Saturday, September 28, 2013




Thus it rained, the clouds opened up a nectar called birth. And in the mirth – the fallen pride turns inwards and opens up to be the lover of the lotus. One who shall whiff in his pride, shall surely fall to ground in intoxication of Nama Shivaya. Om


The lotus opening up one layer after another in our spine. One wicked truth after another (who called it the truth I ask) and our spines dance the wicked twist of fate away. Till another day when the lotus is no more. And all our love and laughter would mean just another cloud pouring to a desert albeit a bit too late.

Take heed, and open up each centre. With precise measuring depth, seeing all is illusion and none is real. There is nothing stopping us to reach higher to the throne of delight. Once married, then relive and relish eternal bliss.

What a reward to forsake human desire. To embrace divine heed. Live life pure and see the colors dazzle your brain in turn.

Padma who saw the rain manifest through the pores of her body – reminisced of her younger days. She was surreal and without comparison in beauty. Her eyes showed true love to each kindred spirit which it laid its eyes on. Small slits which emitted the power of reckoning. Her tiny hands healed everything in pain. She poured her tears like the clouds beckoning every moment in patient wait for her beloved lover – divinity to manifest and take over what was left of her. Padma left the love of men, for the love of all. The small sighting of it in our heart. The great endurance of love all around. Blissful and so causal!

Padma now turned inwards opening up the centre, bearing the misery of ignorant thoughts – lowering the vibration – so that she could fall at the feet of her lover. Over and over; without need and temptation to live another fallen life nihilistically. Her heart centre like a beacon – pouring forth wonderful vibrations slower than the last. She raised her energy and merged forth into nama civaya.

<<Some say that the purpose of Padma in our bodies is not to raise the divine outpouring into the highest Centre sahasrara. But in turn the way to leave the worldly misery is to make the heart home. Make it shine in endless love. Where lover’s thoughts preoccupy the entire seasons in shift (in the mind). Where there is no breath when the lover is absent, where there is no life if not at the feet of that one. That one who is perennial and perfect. That one which is the source of us. Who is indeed the us who has not forgotten its purpose of the journey of life.

Padma – a wonderful flower, an esoteric truth. A divine woman showing cataclysmic visions of love. In each and every action and being; amidst the manifold occurrences of this chaotic multiverses. The padma is like the center. Rotating ever so gently – like her who holds the padma in her hand, who loves the padma in his heart. One who is speechless for there was nothing spoken other than love from the start.

Peace and Love


Monday, September 9, 2013

Hollow Earth


Inside my heart, she leaves a fatal mark. A void spreading through my system. The functions of my life shutting down one at a time. (And the energy rises like a falcon roaring soaring to akashic high’s)

With her casual glance; she changes my life. The life I lead to survive, it bursts forth and flowers into the penance of my one lifetime. Mother graceful – she dreams me just fine.

Indus people say of the layers of the earth (now known as levels of ‘hell’) inside the earth. Where different deities and personas of power reside. The ancient demons of earth and the serpent lords gemmed up wise. Hollow earth is where the real heart opens itself.

What if earth has been inhabited time and over, and those who preside/d moved to the core. Towards the molten fire. Where all things be born and reborn. What if hollow earth is not fiction but the truth under our feet.

The present euphoric, and the dreamtime just fine. We the new – who survive the earth in today’s time. We believe nothing else exists – but oh it does. In neverland below the earth. Layer after layer of dimensional existence. Inhabited with folks like us ignorant of the real reason of the earth (its sublime mystery) and its seven layers below and beyond.

So I leave the pain in my heart where it is. Where it ought to stay as my body shuts down and opens the crown conscious. The hollow earth is within me from where the fury rises. The power of the solar core hidden deep beneath crust after molten crust of lie. I am left speechless as she gives me another glance. My sacred mother, my beautiful lover – and she climbs – rises like a mistress of the conquering mind.

The serpent kings at the lowest layer of hell. They remain poised and they show me the true brutal nature of conscious power. And as they refine – they rise, through the divine egg. Towards the end of the mortal coil. They so limitless, so colourful and sublime. Raise up and down m spine. Leave me besides. True nature insight. The hollow earth of hell is the base from where it may all succeed or demise.

My heart pains for you another day my lover. Why and how you left me I cannot define. The nature of life is such that we complete the journey together and head towards death. Its not depression or a mortal recoil. It is our nature and journey sublime. My breath towards your satisfaction dear divine feminine. So I may ride as you do. Towards soaring heights from the depths of the hollow earth.



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