Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Addiction to Power

Yea air does the trick, and even water.. perhaps food and sex as well.. you know what I am talking about. The needs syndrome, the addictive life. Most people freak out when I tell them 'why do you need air to live?' as in, I am sure, we could have existed without it, but the element was so goddam addictive, that we built a nose to trip on it all the time.
But more than all these things, I find humans have this unique moronic ability to trip on something which ought to be kept as away from yourselves until you have some sense... power it is.
What the hell is power? Its an ego trip? making you better? Bigger? stronger? Making you?
Yea, its all of that, we consume food, so we can have power (thats what food is actually right..carbohydrates) and etc.
But why this incessent need to contol? and why the addiction to power? Power to subdue and subjugate others.. thats a long favorite with humanity.. we made something called money for that purpose. So we can feel,think and in the end be supposedly better/stronger/POWERFULL than others around us.
Why cant we live at the mercy of life? is that confusing you? It isn't so bad, take another view.
You can say life is cruel, merciless, its a quest for the survival for the fittest and all that last generation bull fuck. You tell me, we make money so we won't be like the people who live in slums, and under fly overs, who jump in the yamuna filth to retrace 1 rupee coins..
But I look at it another way, it was the incessent self centered bane need of humans, to grab power, and that meant grab the life force power of other people/life forms essentially to make themselves feel/think/be better or whatever.
It is a wicked standpoint, I mean do look at your personal life.. how much of it is inspired by the cheap junkie addiction to power. You wanna do better than others, get what you want at whatever cost it seems. Dont give a shit about other life, in truth.. you dont have a clue of what life really is.
For I have been made to see that life is not built upon these addictive substances... air water food and sitting on the pot everyday. It in truth is the genuine bliss of being. That does and doesnt require power. and that is a difficult statement to explain.
For power is the goal and the destination to be avoided. But one must mold themselves to such a state of being. Its not easy especially when all the major demands your tiny brain faces in a day are to acquire menial cruel power not for the betterment of one spirit, but rather Your spirit.
Morbid I am not, but it requires a sense of clarity to see what is power, feel it and even use it.
Most people do realize in instinctual level, that power can be seen/felt/known even if they dont know jack of what that is. But what they don't know is that power makes heroin feels like a purry little kitty cat when it comes to addiction and demise.
If you are blessed with unlimited power and to do as required. I urge you to dispose it off, to give it to as many as there are. For that is the true wisdom of power. This goes for your mental stigmas of hierarchy, your physical stimuli and your spiritual insights.


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