Sunday, September 20, 2009


What is consciousness?
Some would define it as the stage, or the process or the ends when something is self-aware. Aware that it is alive, or rather different from some other things (alive and non-alive are just human contexts, not universal). So when a rock realizes that it is different from a homosapien, wont it also believe that it is conscious, it is alive? Yes it would, it is only human convoluted rationale that believes-or thinks that some things don't have the ability to be self aware- this is actually one of the symptoms of lower stages/nascent stages of consciousness, where one which identifies itself to be alive or such, would imagine that it is unique, unlike anything else in creation, the matter of fact is that we fail to notice consciousness-or the finer stages of it, because we ourselves remain in the lower rungs- we only admit something is conscious, if we notice it through our eyes or ears- if there is a physical response- then we imagine that it is conscious. The universe has spread consciousness everywhere- it is the base on which all things are made in reality. Hence the rock, sand and the island all have varying degrees of consciousness. Individual and collective.
So far we have only said consciousness refers to something when it admits that it is self aware, that it is different in someways from something which is not (conscious). But in truth the real definition of consciousness is that the ability to be self - aware and realize that there is
only one self. This is the latter interdependent explanation to consciousness (collective)- and this is the bounds to become shiva. Think about it, how is the I in a person different from the I in another person-they just share two different bodies, so you say the I in one person needs these things, and the other needs certain other things, but in reality they I has not changed at all-the personality, body, intellect,emotional maturity are all different but the I is the same- hence there is only one I here, we just perceive it as only belonging to us (individually). But in truth- the I is the same in each and every conscious being in the universe. We can say only how the organism defines the I depends on the intensity/energy of its consciousness- a highly conscious being would define I in bigger (greater energetic level terms) than suppose an average jo from the planet earth (who at times would not even consider himself to be conscious lol~)

Consciousness is a flimsy affair, but it is to be understood and recognized, that human beings in their quest for sense bound rationality and logic- have forgotten/become ignorant of the varying finer levels of consciousness which permeates this entire matrix. It is the mortar on which life is based. The ability to become self aware- exists in most matter-energy in the cosmos, yet the ability to Only become self aware- lacks here on earth. (we have chosen to forgo the true meaning of consciousness- interdependent symbiotic systems and have instead chose to live in a plane where we have forgotten how to perceive different levels-stages of consciousness- and how to become truly interdependent part of the cosmos)

And do remember, the rock, the turd, the grass and the moon are all alive and with
divine energy


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