Saturday, May 30, 2015

Asylum Blues

Light enters not, growls exit not, there is an eery emancipation midst all this commotion. And that is all in my head, oh yes yours to. For we are all stuck here; in the pit. The end of the world if it could be said. There is only dark demise written all across the walls that enslave us.

The asylum has a particular smell, and I cannot describe it even if I tried - there is the remorse which always adds to these sensory illusions. All of our remorse, that why it had to go down like this. Without a single warning to retreat.

Another one is brought in, the blanket black straitcoat. He hasn't done anything we are all sure, or are we expecting him to join our silent tortured ranks? We cannot be sure. But we welcome him to this world of ours nonetheless, with a temporary broken smile pasted on our faces - we explain the scene around.

This is not plain fiction - it is clear sight. I wonder on dark dreamy nights locked in my cell (of body and mind), where I shall escape to next - to forgive and possibly forget this lasting pain.

Suffering which is not reckoned, has not been seen clearly, the asylum always gives you time to recuperate, to think and be towards everything as you clearly choose. But what if one is not interested, one is majestic in his or her own lunatic right. Then perhaps the asylum would seem as home.

I have habituated myself to walking alone, for it breaks the illusion at times. The monotonous corridors bringing pain and grief to all, The dingy claims of the guards who believe its their god given duty to protect us, from ourselves. I cannot stand this. Yet there is nothing the asylum ever forgets. The suffering of our inferior selves - this need never exist.

Walking alone, I wonder my friends - are you too all not walking alone. With the illusion of someone loving you - caring and protecting you? have you forgotten the vast nothing you are into. Every second of your so called conscious lives? This is nothing but institution - much like this asylum which you have got convinced to get used to, to love even. As some here may love this god damned asylum itself. Is this not the sure sign of lunacy?
Oh Have I got ahead of myself, have you not understood; this dark abyss that you and I are a part of till we breathe our last, this entirety so unsure yet never lacking to manifest and interrupt your plans and mine. And then the fact that you are tied to yourselves for your lives and you seem to get used to that as well - without an inkling of needing change - instead we all love abhorring any change to our perfect fucking peeving selves.

Yes, I am convinced, and you may call me mad (why not, I too may indeed respond in kind), the inability for us to actually take the joke which so many wicked have propounded - to give us the kind mercy of forgetting who we are and why we have taken a supposed conscious birth - reason if any? None then acceptance and joy. Why not we revel in the true nature that is I.

Yet we love our time by ourselves, walking alone - with the illusion of life unfolding in front of us and we having some form of explanation for all the things which are. We are blind and indeed mad  - yes you I and cosmos. It is time, about time that we all come unshackled. Breaking into a violent frenzy of a dance. Dissolving this Now.

We may or then, we may choose to continue to soothe ourselves - we arent fools afterall, we may indeed at the back of our head know - that the world inside the comfort of walls called an asylum is still far better than the sheer power of dark energy manifesting and dissolving itself without caring one single bit.


Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Sigh Repeated

Times were olden, in the small hill station of dharamshala. The twilight hours throwing all spectrum of colors into the sky. Everyone saw the glory of Sun.

Near the bus stop, the chai shop - with all its knick knack. Everyone used to come and gather to share the latest gossip of the hill. Yet never a dull moment. Laughter and occasional brawls. This seemed to be life to myself on first look.

The times are still olden; they remain so. There is a new governer in town, with a nepalese descent, he seemed to be nowehre menacing, yet something gives me a bad feel about this. What is it that he wants,
My whole family is clustered into a thin shack of house. Discussing the day's politics... We the people have elected this man into power. (What kind of Power? That no one can define) We are on our way to total freedom. (What kind of freedom?)

Does anybody think.. At all? In this state of things, how are they affecting each and every one of us.

Two years down, the chai shop has deserted. A rustic piece of art, now no one dares congregate their.. to discuss and gossip. The new governer has changed things for the better, everyone is now totally fucking afraid.

I dont really know how this all happened, how things transmigrate into other things over time and then in retrospect no one remembers how things were supposed to be originally. This great forgetting is what leads humanity to our repetitive times.

The damned government implementing these anti people policies, and the olden town of dharamshala is turned into a political hotspot (What the hell does that mean ?)
Well that means loads of jobless people started coming into town, they didnt bother to stop at the bus stop to revive any chai wala. They came to impose the governer's clout - his unfounded and unrestricted power over the common people. The nature of things - they must transmigrate into another - before they become frightening and imposing. Before things become so vain that everyone can see through the lies.

These vagabonds chased and harassed our women, they drank and opened liquor outlets. They beat up men for no reason and tore through their houses in search for their possessions.
This was the world and not dharamshala. This was the town which I had seen through my own eyes, untouched; unscathed by the world's taint.
This was dharamshala - ruthless and miniscule in thought. The people now drone to the governer's whims and fancies gave him the respect only a despot shall favor. There seemed to be no more love and harmony. The governer and his faceless drones wiped humanity from the hearts of each and every man.

What is wrong with the king; you may ask. You may also not believe my innocent words. I would but tell you what I felt. The common man became common - he also became a pawn in the eyes of the man holding the knife. The gun and grenade. The lifeline of a future race. There was no aristocracy before the advent of human divinity. We could only fathom the beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the horizon keeping us thirsty for more, yet with the advent of human power came the understanding that we were done.

I left dharamshala a couple of years back. All my friends and their families already moved out - we were the only surviving original inhabitants. We moved to the plains and life was never the same.
The government ruled for the longest time - by inviting their kind - they raped our kind. And they made us dependent on them, ruled by fear and blame. Greed and game, there seemed nothing to be sacred.

The governor was assassinated soon by the kind he raised. What else is new in such cases ever.
We all live in a world quite like the likes of dharamshala, where innocence once reigned - and now lays in despair. Nothing like a sigh repeated, many time perhaps to see innocent lost in so many ways.

when I found out they have demolished the bus stop historically placed in the beginning of the village of dharamshala. No more the old rustic chai everyday to soothe the soul. There seems no more serenity left anymore.  None in my horizon for sure. Another sigh left my soul.

Now another one bites to score - yes another hillstation and town ruined and left for dead. There is no where left to run with humanities scourge with its need to ruin what was once perfect.

Peace and Joy

Future Version Besides

How can genes be modified? Seems to be a question racing through my head - as I go ahead to meet this gentleman, seeming to know what he is talking about, I wonder now..

Take my original genes. Now plant them in the green field of many acres. Where there is space and growth possible. The genes shall fodder bodies and perhaps souls... 

Don't feel surprised, we are all the products of our ancestors. Well that was the story some 2250 years back. Now there is no gene purity left anymore. There is nothing which makes us look or behave like human beings, dont you care to agree?
The other man looked to the faceless creature, nodded and took his genes, in a pool of greed and wrath. The pure genes shall manifest shortly. As the new Adam generation XPO13095. 

The earth has become a pyramid of souls dying and evaporating to nowhere, with human generations now reside underground. There is a new race living above earth. Who knows if they human or mutants, alien or parasite? Nothing seems to make sense in the oblivion that is the core of mother earth. We are couped up to die, fighting to get out of the hole yet never able to succeed. We are

The genes have become men and women. Gained breath and life. Seeming to get consciousness and dulled instantly by the conditioning that is our history and future life. 

Time over evolution sets the reset button and we fail to notice. Yes we sit and shack up till our graves come to us, Eating merry and behaving like assholes without care. The genes become modified, changing form and information - with new series of races coming as quick as your version change of operating softwares - there is no more mating required. There is but one thing badly required - The original human gene. Without modification or tampering. With the right sequence of DNA/RNA and other lipids.

Did I forget to mention, we lost the original race. That was a hell of a time, where governments of world started modifying their armies - their populations - to create the next stronger man, woman. Smart sensitive, loving what not. Then it went amiss. Wars broke out. Destruction ensued. Yes the story has been repeated many times, but not at this extent. They blew up the world. Don't know us or the new kinds of humans living on the rock. Nothing makes sense. This seems to be hell and life ain't life anymore.
No versions have made the population breed normal humans. There is nothing left except mutants, and not like the X Men kinds. These are the addicted narrow petty minded remainants of past perfection. Some say that this has been predicted. That the nature of man will undergo such rampant change, that it would no longer be human. Perhaps humans were never human in the first place.

Don't you feel that way sometime, when you know that you are wrong - and won't admit that this is going the wrong way? Maybe we all do not want to admit that our lives, or whatever we call this time period of temporary consciousness striking through... that we don't know the shit of what is happening around us,
We are not inspired, pure, naive bathing in light. We have become the remain ants of our former selves. Of the righteous humans that we were intended to be. Indeed quite a genetic modification - from the powers that rule one over the other, Enslaving oneself indeed through a unique new kind of torture everytime.

So I take this gentleman's word for it, and take his genes and grow it one last time. What came forth - even I feel dreaded to describe.

Peace and Watch Out!

Emancipation Await.ed.

Awaiting your arrival, Sire. Where are you roaming about. Is there a point to your existence. There seems none so kind to arrive at the scene of this crime unfolding. Sitting inside your computer mind, you are unwired. No feelings expected. Emancipation can take the back seat.

Look another one just like us, we are so happy that we can create life. Yet what creates us can never be known/seen/felt? as it is never near. It seems to avoid us in plain sight. We are looking for the killing, to kill life. To celebrate from birth and never ending life? (Is that what we believe?)

So Sire you are awaited, once and only once and for all. The oppertunity is sinking as we are singing in the mud. There is never a moment which has not been grand. Why are you looking forward to your life?

Sitting sipping tea, along stuck in a quagmire, many a mind gone to the abyss and never back or beyond. Look forth from your puny mind and mine. Let us see, shall we?
Stars form and merge and disassociate into the pure darkness, which I feel I should not look at yet mesmerizes us all so much.
Then when we see what we are finally making of it.
You and I are not so different, to look at it in depth. We are one and here and ignorant of the facts.
Where we are is not us, Not who what we ought to be.

Emancipation take our unkind hands, hold em dear, lift em up high and let us leave here. Now. The escapist nature of soul for there is never anywhere else to exist, to be when in pure darkness, without division.
In the illusion of division, let us exist not just in our minds, or obsessive compulsive existence which we love. It loves us not, It hunts us and makes us settle to our grave. The grave has already been dug. When and how we enter in this greater plan is upto us, and only us. As one and many.
Emancipation - look into our eyes, we are innocent like how we have been created so many times over. We are the soul, which you need to rescure in this beautiful drama ever unfolding without space and time.

Rescue and set us free, from the mundane existence enveloping to create more copies of ourselves without passing the beauty of genetic modifications, that we could never change ourselves and just ended creating us in a younger form? What good is that. There must be love, must be justification of change in seasons. Without this what is the use of taking birth and even dreaming about emancipation?

Justify now to yourself why we are existing, put a price tag or viable dream attached to it, Yes Sire, you have arrived. Finally you have made it to the stairway to hell (Was it not supposed to be heaven?)
Indeed the fine china has been consumed and thrown into the pits of hell, all what is left for ignorant assholes like you and I is the damnation of eternity. Subtle surreal and without form.

No more the waiting, Indeed I have found out the keys to open the lock, Through subversive silence and minding your own fucking business, leave the world with multiplication of love. This is the expansion in the darkness which keeps the illusion alive. The process of evolution of soul - to create division and then absolve. To make darkness look like light - is our emancipation - soul guiding light.

Peace and Joy

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