Saturday, February 2, 2013


To the fire which burns throughout; creating the stars and suns and in turn life (We are all stardust!). Everything which is borne from fire, indeed is waiting to dissolve its identity back to it.
Dedicated humbly to the agni hotris (Fire lovers) of existence. 
The heart which is pure as fire – burns and thumps as if it were a-blazing million suns~

Started the fire with a single match, and it glowed brighter by the second; it enveloped my imagination and sense of self. It had a distinct life of its own, now that I try to recollect. It seemed to dance so seductive/erotic. Enticing the moths like myself to burn themselves in the night.
I threw everything I possessed in this growing fire which I myself started for my life
My belongings so precious and porous; my lifestyle and the constant urges and demands of every single fucking second. I untied myself away from everything I had come to become, The fire grew stronger and desired more of this manna / soul fuel with each passing day.
I threw in it vehemently (almost in an apathetic rage), my notions of love and peace, hate and selfishness; lust and apathy; indeed need and greed (for things and people). I became dispassionate and yet the fire did not seem to be least bit satisfied, all what was left were the memories of people and experiences I held dearest in my head, defining me. This unique state which I called my life. And now I threw these notions and illusions held deep in my neurons and passed on by my synapses - in the pit as well. Everything I was or was told that I was, was no more. The fire had consumed everything with splendid ends. It was the only thing in my life that I held dearest. The sadhana had its consequences and the fire held more power over my notions of me; than I previously did. The fire was consuming it turn me, I was alive set ablaze in the power of everything
The fire spread out of my body; it took over others indeed. What a beautiful sight till this day I recall, when everyone around started shaking in terror? or mourning? at the sight of their selves jumping into this divine glowing fire voluntarily; setting each one's illusion of themselves ablaze! Everyone who was willing to take the plunge had done so in fine surprise, I was glowing bright and setting my life ablaze would cause the match to be lit – for entire populations to be consumed in this. Who would have guessed? Who would have foreseen the final prophecy of mankind. 
The fire and its strange eyes, beckoning all those lost souls in the night – unable to find the way in this dark strange universe (micro and macrocosm). Who all need guidance, who need nurturing to dissolve their psyche and false selves, come; be free and take the first final plunge – forget the notions of time and space, of memory and life served well. Come dissolve your entirety within the being of this torch. Which burns for itself to be consumed. Leaving aside nothing but ashes for another universe to be born. For another misery coming around soon.
Warriors seek the light actively and with passion, for they know their selves; their sure nature is total darkness from which everything dances eventually. Yet it is the light which creates mischief midst the seeker and silent. The light creates the apathy of trying to seek enlightenment with a cause. Enlightenment is indeed without one, where the fire is burning in its full might – seeking back whatever was spewed from its core = source once. Now it is to claim back what is rightfully its own. To return to a-blazing unknown. 


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