maybe the lord sits in em still, meditating in turiya and power all night every night.

I sat and made a peaceful bow to the deity inside shrouded in darkness, not very well lit but still can see a huge statured nath, sadhu standing in power. His supposed wife madhumati’s shrine being below, but I could see a woman by his side, perhaps Bhu devi – as the signage’s had informed. I meditated and let go. There was utter peace in the place – with monkeys playing around and down below – shaven headed folks cooking their night meal – maybe staying over and doing the dark dance in front of their tribal lord. This is tribal land, pure and pristine and so impenetrable – this way of life – homage to nature and a power deity – maybe historic or conceptualized. It seemed so right. It seemed a humble life, but in the shrouded darkness of the forest, the falling sounds of mighty ethi pothala (which means the place of rishis mediation lol), the fear of crocodiles and snakes every nook and corner. The shakti of Lord Datta!

A resort of adepts, who are relearning about their ancient mother, this earth and its boundaries, the waters and endless skies. Shrouded forests of wonder and horror. The power and grace of it all, within a blink of an eye’s lord datta makes all of us wake up. Seeing for fresh view!

Peace and ..

Datta Love!

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