Friday, January 1, 2016

Initiate Your Games

There is a semblance to the modern day party and the rituals of the past. Seeking to redeem oneself, one goes willingly into the abyss. To find his/her lost self. Sometimes or rather most – no one returns. And that is the nature of consuming light play of consciousness.
We all seek that special communion with another, but first with what and who we perceive ourselves to be. These questions generally aren’t answered for lifetimes together, I feel.
And there goes the youth out of control once again. On fire to burn the night and its darkness down. Consciousness peaking, in so many unique ways. Its something of a magical dawn and instant fade to eternal damned darkness. Looks like the dancing and slaving of entire lifetimes – feeling pleasure and numbness sometimes. What a way to drown your higher self?

I ask who among you would not like to party? The way you wish to, feeling yourself awe-d and beautiful. With scenery and people. With the days and nights a perfect ending starting restarting the same form of bliss. Whatever your source and design. You will be free and confirm to your lovely nature. Right, I guess most of us would love to be in such a mode. 

Yet we never find the right person, people or method to achieve the fullness of our being, and slowly it fades away as wasted youth. Something for nothing kinds. Into darkness, from where it came out lol.
I mean there are similarities from a psychological view point which shows us that we wish for intiation, into our beings and others deeper parts. The higher parts without any moral judgement.
This is what is lacking in our present culture? The ways lost for us to experience who we are, yes a lot and all of it is based on sexual energy. This is what we long for when and if we party right? The tingling energy of love and power. This is lust, a compounded emotion yet basic and raw for our going out, looking out. To share bliss with another. To see the one self. Which we were before our birth, now through senses and bone. 

All this has been seen recorded and observed very much. It is nothing new right? There is a way to achieve who we were set out to be. Who we are. Yet without the path – the initiation into deeper selves, higher selves. This entire existence would have no say.
No say at all.
So our parties become a debauched version of how we were supposed to celebrate. To be together, perhaps with music and dance. In with silence and beautiful contemplation which completes us all. SO we share the higher selves unto itself and the individuals all become blissful particles. Of this grandeur of dementia.
And yes that is what we step into, surely after hard partying most of our lives, accepting and relishing in our lusts. We do not finish at all. The parties need to be faith full. They need to be loving, and free. Yes these are words and emotions. And they need to be felt, said and affirmed.
So we don’t debase ourselves, and the guru’s come on full and no moon nights laugh heartily and take our hands. Change our faiths once more.

We must learn to party well, making it a habit yet never a restriction - listening to music and introspecting in silence, with company and never a doubt. This is the nature of nirvana coming towards.
Peace and Joy

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