Friday, August 30, 2013

The Fairness Myth


This article isn’t meant to be racist.

On second thoughts perhaps its supposed to tell us why racism is so much in fashion

I have a conspiracy theory and it cannot be proven. In fact the only way I know my theory holds good is through practical experience (Hell, how else can any theory be proven other than through unbiased experience). Before I continue – I reiterate the unbiased part. I am a part of the human race. And I am a subpart of what I believe to be the indigenous race.

The human race has been far too long torn through strife and war. In fact today – year 2013 is one of the most if not the most peaceful times in history of humankind. All of our past has been marred by continuous strife – and its been always almost an invading army and a defending homeland.

If I go a bit further – I see that most of the world has been colonized by white Caucasian race. The race which explored North American and South; Australia and Asia and not to mention raped the fuck out of Africa.

The indigenous tribes and races of these places almost always have remained rooted to their territory. Not that there were not middle eastern or Indian or Chinese travellers – but they always remained that. Isolated folks who travelled to trade or to learn or spread something. But the conquest and conquerors have almost always been the fabled Aryans.

The gene which I know very little about; yet know enough that it has a particular slot for the experiences of ‘opportunity’ and ‘profit’ more than other races with their particular gene anatomy.

These are the white people who built modern railways and bullets with the industrial revolution. The change towards so called rational thought process and explorative mind. More than any indigenous brown/black/yellow tribe.

Again this does not imply that the local land tribal and farmers would not have fought amongst themselves – but simply that they did not wage war and death in the scale across the world that the Aryan gene has. The Aryan gene is nomadic (perhaps like the alien gene which brought it here to earth)– it moves from place to place and in some cases (Nordics/Vikings) – it is extremely hostile to the point of sublimating its fellow race.

This is the same fascination which brown/black people have with their white masters – to become like them, more aggressive; oppressive; opportunistic and profit oriented. This is what the rest of the world for almost the last 500 years has been trying to do. But the pyramid of genes ends with this almost out of world gene (this is where my conspiracy kicks in)

I firmly believe that human race has undergone genetic modification – with alien species. Aliens yes – the fuckers who come from outer space have come and created lab species (Remember Adam – the white guy being created from god and eve – the white chica being created from his rib – like a genetic experiment?)

Every time I see the white genetic order pop up – I know its at war with the indigenous population. (Where have they all disappeared – see Hollow Earth). 

Now I know why the world follows the white order – it is not a locus of control thing – where I believe that it is destined to happen – or rather why I can see it is destined to happen – for it is true – the blonde hair, white skin, blue/green eyes and utter disrespect to earth and way of its beating throbbing way of life – is truly the myth of our life. Where everything will be destroyed either as profit or the method to reclaim our life. It is all fake – for the white gene – like a disgusting virus – eats its way into the skin of earth, making false claims and beating us down first. Nothing will remain; not you; not I. Everything be destroyed. And I wish it fast. For the earth will not survive. Require a cleansing. Require it now. Require love of the indigenous to spread here and NOW.




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