Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Lives of Others…..


The Lives of others; so much similar to our own. Except that we do not possess one; just like all the others; all sham shabby drone!

The lives of others seem so attractive – on the TV screen, they make us feel special and when we achieve what seems so special. Seems withered dry hollow and just not right!

We breathe in a hurry and run hither thither (every moment of every day) - to live to become; like others. Who are not ourselves and never could be. We choose to not want to stop (even for a moment) to think and feel and let be; as we were born from the womb – naturally (free!).

Mass consumerism has made us slaves to look like actors, talk like politicians, behave like saints and act like degraded perverse souls. When others question our profane behaviour – we just reply;

‘We are not ourselves, we are the mirror image of others’

I once walked down a crowded road – looking at my brethren each and which direction, only to be surprised. I saw no two different though each thought itself unique; this masquerade – was it my folly to believe that only I could see this grandiose reality. Where are you living the definition of yourself (which is not related to a brand; a cons-meristic pattern; a goal oriented end; a definition – label of known; a hedonistic nihilistic cry for help in truth!)

Living the life of others is taxing, making us slaves to all forms of substance and experience addiction – to the morning makeup, to the evening breakup, to the night time party, to the daytime lies. Its such a drain on the self. When we are mirrors of hollow-ness. Passing our time. So adulterated; so not sublime.

Our lives each unique – borne from the void to experience the enlightened on nature of being here; and believe me it is not bleak. But when we start to live like how others tell us to be, what can we look forward to but the eventual realization that at the end; all we really got was to be conned to be like something which we were never meant to be. A cosmo magazine gal, A durex toting guy; all frills and flash; no substance and individual style.

Why do we not sit in a corner and shut up. Close the TV and its endless brainwashing lies, Be alone for a while (without the white noise of the mind); contemplate on your self. Maybe it will become a regular feature – saving you from artificial guilt (of trying so hard to live the life of others!)


We are natural, We are free. A lifetime to define deify and decide who we ought to be!

Peace. Choose wisely. A lifetime otherwise down the drain. many more awaiting.



Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bain is Boon!


The concepts used in The Dark Knight Rises (movie) are fascinating given the perspective it comes from a cartoon series – which has set its base in stereotypes and what not. I am a fan of batman since I was a child (used to watch the batman cartoon regularly on TV – the original series with its fabulous sketch work and dark themes along with the brooding dialogues) and of course like countless others was fascinated by the dark themes, almost bordering on morbid dark adult fantasy. The evil guys; the good bat all shrouded in darkness and a tormented almost hopeless city called Gotham. It just made sense of what is to come.


And that is how the movie (latest in the trilogy of batman – league of shadows) also looks like. Bain is the the antichrist and batman Jesus – looking to save humanity from its own ignorance. It looks black and well black – to the fan; but as I see the concepts etched (and etched well) in the movie – I beg to differ as the lines of good vs evil. Ignorance vs enlightenment dimmer; flicker and finally get shrouded in darkness!

I respect Bain way more than batman in terms of ideal and belief (I think the director wanted to project that at some level). Bain is driven, not to save a bunch of ignorant indignant people – to hope that they will someday change their ways to help each other. He is driven to wipe the slate clean; to start over or not start again.

The only question becomes; who is Bain to make such a decision for everyone (is there not innocence left in Gotham? Are there not people worth saving from death, is there no hope for ignorance to change eventually). If you notice what I write below – bain is merely an agent of nature – which comes about in the form of natural or man made destruction to wipe slates clean when the apt time has come, when ignorant is ripe and rising. And in fact it is someone like batman who should be questioned for his heinous actions – of imposing hope on and for those who deserve and ask for it never!

Bain comes from the lineage of shadows; who wait and keep watching, and when they see no hope – finally destroy what is of negative consequence to the scheme of things to be. He is in some respect the messiah; the saviour; lord kalki who brings the judgement day. In many cultures such a figure is revered – he will bring about a fresh start (and yes though religion has stated that the dutiful, merciful, faith bound shall be saved. In reality – reality has no such distinctions. Nature just knows when enough is enough!)

So there is batman – who has the best (it is subjective) of intentions in hand but what are they in the first place? he doesnt want Bain to start the people’s revolution (which by the way is the only thing which common people have left to get back sanity – to stop capitalism here and now. To change the order or predator and prey)

Batman wants status quo to exist; and he wants that he should be the only one who can witness and change what he wants from Gotham. In some sense, bruce wayne is the real bastard – he thinks that he knows better than anyone; and he justifies it with hope for the people. In truth, he thinks only he knows whats right and wrong; and what’s right is that law and so called order proposed by governments should exist and people should remain numb and dumb – be looted day and night – and he can come in between when things get real fucked up and save the day!

People know better, and Bain knows that – and people know how to destroy or save themselves as a whole; Bain realizes the wisdom. He gives the power back to the madness of Gotham – and sees it dissolve itself back into a dark slithering void. What a visionary for the human world.

I really give it up to Bain – He starts the movie with the epic statement “The Fire rises” and this is not about destruction only. It is about burning down the ignorance of mankind held so dear -  to cinders. It is about rising from the fire or not. But changing the status quo. Something batman at his level cannot allow. (Who is one man to decide even if in favor of hope for an apathetic race – hellbent in destroying itself, isnt it an antithesis to give hope when the majority revel in doom?)

This is a movie in which i give my complete hats off to the so called projected villain (and history is written merely by victors against those who have been defeated in war ) – for he becomes the hero of the masses, ensuring true chaos takes its due place after eons/millenia of ordered institutionalized shit has seeped into the masses (and chaos though existent) is but an instrument used by the vain and materialistically inclined to downgrade those who actually want peace to exist (which by the way is the aim of league of shadows as well of which batman was a part)

Bain is a clear hero of mine, and though I admire with what intention batman initially sets of to do (fight evil – ignorance of the mind which spreads like a disease) I guess in this movie;script – he is the one who is ignorant. for it is time that he lets go. He lets the garbage not run amok. He lets the fire of rage; of change and dissolution rise – for a better tomorrow after all (even if there is none!)



“Speak of the devil and he shall appear.”

“Courts will be convened. Spoils will be enjoyed. Blood will be shed. The police will survive as they learn to serve true justice. This great city, it will endure. Gotham will survive.”

“Calm down Doctor, now is not the time for fear. That comes later.”

“I’m necessary evil.”

“Crashing this plane with no survivors.”

“These have cost you your strength. Victory has defeated you.”

“You don’t fear death, you welcome it. Your punishment must be more severe.”

“We will destroy Gotham, then when it is done and Gotham is ashes, then you have my permission to die.”

“Oh, so you think darkness is your ally? But you merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man, by then to me it was only blinding. The shadows betray you because they belong to me.”

“Oh yes, I was wondering what would break first, your spirit or your body?”

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Flight of Mighty Eagle




The mythical bird of ancients – the mighty eagle / Garuda. For a long time I have had a tough time understanding why the animal has the status of a demi god in Hinduism and many south American shaman societies.

Garuda is representative like most gods – to indicate a particular constellation in the night sky, he also is the eastern counterpart of the  Phoenix symbolism to some extent. But why such a great fixation on the bird in the first place?

I understand the esoteric significance of the animal totem – which has wings – for it symbolizes flight – and of course physical en-lightenment and metaphysical freedom from the body. But why exactly is it given the semi – divine status?

Garuda is the enemy of snakes – it will kill the demon spawn of earth. But in most religions – the snake itself is an animal totem which is very heavily revered – from Hinduism to tribal/pagan religions; snakes are considered wise and in tune with nature. Then why is this other totem attacking and destroying another.

Then one day it finally struck me; it seemed to be so subtle and so cleverly designed – the bird is the higher nature of man; of spirit. The snake representation is the lower.

Energy in beings is called in sanskrit as ojas. Ojas is sexual and spiritual energy. When in lower or base centres it is represented by a snake; the snake holds poison in it – which can kill the being through polluted thoughts; squandering and wasting of the precious energy. This is the reason why adam and eve in modern Christianity are told to be aware of the snake – as it will tempt you to eat the fruit of passion and knowledge; which will enslave the energy to lower centres of consciousness.

The snake is devoured whole – when the energy rises to the ajna chakra – this is where the soul takes flight with omniscience and omnipresence – indicated by ancients who experienced it first hand – in shaman iconography – it is represented by an infinite big eagle – which devours energy of the universe through its beaks and lets it out from its wings. It is mighty to behold; and mostly when seers can witness this mighty intake and retake of energy – they are blinded forever in eons. Nothing can save them unless they tread very carefully.

This is mighty violent and massive energy symbolism. The snake represents the individual and localised energy sources – which when rises higher and higher somehow gets converted to refined consciousness (refined power!) This power in turn; is eaten up by the eagle – the mighty garuda! Its food is the consciousness of the universe. It eats it; devours it whole and throws it out once more.

This is the mighty cycle of creation/existence. Nothing is left out; the Eagle is god indeed in energetic terms. Maybe it is something which the scientists have not paid heed to till date; maybe its something elusive which hides in plain sight.

The eagle in Indian and south eastern mythology is placed at the highest of all totems – though it is the guardian and vehicle of Vishnu – it is not an unintelligent animal – it is far more than a normal eagle – it has intuition and ferociousness to destroy enemies (of ignorance), something is still amiss. For it is not like an animal at all. It is perhaps a species unto itself, something which is not of earth; something which has flown from the heavens of beyond; right unto the lap of earth. Destroying the base-ness of earth centric life.

Freeing us to join it, to taste the nectar it brings forth atop the ajna chakra *third eye*

(It is an awe inspiring symbol – giving perspective above and beyond what is necessarily recognized, of patience of perching and seeing life pass by, of striking when the opportunity is hot and ripe. Seeing what cannot be seen in day to day life!)


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Land of Lakes–Warangal Oasis (Kakatiyan despair!)


The central part of India – called Deccan plateau – a flatbed with few high rising hillocks is one of the prettiest and perhaps underexplored parts of the country (cause well its so accessible, no one bothers visiting it). Being close to Hyderabad, had an opportunity to drive down 150 odd km to the former capital of kakatiyas – Warangal. Now in telengana district and laid to ruins, the place in former days was the seat of human power and surrounded by thick semi arid forests of lore.

Visiting the beautiful old Jain temple on the way (dedicated to Lord neminath and adinath) with a stopover, finally reached Warangal on a sultry hot day (pre-monsoons Indian subcontinent is one pile of sweat). Put up in a government lodge and freshened up to go out and check out the beautiful ruins within the city. Could see the thousand pillared temple and other artefacts (but none of them looked really glorious to be frank – especially compared to other parts of fame in India); and before I knew it – it was evening time.

Headed to the the large (and perhaps man made lake) called Durgam Cheruvu – where on its banks lies the beautiful and powerful shakti pith for mother goddess – patron goddess of Warangal and kings. The deity looked so immense and beautiful, I was really without any words; one of the largest deities in size I have seen; covered in vermillion and yellow sari. She looked divine and powerful. Saw that in front of her there is a small Shri Yantra – and it struck me that perhaps Adi shankara would have been there – to install the same. Checked with the temple priest and he confirmed that it was not perhaps adi but one of the shankaracharya’s and currently the temple was overseen by adi shankaracharya.


Spent the evening twilight in peace and some meditation (albeit with the mosquito biting furiously). My mother and I felt very happy – and I particularly that I was with my own mother in a power place witnessing a beautiful sunset on the lake. We saw many a fisher folk on the lake – working together to try to net – to catch some fishes (but I really couldn’t see any one of them get any – perhaps cause they were laying the nets – or perhaps they were all drunk and there were no fishes in the lake!)

Had an early local dinner at our hotel (cause Warangal is really not well known for any tourist amenities – like hotels/restaurants etc). The food was spicy telugu rice material (as this area is mainly non-vegetarian and I am not!) and I gulped it down with loads of water and went for an early night’s rest.

Spent the next day travelling to close by lakes of lore – first visiting the very famous Ramappa temple – which is one stand alone temple very far inside and away from Warangal. The temple was of great importance in the past and the black marble idols looked glorious (even today ramappa is the host for famous dance festivals in the region; as it was in the distant past during kakatiya dynasty’s rule)

The temple is in ruins – and it looked initially like cause of an earthquake (it was confirmed by the priests that invasion after invasion and an earthquake and of course the unmentioned neglect of the locals was the reason). It was a hot day but still could spend time to walk barefoot and check out the various compartments within the temple premise before packing off and moving another 20km in our car to see the ramappa lake. The lake is humongous – and a forest lake lodge made by government stands for folks who want to stay there – the place looked pristine but like a ghost town – no one was living there – and I really wouldn't say its the safest vacation getaways – with the naxal and unemployment influence. No one was inhabiting any of the 10 huge beautiful lodges on the banks of the lake – and even the restaurant was barren.

We saw a beautiful ruined temple on one its banks and I spent time to see what the interior looked like – it was a smaller replica of the ramappa temple – same style of sanctum – even the gandharvas and idols mapped on the stone pillars were same! All in ruins, I was tempted to take a small souvenir for myself – but remembered that these are objects and experiences of blessings and curses. Better to be left unto themselves. Walked around the back of the temple – and saw a wonderful grand reservoir – where water was flowing nay gushing out at incredible speed from the lake – perhaps a dam, for the water to be pushed into a particular direction. Wonderful to see water flowing at such maddening pace! Chaos amidst perfection. Never to be missed i must say!


We travelled from here another 40 odd kms to the next biggest lake in the region – called lachnavaram – truly a delight if not for the hostile looking environments and people around – our car was temporarily stopped by little kids – who were imitating their jobless seniors in a mock way – stopping the road with a block and trying to throw stones on the car – and our driver was indeed a bit shaken up. The lake is deep within jungle – and is surrounded by naxal influence. We didn't spend much time – but the lake had a number of small islands in between connected by bridges – the place is well known for migratory birds which come from as far as Siberia during the Indian winters – to nest and chill.

We spent some time in the hot mid day sun appreciating the natural wonder of a lake and started off on the long way back to hyderabad. Journey back uneventful but overall a beautiful getaway at minimum turbulence – to see the once mighty empire fallen unto dust – as usual; as always.



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