Sunday, February 24, 2013

Holy Cow !


Indian folks have revered the cow for a long time and its an international joke by now.

I don’t know what makes the cow really special over all other life forms exactly – (well I kind of do now, if I think about it logically enough)

The cow is the most passive of most herbivores; it has a sense of peace pervading all the time; but that's not quite it.

Every excreta of the cow is useful to nature and in turn us humans in some respect – the udders produce milk – which we humans ingeniously use to get milk, curd and cheese. These are life sustaining to us – in the absence of our mother’s milk during our lifetimes – in respect of carbs and proteins and other nutrients.

But this is not why exactly why Indians praise the cows so much *at least to my understanding*

The cows also leave behind their dung – their faeces is an excellent breeding ground to the mind altering natural psilocybin mushrooms. These are psyolcibe cubensis. These remain to be the most psychoactive of the magic mushrooms of their species and of course in the world. This is not a coincidence.

In Indian mythology; there is reference to the plant called soma – which is resembling the mushroom in all respect. The plant is picked generally over a full moon (perhaps cause of the night – with the moonlight providing the light to the shamans to see the right mushrooms) and causing intense experiences which changes the individual’s consciousness.  It is my of course my interpretation that the ancient consciousness flooding plant referred is mushrooms (it can be also datura inoexia but least likely as the latter is a weed which is omnipresent across year more than a networked fungus requiring the appropriate conditions to bloom ).

But I do form a straight conclusion over eons of cow worship and soma worship – The excrement is the perfect breeding ground for the cubensis to develop and be eaten over a perfect full moon. And there is of course no divinity like a mushroom head (almost all ancient cults – have been mushroom cults).

This is something which makes me understand the wisdom and understanding of nature that ancient Indians had of nature/surroundings and what makes one’s brain pop the fuck out. Their ego’s to demolish and their true selves to blossom! (sans mind, with color)

The result is of course the beautiful statement “ Holy Fucking Cow”

Praise to the cows and every aspect of their existence.

Peace out!

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