Thursday, December 6, 2018

Incredible Days

Lasya goddess is growing up fast. She is 20 months and is now well integrated into how the world around her works..

She is keen on observing everything around her, nothing misses her sight and sound. She knows what people around her in the house and outside are doing; what everything is needed or used for and how to use them.
Last couple of days she has started picking up the phone (Landline and mobile) and started speaking some words she knows into them. This is wondrous to say the least!

She now has an active vocabulary to communicate and her sign language has come down. She knows words for Ball, everyone in the family, the train (Choo choo), her nanny (Akka), the Car (Caoo), Food (Mum Mum) and makes noises when seeing various animals. She also uses her hand signals fairly well...

She has gotten used to a familiar routine, getting up by 8Am with her mumma by her side, she needs to go out and get some Sun instantly, she will go to the train tracks where she will see some activity and see the trains moving around; followed by going to the colony temple where she may put water on the shiv ling and then go to the Hanuman temple and finally get some sugary treats from the pundit sitting there.

She will come back to home and have some water and then her breakfast watching TV with her mom or Akka. She now is up and ready to play.. if the weather is up to it then she may go out again with her grand mom and play with her ball or sit on her cycle to roam the colony; or if she is cranky she will sit indoors and play around with her toys till 11-12 PM when she will get sleepy and have an early afternoon nap. She may sleep for a couple of hours (as its winters it makes sense) and then get up and have her afternoon mum-mum and then off to play it is again!

She will spend some time crying (which she does a lot now) when she is put to the tub to have a bath.. which baby likes having a bath in cold weather. Then after that she will be ready set go to go out again, and by evening time everyone of us is back and then she has the house to play around with any of her quirky house members till night, night dinners are a little difficult cause ideally none of us also should be having heavy meals and any child will know their biological rhythms better than adults. She may eat heavily or have a light fruit, roti snack and then she will retire to her grannies bedroom where she will pay with her grandpa and grannie and see planes flying in the night sky!

I so wish to be part of her every moment's journey, but I get too involved and then want to play with her, she is fiercely independent and knows what she wants and doesn't want (her favorite word like many kid's her age is NO!)
Everyday for her is almost the same (as it is for all adults) but unlike us old folks, every day for her is unique, fun and lives up to its expectations - the joy of living in the moment!

She has this unique ability to intuitively understand whatever is happening around her (she listens passively to everyone's conversations) and is able to understand whatever is being said and intoned. This is incredible - not too many adults have these kind of abilities as well.
Active listening coupled with compassion (Many occasions she will give her food what she is eating to others or come and check up on her Bati whether she is feeling ok or not; she will get the medicine cabinet to her cause she has noticed Bati has to eat meds at the end of the day) are some of the attributes which stand out even at this delicate age. She gets super angry if something doesn't go as per her plan, she will resort to crying hitting throwing things (not expensive or important things - she knows these thankfully even as she is angry)
Her expressions have become deeper and more detailed, she gets up and puts on music and dances and makes others dance holding hands. She has started unraveling her layers of joy and spreading her core being. It is indeed abundance and love coming forward to envelop everything in its sight. It is graceful dance of the divine child Goddess Kamakshi!

Sometimes she looks at me and I stare back and stop the urge of trying to make a face (which I do quite often thinking its funny but I guess she doesnt think so) and then she will start smiling (not laughing out loud) with a genuine smile and it may just last a minute period of time but the way she does that, gives me all the confidence that she knows me well. That she sees through me every day and night. That the Grace of Guru is here in her beautiful innocent big almond eyes.

Peace and Joy!
Om Namaha Shivaya

Monday, September 17, 2018

Invitation to Acceptance

I invite the miraculous extent of all unbound creation to enter the within and without. To enter thought and soul and make itself shine.
I invite myself to be immersed in pure shining thought of love and laughter. Of wisdom and suffering seeking an end to itself through liberation.
I invite an end to hypocrisy which plagues my thoughts and my inner and outer space. An end to all lower mind existence. All darkness for the sake of darkness to evaporate.

I accept that life is a wave. Never still and always showing and seeking visions hither and thither whilst the heart (which is my home) remains still beating only for my beloved love Kamakshi Lasya. I accept that I have done wrong unto myself and have learnt what I can and may and moved to better myself and the ones who I have come to know in this lifetime. I hope I can do the best to better their existence too.

I see that life is not a struggle or a test as much as a choice which propagates further through the will. As the will marches on, one is forced to reconcile the polarities (which cause us so much grief) and this is where the invitation to accept all that is comes so handy.
Sickness, illness and death are but the causal attributes to health, life and wellness. If the first one is experienced then the latter will surely follow..

There is no doubt. Accept all that comes your way; make the difficult moments your penance and make it flow.

There is no greater yoga than the person who sees his immutable self in all inner and outer landscapes. Where he is ready to accept that there is nothing he is or isn't and hence his existence is an invitation to accept entirety!

Peace and Love

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


I get fascinated when I see people of a different race. Their bodies, faces and customs all so different; molded by eons of weather, landscape and food choices. I am sure its not much different for anyone else who lives in multicultural environments, where we see so much diversity day in and out.

Changed beliefs, unique culture and language and of course physical and mental aberrations in one species of life form.
Its fascinating, and it makes me think whether in the distant past; different life forms from came to different parts of the world and populated with generic robotic bodies. They were slightly modified perhaps to make it look closer to the original alien masters. Maybe the Caucasian vs the negroid vs the mongoloid were the original alien masters who came here.

I am not saying anything but just perhaps this was similar to West world series (which is now on air across the world) but with the twist, where Earth was a playground where the Alien Gods came forth and took on forms - maybe similar or dissimilar to their original forms.

When the vacation was over, they just gave up their AI biological forms (which we call death) - there is the rebooting and the white light and then we wake up away from the matrix. We remember who we are, where we are and whats the purpose.

Maybe west world are world's within world's, and each carefully and imaginatively placed in different planes (Physical, Astral, Causal, Knowledge, Will) and where there are these bio bots created where consciousness comes down (Down loaded) before it uploads itself back to Akash ("Cloud")

Though this has been explored by a lot of western scientists of the day, I feel the core difference remains that western folks still think memory is the root of consciousness, while for me its more like the after or side effects. Consciousness is awareness - it is the entire play, player and playing fields. It is the bio AI bot, the cloud and the process of upload - download and reboot!

For ages, eastern mystics have been talking what the west is now getting involved in with the limited left brained thought process, they still have a long way to understand what pages after pages of mystic writing and lives of sages has poured to the citizens of this world.

East world knows that gods vie to be born as humans, and the spiritual progress one can make while in human form is one of the best and fastest any self can have in any plane / level (Is it because the combination of forgetfulness with the possibility of realization of who you truly are is so attractive to emancipation that even Gods wish to undergo this spiritual game?)

Gods remember their greatness, and hence are trapped by it. Gods cannot change who they are, cannot destroy their ego with their third eye (with the exception of civa-shakti). They are trapped body mind and soul by their penance. They are no where closer to emancipation or away from suffering than the bots that we souls have inhabited.

With the combination of suffering and ego and forgetfulness and reboot happening ever so often, the platform is set for right path to take its course. Where nature allows consciousness to progress from the Mula to Akasha in due time with due constraints helping rather than hindering this form of realization.

Peace and Bliss

Monday, June 25, 2018

Hollow Gram

The past 20 years have been revolutionary in the way we look and pay attention to the world. As we are all aware, attention is what its all about. The companies vie for it, we need it and hate to spend it trivially. Attention is a combination of time and intensity of our focus. It creates intention and sets course to what we are doing moment to moment and in the longer run in our short spanned lives.

All through till date, our attention was drawn on either the inner landscape of our psyche or the external maps of objects and sentient life forms. Something changed recently in this paradigm, there was creation of another world. A Virtual Hollow world - something which proposed itself to be more real than even real world yet remained virtual (and unfortunately remains without any imagination)

There are now apps on apps, programs and sites, games and interactive forums where we are drawn to more than the real world (Yes am aware of the blogging forums as well!) which consume our lives upside down. We are ready to forego real world attention to this more interactive, moment to moment excitement which this new world draws us into.

So basically our world has been shrunk (or expanded - depends on what you call your world). For me the real illusion of the external world has its own charm and its what I try to call the "real". This has shrunk horribly. We are now not investing in what is around us or what is inside us, but horribly excited as little children in spending time and attention on web forums. This is the making of our mind.

The mind is hollow, it takes everything real and makes it into an illusion. The external world is an illusion. Now the mind wraps itself further into itself and makes another world to keep it consumed and confused. The hologram has created its own mirror image - which means the mind which is hollow has created its own hologram to keep it engaged.

The hollow gram has taken over, now everyone is busy with doing nothing (and not with finding a way out). We are obsessed with finding our identity / changing it / deleting/ re framing it to whatever the mind desires. The virtual world where we find new connections, information, spend time to relax and avenues to waste time is making us get convoluted all the more. This is the center of our future ignorance and suffering. (Maybe our emancipation in the future will be to de-plug and live off the grid unlike the millennial old belief that emancipation was freedom from body and thoughts!)

We are on the verge of losing our minds (if we have not lost it already) and handing it over to suffering created from our own hands.
We need to be cognizant that the virtual world we have created to share and come together, will in turn alienate ourselves from each other and ultimately lead us to the path of suffering alone.

Peace and Joy

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Earth Experience

Why are we born unto this world? This is not a generic question; rather specific to why we are born here, on earth and not some other planet or system as some other life form.. 

I read somewhere that we are projecting the vibrations which this planet has at this point in time (it was some book on alien consciousness talking about why it is like this on earth at this time but for the most part it made some form of weird logic - at least to me)

The logic being used was that the Earth doesn't lie anywhere close to the major systems in this galaxy, where advanced civilizations thrive and form alliances. Though many civilizations have come here in the past and spread their seed - in recent years this has reduced or even stopped completely as the kind of vibrations being given from this planet was primitive, cannibalistic or lower. 

This is the reason so many of us here are born in perpetual loneliness, being alone and depressed has become a part of our grand existence on this planet.. I put this up here because I agree with such a thought process. We are a product of this planet, born from the elements here and sent back to it - why isnt it that we feel that this earth and its materials force us to mentally view this world / existence in such a manner?

Antagonized, in fear and always out to strike and kill - maybe this is what Earth as a planet has given us, this understanding of creation because the planet is away from any sentient consciousness ridden energy forms in material plane of existence. 
The reason for us then to take birth on this plane of existence becomes simple to comprehend, its not to realize or to become successful in our spiritual quests lives after lives but to undergo the first baby steps of embracing life and this endless bountiful creation and existence. 

I may be sounding hysterical or maybe not coherent to most. But what are we but the product of this earth. Then comes the question; why are we such? Violent, fearful, power hungry and perpetually dissatisfied.

Is it because our planet feels these emotions at some multiverse / dimensional level? Has the universe put it over here so that it can experience this isolation before it feels the reverberation of the entire self celebrating existence? Is this the life lesson what most of us have signed up for? (and the others solving or being with such life form and enduring them)

There must be something concrete in the way this earth has been structured, where life forms thrive on each other in some form of symbiosis but not completely (as it ends up in some form of parasitic behavior)
Why has man, the ultimate mind of these lifeforms taken such a gruesome form where he does not least bit care for his fellow man or life around, and actively destroys everything in his way for some lustful hunger.
The answers to most of these are not simple or profound - but they may be linked to the earth and water we are a part of. The air and ether which we behold is of this earthly experience and the answers to our salvation too (maybe from this planet) lies in closer examination on the state of our planet. Past present and eternally.

Peace and Love

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