Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Sigh Repeated

Times were olden, in the small hill station of dharamshala. The twilight hours throwing all spectrum of colors into the sky. Everyone saw the glory of Sun.

Near the bus stop, the chai shop - with all its knick knack. Everyone used to come and gather to share the latest gossip of the hill. Yet never a dull moment. Laughter and occasional brawls. This seemed to be life to myself on first look.

The times are still olden; they remain so. There is a new governer in town, with a nepalese descent, he seemed to be nowehre menacing, yet something gives me a bad feel about this. What is it that he wants,
My whole family is clustered into a thin shack of house. Discussing the day's politics... We the people have elected this man into power. (What kind of Power? That no one can define) We are on our way to total freedom. (What kind of freedom?)

Does anybody think.. At all? In this state of things, how are they affecting each and every one of us.

Two years down, the chai shop has deserted. A rustic piece of art, now no one dares congregate their.. to discuss and gossip. The new governer has changed things for the better, everyone is now totally fucking afraid.

I dont really know how this all happened, how things transmigrate into other things over time and then in retrospect no one remembers how things were supposed to be originally. This great forgetting is what leads humanity to our repetitive times.

The damned government implementing these anti people policies, and the olden town of dharamshala is turned into a political hotspot (What the hell does that mean ?)
Well that means loads of jobless people started coming into town, they didnt bother to stop at the bus stop to revive any chai wala. They came to impose the governer's clout - his unfounded and unrestricted power over the common people. The nature of things - they must transmigrate into another - before they become frightening and imposing. Before things become so vain that everyone can see through the lies.

These vagabonds chased and harassed our women, they drank and opened liquor outlets. They beat up men for no reason and tore through their houses in search for their possessions.
This was the world and not dharamshala. This was the town which I had seen through my own eyes, untouched; unscathed by the world's taint.
This was dharamshala - ruthless and miniscule in thought. The people now drone to the governer's whims and fancies gave him the respect only a despot shall favor. There seemed to be no more love and harmony. The governer and his faceless drones wiped humanity from the hearts of each and every man.

What is wrong with the king; you may ask. You may also not believe my innocent words. I would but tell you what I felt. The common man became common - he also became a pawn in the eyes of the man holding the knife. The gun and grenade. The lifeline of a future race. There was no aristocracy before the advent of human divinity. We could only fathom the beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the horizon keeping us thirsty for more, yet with the advent of human power came the understanding that we were done.

I left dharamshala a couple of years back. All my friends and their families already moved out - we were the only surviving original inhabitants. We moved to the plains and life was never the same.
The government ruled for the longest time - by inviting their kind - they raped our kind. And they made us dependent on them, ruled by fear and blame. Greed and game, there seemed nothing to be sacred.

The governor was assassinated soon by the kind he raised. What else is new in such cases ever.
We all live in a world quite like the likes of dharamshala, where innocence once reigned - and now lays in despair. Nothing like a sigh repeated, many time perhaps to see innocent lost in so many ways.

when I found out they have demolished the bus stop historically placed in the beginning of the village of dharamshala. No more the old rustic chai everyday to soothe the soul. There seems no more serenity left anymore.  None in my horizon for sure. Another sigh left my soul.

Now another one bites to score - yes another hillstation and town ruined and left for dead. There is no where left to run with humanities scourge with its need to ruin what was once perfect.

Peace and Joy

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