Sunday, September 13, 2009

Energies in Motion

There are many functions which myths perform in our society, for one they keep us entertained, and some times keep us happy and jovial for myths are created so that every one who is/can be a part of a culture can understand the story as well as the morals/philosophy behind it.
Another function that myths prepare us with is, they give a structure to the world we know. There is no need to worry or panic; when we enter this world for myths establish that there have been many more weirder things which have happened on this planet, and that we can keep the status quo engaged. Basically they keep our attention fixed directly on this and only this level of consciousness- actually their basic function can be said to keep the consciousness in an elevated state, but that is the downfall of every unsuccessful myth.
Myths are also distortions and exhalations of natural awkward events which have happened on the earth, accounts of aliens and unidentified flying objects and people with power hunger who wanted to be larger than life, equivalent to gods. Well all these people expressed the worlds story through a mythological story.
The myth is also as i already said an agent to elevate and hold attention at a particular state of consciousness, but this rarely happens for one must understand the esoteric and often very intricate hidden meanings-symbols-Theosophy used in creation of myths-often impossible to do.

Carl Jung saw like many the hidden meaning and indeed the power of a myth, according to him the underlying creation of a myth entails certain facets of inner psyche works-basically called archetypes. The same archetypes are claimed to be called gods and goddesses of the old.
The simplified archetypes remain the child, the devil and indeed the great nourishing mother goddess. All formed from certain common parts of every working human beings brain.

Even this blog like many writings in the world, tries to uphold the power of myths. Myths finally and most importantly are something which others are not, they are secretive, mystical and not understood/contemplated by everyone to the same degree-hence not held important enough also. But this is the source of power of a archetype or even "gods" . To choose a myth into reality only power in the form of attention has to be provided. and the rest happens like a miracle.

Myths are here to save us, from a life of monotony and boredom. of non-change (if we really wish to see the true meaning of the myth)
Myths are here to teach and guide; from those people who have undergone many experiences in many difficult turbulent times, and frames of mind. To pay proper attention to the story of the myth is to understand it, from your soul, be one with it, to empathize and put in energy in it. and then to see it come alive with every single individuals energy poured in it, this is what makes a myth larger then even life. It has to.. to survive the passing of time


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