Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Afraid to be Alone?


People merrily celebrate independence of a country from a tyrant autocracy – but never ever feeling that they are still bound. By fear and inertia – to forget and look everywhere but within. Is this independence? or the essence of our chained existence; Cradle to Grave.

A disease unparalleled. A delirium of epic proportions. Madness right from the start and a futile attempt to mask the symptoms. A truly delusional proposition. A bleak effort in vain.

You ought to have guessed the intent and effect of what needs to be shared. It is the primal; most intense feeling of fear of course (from what?). It saves us from a certain death at a certain esoteric consciousness level. From physical to metaphysical. Fear is something to hold on to. Maybe till death (No pun intended)

But look around; keeping a silent perception without any biased judgement – do you not see what the suffering is all about? Do you not see that all this running about is nothing but to satiate your unique fear. Your unique ignorance to breathe in yourself….. Losing breaths every single of these blessed lifetimes.


Our Tele-visions and cellular phones. The books, movies, dramas, literati, glitterati  and multitude of social activities. Friends and family; a busy life – these intense hobbies and pursuits. The life of ever expanding interests and opportunities. Of trade and commerce with humans inclusive of all other forms of life around. Is this not what defines our beautiful dramatic ever involving lives? From the beginning to the end.
What is the meaning of all this movement without a cause *yes it is without a cause* Could it be that we are afraid to be with our own thoughts/feelings/neurosis/being’s. Be as who we were born to be, is it that we are in deep seated neglect and denial of our inabilities to cope with our own inner selves?

This is the preliminary realization of those who sit down to correct their mental waves of movement. To slow them down with their breath. This is the most potent of realizations. That the fear all along was to be in peace with oneself. Whatever that oneself could be (That no one wants to ever explore or realize – most people ignorantly assume that they know themselves – based on factors like – what others see and speak, what a mirror shows, and what parents decide them to be – both genetically and conditionally)

But there is the dormant powerful self – waiting within. It is seeing the show of movement – enacted cause of neuron firing rapidly in the brain. The incessant movement from hither to thither to all mask the insecurity/fear of facing oneself every single moment. Is this not boring. Is this not futile? To most it is, and to those who put in a wee bit more effort being in silence darkness and without need to be amused away from who they are in this life – the realization is like nectar flowing down from the heavens without reprieve. It is indeed soma of being alive – this self we are intended to be with; who we are. Our self – nature divine. It is not words; but the simple existential truth that each and every one of us in the absence of fear of being left to ourselves will realize. Perhaps this life or the next when ripe.

Sit Still. Breathe deep – feel alive. There is no cause for angst anxiety or fear. What you leave unto itself – will disappear or show itself complete.

Peace and Love  


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