Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fiction Creation


What if the human notion of ‘creation’ from various parts of the world is something which is also true, what if science and fictious notions from religion were not opposite ends of the coin – rather a common thread of our past? Maybe science describes the creatures of this earth, and we aren’t quite fitting the bill?

Creation as per science of humanity is a recent phenomenon. Humans upright is a very late phenomenon in the earth’s storyline; yet most religions space out mankind as old, and the chosen representatives of gods as not a recent phenomenon either to visit earth from the realms they come from. Most older religions explain how gods come from another dimension perhaps, and have been here since creation of time and this universe. How they are superior to man and how they have come to save man from his own doom?

What if humans were not from this planet,This planet- an ecosystem which has been taken over by hostile intelligence (as compared to earth’s ecosystem). What if humanity was a genetic slave race which was created here time over and erased as per the requirements of the alien gods – which have landed in different ways and forms across the earth. Maybe we the bitches of life in the universe.

What if the gods have abandoned us and now we find living with the earth a very difficult ordeal. For we require the earth’s natural resources for our life yet we find adopting to a natural way of life a very difficult inertial ordeal. This is the root cause behind me speculating – whether our religions preach a different reality and truth of history than what science predicts. For science does not count that we are not from this planet’s natural evolution. It takes that for granted.

But recent experiences of the earth with humanity’s intentions give us all thought to speculate whether – we are from the earth, for we act in a way which way too different that what is around us everywhere. And if we are not, then it possibly solves a lot of pieces of the puzzle.

I am not an alien conspiracies' man, but rather logical in my ends to understand why out ancient forefathers believed that divinity and humanity themselves were from space/akasha/ether/heaven – or were somehow related to outer space (where can such a thought arise from if it was not implanted in our genes in the first place?). This is across many religions which have somehow got transformed with the times and the new religions which were inculcated. Yet we all know we are not of the earth – from whichever cult or sect or religion we were born into. How can we accept this and live on this earth with impunity. Do we not all feel freedom as a leap into space. Into nothing / The void. Yet freedom is here on this earth as well, something which most of humanity is unable to accept. Are we aliens? Are we the slaves of a bygone civilization in a bygone galaxy far off? We can never be sure.

What if aliens in the form of supreme life forms came to Earth time over, in their different devices (as I believe earth has been visited by more than one form / species of alien life form). They might have mated or genetically cloned their desired slave species – with a DNA count of mere 2 strands more than the other organisms here on earth. They might have given us a taste of what pure will is to the universe through these extra memory strands. Yet we remained to be in a dismal state since our inception. We were borne to mine or work for their pleasure, and when they left we were given hopes that they shall return in times of need. Yet humanities needs just grew a lot more with time.

We cannot sustain on this planet – and that is pretty evident. I am not talking about the recent education on us being prudent about the resources we have with us, but the historical trends of mans’ callousness in taking anything and everything for granted. This attitude shall not survive with a very fragile and powerful ecosystem – this earth’s natural inhabitants. We are the foreign particles on it and we threaten to blow the whole thing up. This is not acceptable. For any and all life which is present here and now.

Maybe our alien masters are seeing each and every action through billions of cameras (maybe our eyes), and they are seeing the show before they call it kaput and pull the plug. Another meteor storm and another clean slate, maybe they will input another new form of ecosystem if this doesn’t survive. For hell, we know we have destroyed the whole lot even without knowing about its wise existence.

Nature is the real teacher, and while on this planet; we better start listening hard. For this attitude shan’t survive much longer. Time is up and we are way under-needed.


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