Friday, August 9, 2013

Tsunami Beckoning


The day starts bleak, another morning with the sun rising and the fishermen waking up to the call of the local mosque and temple blaring their sycophancy out of everyone;s dreamtime.

Ram wakes up before the sirens of various man made religion calling the faithful to worship go up disturbing the quiet morning air. He is a devotee. He is such a priceless lover; towards entirety. A chaste simpleton. He wants not anything more than the simple waves roaring towards him endlessly. To make him a part of their motion. To make him dissolve into the salt water once again.

He washes up and goes out of his shack and towards the beautiful mesmerizing sea. She is calling. She is power; the divine feminine after all. He is in love and the beautiful sounds are calling him towards his personal insanity.

He has lived some 30 odd years on this planet, nothing has life given him except the wonder of this vast blue ocean. Sometimes so rough and distasteful and sometimes so sublime (especially by night). He cannot fathom living away from her, and all her moods. Her roaring days, her endless nights singing to the moon. Her waves and foam. Ram could not fathom to be born ever away from her.

This day was different of course; he went sat his limp body against her tides and meditated for an entire lifetime in time with her – and she spoke to him. First and perhaps the final time to a human.

“I come to you in such peace, the land gets crumpled and I take it below my surface. Within my depth; everything is present, in darkness and for-ever/ You come and sail on me, and envy my entirety. Ram you will not be disappointed. You will revel in my sublime existence?”

This is what he sensed and no more. His left brain tried to interpret and his right brain tried to give it up to the mighty sea. And then the crimson rays of sun grew ever brighter. They gave light (like never before) and ram was mesmerized – reminding him of his childhood. The days where he never had to pay attention to the mighty existence which breathed heavily on him – on the shore. The days where the lighting sun was a new experience. This was one of those days. This was the moment – maybe which he had been hoping and mediating on for a lifetime now since his post pubescence.

He sets his sails open and moves into the ocean looking a new place to throw his net – and wait in patience for the fishes drawn to his personal magnetism, the fishes come, and within a short while they run away, they do not stay for the net to be drawn out? Why ram wonders when he lifts his net. What is it about today? In over 3 decades – this has never happened – the ocean she speaks to me and the fishes residing in her belly run away. Why is this day so special? Why is this my reckoning?

In a matter of minutes his questions answered, the seas seem turbulent and the waves rise more than he has ever seen his short span of a life. He feels the sea bulge and start the process of spitting out her innards. Ram rows towards the shore; lest his little hammock of a boat be upturned.

He gets off and looks towards the mighty blue wave which progresses towards him like a wall. He feels peace – his prayers somehow are answered with this mesmerizing sight. He feels content. He opens his arms – as wide as they could possibly be stretched. He welcomes the waves to wash off his soul far away from the mortal coil.

The waves stop in thin air – they do not progress towards ram. They stand mesmerized themselves. The sea finally sees what his frail fragile heart is made of. What it has been asking in the first place. That the waves come more than what the shore line confines them to be. Ram is so elated; so blissful that this time around the waves will come and swallow the land and all that it holds dear. There will be no difference between prayer and prayer answered. The waves and mighty sea in love with ram, could not destroy him (or could she?)

Ram has his eyes still closed and waters running deep under his skin. He knows the game begun now will finally end, in the arms of his lover – the mighty roaring endless sea. He will sit in her depth; in the darkness away from the world’s humbug and will meditate endlessly – on her majesty. The beckoning is now turned into staunch reality! What a marvellous day to wake up and die for.

And on the other side; the mighty blue ocean – in a tizzy to see sights of such a fine warrior and lover, who is willing to die to embrace her depths. She couldn’t go through with this. The wall of wave wishes to recede (and the masses standing looking at the sea – from a far distance; are in awe – they look at ram and are unable to understand what is going on this mad man’s mind – has he lost it, does he not understand the gravity of such a situation)

Only the love calls forth the mad to the periphery and willingly makes them lose their minds, so that they can reunite in the flesh and depth of the almighty. Of the love that flavours and beckons them without any fucking reason. This is indeed the mighty will and calling.

The seas they dissipate and ram still looks not and in a mental frame of being accepted finally wishes the moment to last and not pass. That his mortal death be enjoyed by the sea looking for vengeance for all the wrong done by man living on her shore – looking for comfort and never immersing himself ever to do the hard work for blessed heaven’s more.

Ram calls his heart out; and open and this time the tsunami once again comes from the wave behind. This time the seas come towards ram and ram only. One after another waves size of 10 story buildings wash over the land. Every one has had time to retreat out of their homes and temples of falsehood and run far far away from this mighty power. All except Ram.

Ram is drenched, not in liquid water – but the all knowingness and sense which pervades this earth and beyond. Which pervades in the depth of dark oceans and also the depth of dark matter in deep void space. He is drenched and loses his mortal ‘self’ quick. He is taken back home. To the hoary depths of deep waters. Where he sits in religious fervour. Looking for another to cross over from the shore to the depth of god. Looking out for a tsunami beckoning to lose themselves in….



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