Sunday, May 24, 2015

Emancipation Await.ed.

Awaiting your arrival, Sire. Where are you roaming about. Is there a point to your existence. There seems none so kind to arrive at the scene of this crime unfolding. Sitting inside your computer mind, you are unwired. No feelings expected. Emancipation can take the back seat.

Look another one just like us, we are so happy that we can create life. Yet what creates us can never be known/seen/felt? as it is never near. It seems to avoid us in plain sight. We are looking for the killing, to kill life. To celebrate from birth and never ending life? (Is that what we believe?)

So Sire you are awaited, once and only once and for all. The oppertunity is sinking as we are singing in the mud. There is never a moment which has not been grand. Why are you looking forward to your life?

Sitting sipping tea, along stuck in a quagmire, many a mind gone to the abyss and never back or beyond. Look forth from your puny mind and mine. Let us see, shall we?
Stars form and merge and disassociate into the pure darkness, which I feel I should not look at yet mesmerizes us all so much.
Then when we see what we are finally making of it.
You and I are not so different, to look at it in depth. We are one and here and ignorant of the facts.
Where we are is not us, Not who what we ought to be.

Emancipation take our unkind hands, hold em dear, lift em up high and let us leave here. Now. The escapist nature of soul for there is never anywhere else to exist, to be when in pure darkness, without division.
In the illusion of division, let us exist not just in our minds, or obsessive compulsive existence which we love. It loves us not, It hunts us and makes us settle to our grave. The grave has already been dug. When and how we enter in this greater plan is upto us, and only us. As one and many.
Emancipation - look into our eyes, we are innocent like how we have been created so many times over. We are the soul, which you need to rescure in this beautiful drama ever unfolding without space and time.

Rescue and set us free, from the mundane existence enveloping to create more copies of ourselves without passing the beauty of genetic modifications, that we could never change ourselves and just ended creating us in a younger form? What good is that. There must be love, must be justification of change in seasons. Without this what is the use of taking birth and even dreaming about emancipation?

Justify now to yourself why we are existing, put a price tag or viable dream attached to it, Yes Sire, you have arrived. Finally you have made it to the stairway to hell (Was it not supposed to be heaven?)
Indeed the fine china has been consumed and thrown into the pits of hell, all what is left for ignorant assholes like you and I is the damnation of eternity. Subtle surreal and without form.

No more the waiting, Indeed I have found out the keys to open the lock, Through subversive silence and minding your own fucking business, leave the world with multiplication of love. This is the expansion in the darkness which keeps the illusion alive. The process of evolution of soul - to create division and then absolve. To make darkness look like light - is our emancipation - soul guiding light.

Peace and Joy

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