Sunday, February 24, 2013

Holy Cow !


Indian folks have revered the cow for a long time and its an international joke by now.

I don’t know what makes the cow really special over all other life forms exactly – (well I kind of do now, if I think about it logically enough)

The cow is the most passive of most herbivores; it has a sense of peace pervading all the time; but that's not quite it.

Every excreta of the cow is useful to nature and in turn us humans in some respect – the udders produce milk – which we humans ingeniously use to get milk, curd and cheese. These are life sustaining to us – in the absence of our mother’s milk during our lifetimes – in respect of carbs and proteins and other nutrients.

But this is not why exactly why Indians praise the cows so much *at least to my understanding*

The cows also leave behind their dung – their faeces is an excellent breeding ground to the mind altering natural psilocybin mushrooms. These are psyolcibe cubensis. These remain to be the most psychoactive of the magic mushrooms of their species and of course in the world. This is not a coincidence.

In Indian mythology; there is reference to the plant called soma – which is resembling the mushroom in all respect. The plant is picked generally over a full moon (perhaps cause of the night – with the moonlight providing the light to the shamans to see the right mushrooms) and causing intense experiences which changes the individual’s consciousness.  It is my of course my interpretation that the ancient consciousness flooding plant referred is mushrooms (it can be also datura inoexia but least likely as the latter is a weed which is omnipresent across year more than a networked fungus requiring the appropriate conditions to bloom ).

But I do form a straight conclusion over eons of cow worship and soma worship – The excrement is the perfect breeding ground for the cubensis to develop and be eaten over a perfect full moon. And there is of course no divinity like a mushroom head (almost all ancient cults – have been mushroom cults).

This is something which makes me understand the wisdom and understanding of nature that ancient Indians had of nature/surroundings and what makes one’s brain pop the fuck out. Their ego’s to demolish and their true selves to blossom! (sans mind, with color)

The result is of course the beautiful statement “ Holy Fucking Cow”

Praise to the cows and every aspect of their existence.

Peace out!

Porous Surrender


She smiled at her birth; this time around. Left at mercy once more. She spoke to no one of what she felt. She smiled and cried at the same instant.

She was born to royalty and apathy – like so many of us; Mira Bai, her curse remained to be without her lover. She sat next to the river flowing gently past. Like her tears for lives after.

She sang his praise, quietly. She danced in her mad love. Her love for her divine consort. Her hari. Why did he leave her here in this mad beautiful world alone she wept and thought! Why did he not come and quench her love. This was beyond logic. This was beyond what she or anyone could explain and cajole her to understand. Godhood was such an affair! Of lifetimes, where the beloved stayed hidden and the self sought it in intense pain.


Mira the suffering lover, she was like us in some respect. But her devotion and intensity was so true. She knew nay! she felt! what she knew was missing. Her beautiful damsel lover! Her male/female/asexual lover indeed. This was the divine to be quenched by divinity itself (who can say that Mira and her pure intent love was not itself divine – even if she lived in a life of schizophrenia or lovelessness!)

Mira sang out from her heart, oh you fool – Khuda! (the self and godhood) Why have you abandoned me, why have you left me to prove myself another lifetime indeed. If this is the requirement, if this is the sacrifice needed to prove that one is worthy of love. Then so be it! I shall be your first and prime proof. I shall drink the poison worthy of love without a personal cause.

Her love was not motivated by a fucking body (I choose these words carefully – as most of us find first love by a body who we would like to fuck?) or a vested interest (like so many of us who say we are in love cause the lover gives us what we so have never ever got in our life – attention, material appreciation or what not).

Her love and lover were chosen by her, she felt it throbbing so hard. In her heart. She could never ever lie., she drank the poison; smiling crying loving singing her praise to her lover. What a life! What a lovers life!

Her story is shrouded in mystery, she lived a life aloof and when she could not fathom that her lover was going to materialize; she drank the poison; accepting death to a loveless life. What a brave lover. What a wanton lover in this day and age.

In a dream, mira and her lover embraced and kissed each others forehead. They were the ascension to another grander lovelier pain and ecstasy filled dream. Love is quenched finally satisfied in a simple embrace. God and divine tears are present in her heart; like ours. Porous and eternally rewarding.

Peace and Love

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fiction Creation


What if the human notion of ‘creation’ from various parts of the world is something which is also true, what if science and fictious notions from religion were not opposite ends of the coin – rather a common thread of our past? Maybe science describes the creatures of this earth, and we aren’t quite fitting the bill?

Creation as per science of humanity is a recent phenomenon. Humans upright is a very late phenomenon in the earth’s storyline; yet most religions space out mankind as old, and the chosen representatives of gods as not a recent phenomenon either to visit earth from the realms they come from. Most older religions explain how gods come from another dimension perhaps, and have been here since creation of time and this universe. How they are superior to man and how they have come to save man from his own doom?

What if humans were not from this planet,This planet- an ecosystem which has been taken over by hostile intelligence (as compared to earth’s ecosystem). What if humanity was a genetic slave race which was created here time over and erased as per the requirements of the alien gods – which have landed in different ways and forms across the earth. Maybe we the bitches of life in the universe.

What if the gods have abandoned us and now we find living with the earth a very difficult ordeal. For we require the earth’s natural resources for our life yet we find adopting to a natural way of life a very difficult inertial ordeal. This is the root cause behind me speculating – whether our religions preach a different reality and truth of history than what science predicts. For science does not count that we are not from this planet’s natural evolution. It takes that for granted.

But recent experiences of the earth with humanity’s intentions give us all thought to speculate whether – we are from the earth, for we act in a way which way too different that what is around us everywhere. And if we are not, then it possibly solves a lot of pieces of the puzzle.

I am not an alien conspiracies' man, but rather logical in my ends to understand why out ancient forefathers believed that divinity and humanity themselves were from space/akasha/ether/heaven – or were somehow related to outer space (where can such a thought arise from if it was not implanted in our genes in the first place?). This is across many religions which have somehow got transformed with the times and the new religions which were inculcated. Yet we all know we are not of the earth – from whichever cult or sect or religion we were born into. How can we accept this and live on this earth with impunity. Do we not all feel freedom as a leap into space. Into nothing / The void. Yet freedom is here on this earth as well, something which most of humanity is unable to accept. Are we aliens? Are we the slaves of a bygone civilization in a bygone galaxy far off? We can never be sure.

What if aliens in the form of supreme life forms came to Earth time over, in their different devices (as I believe earth has been visited by more than one form / species of alien life form). They might have mated or genetically cloned their desired slave species – with a DNA count of mere 2 strands more than the other organisms here on earth. They might have given us a taste of what pure will is to the universe through these extra memory strands. Yet we remained to be in a dismal state since our inception. We were borne to mine or work for their pleasure, and when they left we were given hopes that they shall return in times of need. Yet humanities needs just grew a lot more with time.

We cannot sustain on this planet – and that is pretty evident. I am not talking about the recent education on us being prudent about the resources we have with us, but the historical trends of mans’ callousness in taking anything and everything for granted. This attitude shall not survive with a very fragile and powerful ecosystem – this earth’s natural inhabitants. We are the foreign particles on it and we threaten to blow the whole thing up. This is not acceptable. For any and all life which is present here and now.

Maybe our alien masters are seeing each and every action through billions of cameras (maybe our eyes), and they are seeing the show before they call it kaput and pull the plug. Another meteor storm and another clean slate, maybe they will input another new form of ecosystem if this doesn’t survive. For hell, we know we have destroyed the whole lot even without knowing about its wise existence.

Nature is the real teacher, and while on this planet; we better start listening hard. For this attitude shan’t survive much longer. Time is up and we are way under-needed.



To the fire which burns throughout; creating the stars and suns and in turn life (We are all stardust!). Everything which is borne from fire, indeed is waiting to dissolve its identity back to it.
Dedicated humbly to the agni hotris (Fire lovers) of existence. 
The heart which is pure as fire – burns and thumps as if it were a-blazing million suns~

Started the fire with a single match, and it glowed brighter by the second; it enveloped my imagination and sense of self. It had a distinct life of its own, now that I try to recollect. It seemed to dance so seductive/erotic. Enticing the moths like myself to burn themselves in the night.
I threw everything I possessed in this growing fire which I myself started for my life
My belongings so precious and porous; my lifestyle and the constant urges and demands of every single fucking second. I untied myself away from everything I had come to become, The fire grew stronger and desired more of this manna / soul fuel with each passing day.
I threw in it vehemently (almost in an apathetic rage), my notions of love and peace, hate and selfishness; lust and apathy; indeed need and greed (for things and people). I became dispassionate and yet the fire did not seem to be least bit satisfied, all what was left were the memories of people and experiences I held dearest in my head, defining me. This unique state which I called my life. And now I threw these notions and illusions held deep in my neurons and passed on by my synapses - in the pit as well. Everything I was or was told that I was, was no more. The fire had consumed everything with splendid ends. It was the only thing in my life that I held dearest. The sadhana had its consequences and the fire held more power over my notions of me; than I previously did. The fire was consuming it turn me, I was alive set ablaze in the power of everything
The fire spread out of my body; it took over others indeed. What a beautiful sight till this day I recall, when everyone around started shaking in terror? or mourning? at the sight of their selves jumping into this divine glowing fire voluntarily; setting each one's illusion of themselves ablaze! Everyone who was willing to take the plunge had done so in fine surprise, I was glowing bright and setting my life ablaze would cause the match to be lit – for entire populations to be consumed in this. Who would have guessed? Who would have foreseen the final prophecy of mankind. 
The fire and its strange eyes, beckoning all those lost souls in the night – unable to find the way in this dark strange universe (micro and macrocosm). Who all need guidance, who need nurturing to dissolve their psyche and false selves, come; be free and take the first final plunge – forget the notions of time and space, of memory and life served well. Come dissolve your entirety within the being of this torch. Which burns for itself to be consumed. Leaving aside nothing but ashes for another universe to be born. For another misery coming around soon.
Warriors seek the light actively and with passion, for they know their selves; their sure nature is total darkness from which everything dances eventually. Yet it is the light which creates mischief midst the seeker and silent. The light creates the apathy of trying to seek enlightenment with a cause. Enlightenment is indeed without one, where the fire is burning in its full might – seeking back whatever was spewed from its core = source once. Now it is to claim back what is rightfully its own. To return to a-blazing unknown. 


Ode to Humanity

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