Sunday, September 27, 2009


See the new age rage, its called twitter with a little bird drawn on the side. Some people might have seen a bird only in twitter (or as I like to call it- Twather lol ), and never in real life, for they spend every waking hour in front of the computer to twitter to other twits.
When i read about this site when it was launched some time back, i was wondering, have the site owners played a prank to name it twitter- in turn inviting all the twits from all over the world to come and "tell about what they are doing" it seems.
It is a thorough waste of time, for I know what all the fellow twitterians are doing right- oh so do you... anyone in twitter is a fucking twat who's just upto twitting all the time. What a waste.
I am all game for the technological revolution, believe you me, I am at the forefront of anything which makes life simpler-> shifted from cassettes (which i had so many of) to digital pod musica. Changed from a traditional SLR to DSLR, and ofcourse moved from writing my journals to keeping computer documents. But I do know when somethings are just plain wrong. Twitter doesnt give me hope for anything better, if its finding information- about something- from people or sources- then the internet is fine enough for that. Then why this incessant need to isolate oneself in front of the laptop -> so that one can keep in touch with their friends/colleagues ?

There are people right now, as I speak who are wasting their time on "updating" other people they know about their glorious lives. What is so glorious about the day to day routines?- i am travelling, I am getting married, I had a kid, Oh I am not well, I am shifting to some other job and blah blah... this is all what people communicate to each other about, Something which is out of the ordinary, well then perhaps I might be encouraged to see/participate in twit crap. But surely even Jesus, would have thought to let silence be, or talk to people face to face or not at all about his crucifixion, and not use something as base as twatter.

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