Friday, September 25, 2009


The fury inside burns up everything in sight,
The kreator wakes up, and asks your soul in plight.
You want to tango? Get what you have got, I am your messenger of death, your lack of life is your persistence to die with the ends of scythe.

Devouring all the vermin of creation in my endless mouth,
I evaporate this cycle back to dust.
You shall never repeat your mistake, that fate shall make sure this time.
Come now, wont you tango? with my cleaver and with my noose.
They so eager to spill your sinned blood, split you into demise, show you back to the nevermore void.

Devoured by the raven like death rays, that have started falling from the sky.
Lightening burns the funeral pyres, where countless still wail and rot and die.
No god shows mercy, No goddess shows a sign of reprieve. This is your end, courtesy yourselves.

The earth left a smoldering rock, the vapors of human suffering spewed up above.
No compassion, for you are the cancer and you are now the one self cannibalized.
I see you arrive to your death, looking pious still- nothing gets past me. No grave good enough for your brand of stench. No grave so deep that your kind wont try to come back to life. I annihilate you all with my third eye. Pitiful black pools of your blood flows to the earth. Finally you have been devoured; You have fucking died.

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