Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Earth Experience

Why are we born unto this world? This is not a generic question; rather specific to why we are born here, on earth and not some other planet or system as some other life form.. 

I read somewhere that we are projecting the vibrations which this planet has at this point in time (it was some book on alien consciousness talking about why it is like this on earth at this time but for the most part it made some form of weird logic - at least to me)

The logic being used was that the Earth doesn't lie anywhere close to the major systems in this galaxy, where advanced civilizations thrive and form alliances. Though many civilizations have come here in the past and spread their seed - in recent years this has reduced or even stopped completely as the kind of vibrations being given from this planet was primitive, cannibalistic or lower. 

This is the reason so many of us here are born in perpetual loneliness, being alone and depressed has become a part of our grand existence on this planet.. I put this up here because I agree with such a thought process. We are a product of this planet, born from the elements here and sent back to it - why isnt it that we feel that this earth and its materials force us to mentally view this world / existence in such a manner?

Antagonized, in fear and always out to strike and kill - maybe this is what Earth as a planet has given us, this understanding of creation because the planet is away from any sentient consciousness ridden energy forms in material plane of existence. 
The reason for us then to take birth on this plane of existence becomes simple to comprehend, its not to realize or to become successful in our spiritual quests lives after lives but to undergo the first baby steps of embracing life and this endless bountiful creation and existence. 

I may be sounding hysterical or maybe not coherent to most. But what are we but the product of this earth. Then comes the question; why are we such? Violent, fearful, power hungry and perpetually dissatisfied.

Is it because our planet feels these emotions at some multiverse / dimensional level? Has the universe put it over here so that it can experience this isolation before it feels the reverberation of the entire self celebrating existence? Is this the life lesson what most of us have signed up for? (and the others solving or being with such life form and enduring them)

There must be something concrete in the way this earth has been structured, where life forms thrive on each other in some form of symbiosis but not completely (as it ends up in some form of parasitic behavior)
Why has man, the ultimate mind of these lifeforms taken such a gruesome form where he does not least bit care for his fellow man or life around, and actively destroys everything in his way for some lustful hunger.
The answers to most of these are not simple or profound - but they may be linked to the earth and water we are a part of. The air and ether which we behold is of this earthly experience and the answers to our salvation too (maybe from this planet) lies in closer examination on the state of our planet. Past present and eternally.

Peace and Love

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