Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Lives of Others…..


The Lives of others; so much similar to our own. Except that we do not possess one; just like all the others; all sham shabby drone!

The lives of others seem so attractive – on the TV screen, they make us feel special and when we achieve what seems so special. Seems withered dry hollow and just not right!

We breathe in a hurry and run hither thither (every moment of every day) - to live to become; like others. Who are not ourselves and never could be. We choose to not want to stop (even for a moment) to think and feel and let be; as we were born from the womb – naturally (free!).

Mass consumerism has made us slaves to look like actors, talk like politicians, behave like saints and act like degraded perverse souls. When others question our profane behaviour – we just reply;

‘We are not ourselves, we are the mirror image of others’

I once walked down a crowded road – looking at my brethren each and which direction, only to be surprised. I saw no two different though each thought itself unique; this masquerade – was it my folly to believe that only I could see this grandiose reality. Where are you living the definition of yourself (which is not related to a brand; a cons-meristic pattern; a goal oriented end; a definition – label of known; a hedonistic nihilistic cry for help in truth!)

Living the life of others is taxing, making us slaves to all forms of substance and experience addiction – to the morning makeup, to the evening breakup, to the night time party, to the daytime lies. Its such a drain on the self. When we are mirrors of hollow-ness. Passing our time. So adulterated; so not sublime.

Our lives each unique – borne from the void to experience the enlightened on nature of being here; and believe me it is not bleak. But when we start to live like how others tell us to be, what can we look forward to but the eventual realization that at the end; all we really got was to be conned to be like something which we were never meant to be. A cosmo magazine gal, A durex toting guy; all frills and flash; no substance and individual style.

Why do we not sit in a corner and shut up. Close the TV and its endless brainwashing lies, Be alone for a while (without the white noise of the mind); contemplate on your self. Maybe it will become a regular feature – saving you from artificial guilt (of trying so hard to live the life of others!)


We are natural, We are free. A lifetime to define deify and decide who we ought to be!

Peace. Choose wisely. A lifetime otherwise down the drain. many more awaiting.



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Kumudha said...

Your writing is so interesting...

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