Saturday, September 19, 2009


Endless catacombs in your eyes, sought after numbness, the way for the future generation,
Death endless, never sleep peacefully.. partially mad because of the undertones of the fast tracked life.
Sow the seeds of vengeance, deep within. Dont hide the fact that your mind is corrupted with thoughts of immortality to the brim
Walking motionless on the beaches of nevermore. You and I can hold hands, and perhaps still have time to slit our throats. Do it now, surrender, defend your broken vision(?)
Beat ridden beast, happy to welcome you to your future, a holocaust on the way and you and I are the birds of prey... not a thing bothers me, somehow i am bathed in glow, just on your own.
Born into this world, stagnant apathy. Follow the path to the highlands, where mountains meet snow.
Shook with the uncoiling of the energies so latent in you, where is the last clue to fit my life together? It's somehow not present. Didnt exist.
What I wish for is Grace, the nine nights of power are upon us, goddess shall grant your wish. Save you. Goddess chandi will be your protector.
Grant myself the strength to endure pure energy. To live up to a humble and indifferent death. To enliven your life and your moments before death as grand envision of unity. to mothers love.
Ma Tara, the lover , will keep you and I close. Fear shall dissipate, life and love will unite.

Take these nine days, as days which will grab you, mould you, battering ram into the skull to unlearn what you and i have done. Trap is shut, the powerhouse is ALIVE~

9 Sacred nights-The power of intense devotion. towards life... towards death.

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