Saturday, September 5, 2009

Spot Spotlight

There- it lies, further beyond the scope of your eyes.
Thine is the shape of fire; path binding you down, down down to the pyre.
Inquiry into existence, shows no hope to survive. Till we clench metal, bone to bone; till we rise.

The wind, it has taken me past the world, into another time, into a new life.
And all I have done is look up, at the picture in frame, a spot for the fool, sheer spotlight of divine white light. Luna you pull me up, lift and bring life. In these vacant moods, you splendid moon are the lover of mine.

Bring your tailor fit madness into the world would you? I would just to catch a glimpse by even the corner of my eye. To make oneself, the moon channels and draws, your profile. your mind.

Moon beams, they change not with time, the gentle white. Its all here and now, Wow, what a freak out ride. Staring at the moon, looking through this paradox, think am daydreaming again, just that its night...
Takers and Makers, look up once and give up your worldly ties. Take it to another level, press that lever in your mind. Let luna take over, let lunacy prevail in our sight.
Oh this just is not another night. you are drowned in nectar, that sensation-undefined with undertones of flight.

Pack it all up, launch it to full on now.
Freak out under the bright shining rocks glimmer.
Your makers here.

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