Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Okhla Industrial Destruction Area

There is a mythic place in these troubled times, which glorifies the doomed civilization and seats it to the throne of thorns. This is the mythic place called Nooooida, uncovers itself once a blue moon from the fog, and haze of dirt and grime and intense industrial pollution to show its face, its distorted time disoriented being.
Noida lies on the other side of the yamuna (trans yamuna), is the beginning of ulta pradesh from delhi. My home is very close to the DND which is a stretch of 8 km smooth driving over the yamuna to pay a toll and enter the sacred profane territory. This is verily noida, where there is no boundary of any sort, people do as they please and live where they can.
The yamuna has crossed the danger limit these past few days, and I stop my car to take a look at the flow, the gutter has come to life; showing some life/so unlike how it is normally. where there is no movement in the river-just a lifeless gutter.
Noida is such a place where people dawn no shackles of mental territory. There is but one place where people here congregate to enjoy in PEACE. that is sector 18. this hosts some two malls and the western retail stores, so the true villagers of noida, congregate here and spend their black money on western items in an Indian fashion of submissive meekness; and ofcourse feel good about themselves. There are a mix of people who come to noida to make it their home, some are the IT techie fuckers, who land themselves some cheap testing job here, there are those who shifted here when noida was expanding some 10 years back, to make it their home- delhiites mostly who were/are well off (ofcourse not on culture) and then there are the majority of the people from nearby sectors/villages who come here wearing t-shirts and jeans to have a good time- to be a part of the diversity of this god dammed place!
I have seen many places in this industrial hell hole, the rich sectors, where people have couple of cars and a big villa set up for themselves-where people do not need/have to interact with others-in vogue with the delhi culture of pompous dick-ness, and then there are the poor sectors-where people dole over each other to make it through to another site-noida hosts some 100+ sectors-majority of which are so under the ground, that you wouldn't be able to handle the smell for more than an instant in these place, there are many sorts of activities which take place in this region and i assure you most, if not all are illegal in some respect or other.
Here life is very cheap, you can get people done for couple of thousand rupees, there is infiltration of prostitution and narcotics. There is corruption at every level- and ofcourse many places also hold up potential terrorists- who try to come into delhi to cause mayhem- all this coming from the upfront image of ulta pradesh; Nooidaa.
Noida has a wind, a substance, a sort of redemption which I dont see in any other city setup, there is decadence here and utter lack of humanity. This place is cruel and more than that it is out of the world weird. Such people and situations on a day to day basis that its impossible to fathom that noida is attached to reality in some way.
Once I was walking in the old sector 18-which is called atta market( probably a flour market in the distant past) where metro also has been working to make a line for a very long time (finally finished) i see lots of people congregated and cheering/jeering something; I move close and see two massive bulls interlocked horns and in a fighting position, and like some new age version of some ancient Colosseum- people everywhere around cheering this, and i was bamboozled- how the fuck do people have such vela time as to watch two bulls who themselves are vela engaging in something sooo vela.
There are countless incidents and situations which have brought a smile on my face and make me recount mentally and verbally that- well well, this is truly noida!
The gutters here freely flow, and no one cares much about that! I see on a regular basis, couples finding a quiet corner for themselves, which is more often than not close to some sort of open gutter or garbage bin or something. People here openly embrace dirty beggar children who come and stick to other peoples bodies until they are given some money-people here dont mind anything i tell you! The UP cop is also another story- there is no concept of a traffic officer here-some of them are not really cops and they are outsourced to private agencies- no one ever pays any heed to them, there are cops with a lathi and people who challenge their authority more often than not will at least have a katta or a decent weapon :)
I come here often because this place is close to my home, and more than that i see the open places which are missing in delhi, there is some sort of peace in this really chaotic environment. The sectors which are dominated by most people who are the true inhabitants of UP and noida- are so pathetic, it is really dismal to see that at times. And on the other hand , we get to see huge areas of forests-parks here cut for appeasing mayawati- the bitch ruler of this state. She has recently stripped clean a beautiful stretch of land near sector 18 for making something called a "Dalit Memorial". She is truly mad, there is no other word, apart from the exorbitant cost, the people here had no idea for some 5 months that this was going to be done to their walking and socializing park places. When they came to know that the construction was not for making more footpaths etc and was for this weird ass memorial-people freaked out and complained- but it was too late by then, the court has taken the appeal, but in this land lawlessness is the norm, if someone is honest or wants to do good, then no good will accrue to them. That is the rule in ulta pradesh and of course noida, the dalit memorial looks hideous - almost complete and has many statues of such assholes like kanshi ram and of course our own very beatch Mayawati.
These things which remove the shackles of the rationality in our brain is because of noida, this place is a joke. it is the big ass pimple which pricks every time we use our ass.
But still the weirdness makes it feel like home ;)

Come one , come all... come and see this weird playground
some of you call it a circus, some call it the morgue
but the phenomena of the blind queen leading the blind masses
cannot be more substantial than in noida, where rain and tears become one.


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