Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On Aggression

I thought I would share this here. (war is inevitable, Death is not)
The title of the post is a book by the same name by the famous scientist Konrad Lorenz (wiki link), who worked on the vague yet very necessary topic of animal behaviour. (I say vague because most humans are not concerned with animals unless they are well served on their plates)
Well for those who think humans are not part of the animal kingdom; I am sorry to disappoint you. Humans with their behaviour and thought process though seemingly more complex and faster than most animals, are still rooted to the base/root tendencies for safety, security, immortality etc absolutely identical to the animal kingdom.
 The interesting thought that Lorenz proposes is that every animal tries to get ‘space’ (physical space/area/territory) for itself in the world, every animal wants something of its own- which is not alien to its cognition, which is safe and free from threat and which cannot be intruded upon by anything else. This is the base instinct for animals being territorial. This instinct is profoundly present in humans as well, under the age old guise of acquisition of land or property or home or shelter.
What lorenz concludes in short is that, animals in groups/tribes etc start building a formalized ritualized action indicative of aggression for their own territory which is for intimidating the other animals in the pack or tribe, to indicate personal territory.
Now every animal species have complicated stylized physical actions which they undertake to fight with others in the pack or such, These could be playful brawls or extend to gaining an alpha status. Though death remains one of the possibilities; yet no animal fights to kill over territory. This is proven, death might be a side effect. The base instinct is to get rid of the alien entity from one’s own ‘area’.
Well Though lorenz’s breakthrough work comes in the field of FAP- Fixed action pattern- which explains that species through time have genetically included many fixed actions to combat external stimuli; (like the aggressive patterns of many males of species against other males- are fixed action patterns which have evolved through time to actually combat this base instinct of anger/aggression towards others for territory/area etc through duals and battles (these are almost always fixed action patterns- which indicate battle between males through certain fixed methods of fighting). The thing to be noted here is, that animals have this sophisticated method to release their rage through genetic mechanisms which allow for fight but not intending death. Death might be a unforeseen event of course.
Human beings have the same sort of aggression (this root emotion) against other human beings, where every now and then they have to indicate that they have their own personal territory; that others are not welcome etc. Most times most human beings will be unable to voice out such anger in a reasoned manner against another human being. This is essentially a leave me alone sort of feeling, yet humans are too naive to express this. The problem which we as a species have faced for millennia together is that we have no fixed action patterns which help us release this rage or anger towards another from our species. So what is the fallout here?
Well human beings have skipped the less harmful tactics that animals have chosen and incorporated in their genes and have gone ahead to make bombs, guns, N-attacks, bio-warfare. All these are actually aimed to remove the rage that one feels towards another, but all of these are 100% fatal. Hence humanity has been facing the never ending crisis revolving around war/genocide etc. for eternity without a clue on how to combat it.
This is the root cause analysis of human situation. Humanity has to learn to resolve its rage in methods which do not intend to kill another. The rage and anger/aggression towards others is not going to go away. That's a fact, well at least until all of us are able to let go of the human/animal facets of our genes completely through intense introspection. Well until then, we must find means to fight it out with others who are pissing us off, without actually killing them. Its but natural. All we have to do is listen to the animal within us.
Peace with some fists

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Theta To Turiya~

The advantages of meditation for our day to day life. *or something to that effect*

I have tried and tested personal self help sort of meditation (not advocated through any cult or sorts- a sort of relaxation which I have personally discovered beneficial for myself over time), for most of my post pubescent life; though not practiced in regular timed intervals (mostly erratic because of the constant demands on time for business and fun) but whenever I have managed to actualize the process and sit in my meditation room, I have felt immense bliss, peace and intense brain activity like never before.
Hence I over time have tried to understand how meditation actually helps us or changes us. There have been many studies (well at least some which have actually taken this age old process seriously) on the subject with mostly Buddhist monks (who achieve this very easily as part of their daily life) as lab rats mostly. The western scientific community still does not know much about brain chemistry and how various external and internal processes go ahead to change it while alive.
The brain actively can be present in 4 states (shown below in diagram) as the frequencies change and hence present different views of the world (internal and external). These also correspond to the 4 states of consciousness which Indian tantra and yoga states present in all living organisms for the most part. The final and most intense state in Indian yoga refers to 'Turiya'. This is intense dreaming state, where there is presence of pure consciousness reflecting itself. And the meditator/perceiver is part of this, reflecting on her own consciousness.
The other three states are - Jagrat (corresponding to beta perhaps) Svapna (corresponding to Delta state) and Sushupti(corresponding to delta and advanced alpha states).
The Alpha state is the one which is most active and strongly reinforced as a practitioner starts dreaming or meditating * Please do not confuse the dreaming I refer to as those involuntary dreams-- we are a part of without the least bit of control over them from our side- though we are the ones creating such dreams yet with no perceived control for the most part,
Rather the dreams i am talking about refer to active lucid dreaming where one is able to create visualize and project intense realistic dream in sleep while having perfect control and reflection over them*
The fourth state (turiya) corresponds closely to theta state of brain function. It is not considered a state in indian texts, rather it is an absence of states (dualistic or otherwise), and in turiya; the practitioner is able to transcend into advaitya. Into universal oneness.
The Gita propounded by Krishna also goes with something like this- while arjuna (the troubled mind asks) - How to see the lord/be the lord/Who am I? and Krishna replies (the advaitya consciousness)-
"When Dream and sleep disappear; That which is left; can be considered to be the true you"

So how to achieve theta states, if only for a certain period of time? I have pondered deep into this question, because when one starts meditating; there is initial difficulty caused due to the ever agitated nature of the mind which does not allow for even a second of pure relaxation which when overcome is followed by a sudden static state peace (though its a stagnant state and again leads later to agitation). These are progressive states experienced when the mind immerses itself in alpha wave meditation. Its a very peaceful calm and highly intelligent state. Though as one progresses in time with such meditation, the brain automatically becomes even less frequent and dives into mystical mysterious theta states.
A Bit about Theta : Theta states are compared to the deep mystical revelations and third eye opening phenomenon's through the passages of time. People who have accidentally or consciously opened their mind to infinite possibilities, slow down the frequencies of their brain activity upto 4-5 times per second; to increase their attention manifold. Other faculties like lateral thinking, strong real intuition, extreme emotional energy and release, child like abandon and creativity. Spiritual urges leading to emotional and powerful kinetic outlets are all induced in this stage of mental activity. States where super fast learning are experienced are due to theta programming in the brain as well.
Though I told you that theta is the brain wave which is most probably present during turiya, its difficult to prove it scientifically even in this day and age, for the simple reason that we will not be able to find anyone experiencing this state and willing to be experimented by lesser mortals.
But yes, I do trust that this brain wave frequency is induced to create turiya, perhaps after turiya is established... the mental frequency may dip down further. An absolute dead mind, or running at very low frequencies. But this again could be debated.

How to Induce/awaken/create it then?
I experience meditation with various tools. I always use dim lights, which affect the melatonin levels in the brain, I use quick psy fast music with a lot of beats which can help induce shamanic trance like states- which are the ones experienced in theta levels. Where there is auto programming of the brain to do something (like listen to music), and the other parts of the brain can quickly slip into slower frequencies. There is also Japa-yoga- which also helps in inducing states of emotional outbursts and again help in a sort of auto programming which keeps the brain occupied in its wandering (well not wandering- because attention is directed to only one constant source); while the rest of the brain including most senses are in a state of utter relaxation and peace. There is no introspection or thoughts then to bind you to them, and the brain remains peaceful and in deeper states unparalleled.
You can also do the same through a ryhtmic walking in nature, or running at a constant pace and so forth. Yes, I do all of these too whenever I have the attention and will to perform walking or running meditation. Its when the logical and rational systems are completely occupied with some sort of auto programmed work (like listening to music, doing japa, doing exercise etc), is when one can induce the other parts of the brain in complete-ness. The full functioning becomes beyond reckon as I have noticed with my own brain. I am not saying I can think more, or faster or better. But over the years, my brain has increased manifold in areas like stamina, will, creativity and imagination (lateral thinking for all you nerds), and so much more. Intuition and extreme emotional states are also present, and you can choose to refine these brain functions depending upon your intent and the time you can spend in this slow brain frequency stage.
Turiya is daylight in the absence of light. Its a state where there is no one to perceive anything; and yet the practitioner is there in silent receptivity, through the night and day looking into nothing in particular and with calm focused long breadths. He would seem to be oblivious to the world, though he would understand everything incoming through his senses, or his intuition. His brain would attain higher states of understanding of the active universe. Yet there is no thinking taking place. Its just a blissful being, and NO its not a mental/made up/schizophrenic/thought up/unreal/escapist state of mind. Its the nature of reality, and those who can actually start the process of unravelling Turiya under the powerful real theta states, can see the reality in the absence of a limited perception.
Meditate for the Peace of the world and all in it. Here and Now.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Thousand Petals of Myself ~ Sahasrara Sighting ~


With eyes immersed into the endless pool of life within, the soul transmigrates illusion after another, without the least bit of hindrance or fear. With eyes looking upwards unto the heavens, the divine music is finally felt within reach, there is no path as golden; pristine as the one which leads one to the start of one’s personal life. Towards the crown of your head and mine. Where the thousand petaled lotus becomes vibrant and eternally alive…

When the lotus becomes active (kundalini pierces herself through and merges with the universe- the individual shakti becomes the universal in turn), its petals thousand and more in number become living colors every which where and beyond the imagination of the sensory eyes, The veil of a dual persona, of something which we thought as I; vanishes and is replaced by nectar flowing from the ‘heavens’ above into this subtle centre of consciousness above our heads, creating physical auras and heavenly light flowing through the skull in all directions. The true kings and queens of humanity have ever shown this sort of divine light; this power, whoever and wherever they have existed~

Yes, we are products of heaven, fell from divinity into the earth and ceased to be who we were… we choose not to claim what is rightfully ours, our seamless divinity and interconnectedness; and the freedom from delusion and myriad illusions. Our true nature is above and beyond this fabled lotus; the seventh seat of consciousness. The seventh gate holy and towards the beyond~

Bloom and rise, in a way that is ever new and never binds. Your head has finally become active, with the lotus gleaming like a thousand new born suns, where there is meeting of your individual consciousness into the whirlpool of universal life.

The sacred lotus remains not the end of the journey, the pure dreaming journey has just begun mortal, the journey through endless stars and universes, all hiding their sacred jewels of power and mystery. The saints hiding in the secret leaves of the pure lotus meditating eons together in this and oh so many other creations.

Vast and unfathomable is this entire entirety. There are specs of nothing with more power than you and I. Its the truth, and we children of shining consciousness seek to waste our given capacity on war and strife. Instead of immersing the eyes inside leading to the sacred elevator towards higher consciousness, right into the eye of the Sahasrara . Where there is sacred second birth, where the consciousness dipped into the universe’s breadth comes alive and thirsts for its true complete self. The journey has just begun~

(the layers above represent greater levels of consciousness rising. The base symbolizes the human consciousness transcending towards a unified universal state of one or none!)

This is one of the many visual diagrammatic representations which would show that above this mythical and mysterious ethereal chakra lies various other dimensions of refined power states i.e. consciousness.

The various manifestations in this centre correspond to the saints and gods who have supposedly manifested in front of dumb humans like us (the one nanak dev, compassionate yesua, silent buddha, poetic tirumular, omnipotent babaji, loving sai nath, powerful vama khepa, graceful ramana and so many more) has been to show the full capacity of the human consciousness when it pierces the seventh and final centre of human consciousness,

After this we cease to remain human beings, we exhibit no characteristics of the species which we call as us, we do not thirst or hunger, lust or confuse. We change the framework completely, when we put in the effort to raise ourselves to the state where heavens lie.

Heaven in Christian and Paradise in sufism, apart from other religions correspond to this final dimension/state of power. This is final for the human race/frontier, after this the saint leaps from one dimension to another, and metaphorically takes a seat where ever he feels like. To contemplate the grandeur of this known and unknown entirety in silent cheer. This is great joy. Its the lap of shiva consciousness in a way, where one knows who they are (tat~tvam~asi) and still retains a ‘perspective’ to see the powerful manifestation of the creator~

This is where we started our journey, and then we fell. We fell and went to sleep. We continue to remain in slumber till something or someone wakes us up. This is not going to last, we must become our own makers, our own takers. Of what is rightfully ours. This divine life, this infinite mastery is our making and we choose to ignore it? spend the precious energy needed to propel us into love and interconnectedness towards trivial and material pursuits? So that we may decay on or under the ground…. to eternity without ever tasting whatever is rightfully ours?

The ripe Sahasrara remains within reach, just like a ripe mango we want to pluck to quench our hunger and thirst. Yet we never ever imagine that it would be so close to our grasp, right above our heads. Right above our eyes.

It just needs these immersed eyes, which look inwards and upwards. and thus the joy of eternal life  truly quenches our thirst and hunger forever; once and for all.

*See the skies enliven with the Holi-2011 Big Bright Moon staring back at all in Peace and Joy !*

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sweetest Sadhana


I got to say, I adore this sanskrit word : Sadhana. I guess the closest english word that pops to my mind as a literal translation is ‘communion’. As something which could be understood by the masses. A perpetual communion with god; or whatever one may wish to call the power.

Sadhana to me is being. It is the natural soul state of the universe. It just is, as it is. Sadhana is the flow of the ‘all’ known, unknown and the music everywhere in between perpetually in all ‘space and time and all other dimensions as you wish to perceive’ ( I know trying to explain abstract stuff in words, is perhaps the most naive medium).

The king of sadhanas remains the master of time and the ruler of death. Shiva.

Shiva is in sadhana and created the universe through his power. Well that’s what I wanted to explain in the first place~ About his personal power (like yours and mine)

Shiva is in sadhana with his personal power. He is in perpetual union and deep love towards his power. His shakti. His goddess and counterpart; Chandi *or as you may wish to call the divine feminine*

Most people (if they know what sadhana means) understand it as some sort of rigor mortis towards the material world, and an undivided attention to the spirit. I too used to imagine the same while introspecting, but I understood the real method to gain divine inspiration is to be wise through knowledge and unlearning this known world and to remain a lover at heart, always in a state of drunk bliss towards the entirety that is this existence.

To me sadhana remains a love story, between the master shiva and his divine consort Shakti. Shiva is a true lover, brave and without fear; He has given up his worldly possessions and adorned rudraksha and wild serpents around his neck. In his constant trance towards his powerful love, he has left all known human civilization and sits in the periphery of the known world- the jungle and the burning ghats, always gazing inwards and everywhere into the unknown that is his love; Tara. You see what love can do to people and gods :)

He sits day and night, unfazed by weather or wild beasts. There are myriad distractions in the human mind, but the master has shunned these to remain in an eternal ethereal sort of adulation towards his bride. Towards the union that is consciousness surrounded by vast unlimited power (shakti). Shiva is a man, is a god and is a lover par excellence. He is eternal because he chose it with his shakti. He is you and I (possibly). He is the blessed union which is the shiva linga, the representation of the ‘communion’ of his consciousness to his personal power. This is the best and most complete representation of both human and divine love (if you think about it lol)

Sadhana to me remains this awe-d state of attention, this meditation and this music from the heart extending towards such a state. Where there is no separation of love. The world stops turning and the mind vanishes out of sight. There is only this great vast power, everywhere. This is shiva in perpetual union with shakti. This is the great sadhana of our times.

Shiva lights the dhuni and the fire burns through time, He looks at the shri chakra in elation and laughs and cries just the same. His minions look at him dazed, where is the master lost~ Lo, he has fallen to the ground to raze his power above him and dance on him. He loves seeing devi dancing on his chest. He remains in perpetual incurable love. What a sight to behold. His woes of separation do not remain untold, anymore!

Such is sadhana and hence its so sweet. When you know the inner depths of love. That it is what creates sustains and dissolves this known world of ours, You too will breathe not air, but this energy. Ever renewing and eternally flowing.

I guess this communion is what organisms try to end towards, a perpetual state of bliss, where no want remains and all is love. This is a wise state. Difficult to achieve but as I know, once you will sadhana to enter your life, this state of pure love towards your shakti, your personal power. The reflection of the universal state of power. Your love manifolds and blooms, it becomes everything which has been, is to be…


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Navigate the Seas of the Sun….

My idol for a long time has been the haunting and powerful voice of bruce dickinson. The man has such intensity in his vocal chords; that it sends me into different realms all together.
His induction into Iron Maiden launched not only his singing career, but raised the faith and love in people across the globe; who wanted to listen to something genuine, through someone genuine. The intensity and depth his voice carries; its almost ethereal. His voice can differ from shrills to powerful solos to the kind of soul rendering melody which I have posted below.
The song is ‘Navigate the Seas of Sun’ and its his solo work. He has launched 5 albums till date under his own banner, and I must tell you; his music is comparable if not infinitely better than what the Maiden crew over the decades have produced. He is one person who inspires my heart and mind every time I put his song on and listen in proud faith and love.
\m/ Up Irons Bruce! You deserve it~
The youtube link ~
It can’t be played from here; Open youtube link on this to watch. Thank you !

The lyrics are as follows (so don’t feel shy and sing along)
Distant earthrise long ago
Lingers at the borders of our minds
Mysteries spinning in the dark
In the frozen emptiness of time
We were lost and we never knew
Who we were, what we left behind
Living half lives we were blind
To the new frontiers that opened up our eyes
To find our minds were spinning
Souls entwined in a spiral dance
The ancient ways have found us again
To give us one last chance
Living in this place,
Staring into space we find
We might share the corners of our lives
Infinity runs deep,
Eternity that we can't keep
Melting through the frozen wastes of time
So we go and we'll not return
To navigate the seas of the Sun
Our children will go on and on
To navigate the seas of the Sun
So we go and we'll not return
We'll navigate the seas of the Sun
Our children will go on and on
To navigate the seas of the Sun
We can't go on tomorrow
Living death by gravity
Couldn't stand it anymore,
We'll sail our ships to distant shores
Purple, gold and blue,
Living colors every hue
Flowers in the garden of the gods
No one can ever know
If you never saw them grow
But this darkness is really full of light
Well beyond the Earth,
Beyond all things that gave us birth
We'll navigate the seas of the Sun
If God is throwing dice
And Einstein doesn't mind the chance
We'll navigate the seas of the Sun
Infinity runs deep,
Eternity that we can't keep
We'll navigate the seas of the Sun
Flowers of our souls
Purple, blue and gold we find
To navigate the seas of the Sun
So we know who we are
Even in this frozen waste
We'll navigate the seas of the Sun
Living in this place,
Staring into space we find
We'll navigate the seas of the Sun
Well beyond the Earth
Beyond all things that gave us birth
We'll navigate the seas of the Sun
If Einstein's throwing dice,
And God he doesn't mind the chance
We'll navigate the seas of the Sun
Flowers of the soul
Purple blue and gold we find
We'll navigate the seas of the Sun
And who we were before
Eternity that we can't keep
We'll navigate the seas of the Sun
Flowers of our souls
Purple blue and gold we find

Friday, March 11, 2011

Trailanga The Treat/Wandering Shiva of Benaras!

There and here sits the swami trailang. He is as old and fat as his skin. Some say he is immortal; some won’t live with the thought. The ancient naked swami sits in benaras in quite contemplation, year after year…. century past another.
Trailanga is shiva in disguise, everyone mutters but no one dares speak in front of him. He is violent and silent, naked and a true treat to those who wouldn’t dawn the sheeps skin.
Trailanga was a saint who existed on the banks of the ganga, some years before he immersed himself with the flowing river in eternal samadhi. Disappearing into the water and reappearing just a moment later above the water floating and showing himself on the other shore to his devotees, so they knew he has not gone anywhere away from this chained web we call our reality, our world.
Trailanga was a nath and a power yogi, people used to try and test him and fail miserably… poisoning him and he like the innocent child shiva would convert the very same poison into honey for him and the effects of the karma would hit the lesser hearted person in turn, the english soldiers would try to put him behind bars for indecency, nudity and not obeying/heeding their orders and he would be again found wherever he wished to be.. no bars and jail could ever hold him. He was free and everywhere and he was constantly in shiva-consciousness, worshiping his shakti. In unison and joy. He was the child shiva. Ever free and seeking nothing from anyone.

Om Namacivaya- Trailanga in his power mode~
He was known to be fat (over 300 pounds) adding weight for his years in his current body (existing over 300 years), he did not speak to anyone. Even those he knew as his guru brothers or his masters disciples. He always remained one in silence, and those in his presence must have felt the same. People changed into gods near this saint. His spartan existence for eons has transcended so many souls into communion with the father shiva.
Lord Trailang was defiant, he worshipped as he pleased. He worshipped himself, but without the illusion of I from within. Trailanga was blunt and clairvoyant and he displayed no overt emotions though just a touch or a glance from him could send you into the world for which we are all meant for. The world of one; shiva consciousness. It would transform you into the saint and lover you deserve to be.
Trailang remains as the only person in the history of the world, who was able to enter and worship the holy shiva linga on the banks of benaraas – kashi vishawanatha with his own faeces. He worshipped with his own stool the linga which is supposedly the most powerful and holy on this earth. The pandits tried to stop him and he converted what they saw as his stool into flowers within a blink of the eye. He did this not as his own power, this is the power of shiva. Of eternal transmutation and power. It is a tale by itself, and everyone who saw this saint come into the temple and worship the shiva linga with turd, was amazed to see trailang laughing and embracing the shiva power there with abandon and such child like ness, they concluded that trailang was no more apart from shiva anywhere or anytime. He worshipped with anything and nothing and the power herein. The yogi remained in constant bliss of shiva consciousness and power. Its truly a feat worth mentioning!
Trailang is a treat to know and be, and you can call him with careless abandon time and again too. You see he is in the ether and the jasmine smelling of heavens and in plenty. Take time and sit with him on the banks of the holy ganga, and his spirit shall fly near you and you shall be set free from this world and its myriad illusions. The power of trailanga shiva still roams everywhere in this spider web of reality.
He roamed the ghats where the ganga took in the sins of the living and where she took in the burnt charred skins of the dead, and everywhere in between. He did not see like you and I. His focus, gaze and instant were defined by the power that this life/existence is (as best as it can be described with words)
Om Na Ma Ci Va Ya
Speaking in silence, trailang and shiva converse under the banyan tree of wisdom. There is no gravity, There is no air. Its not apart and its not come undone. Shiva speaks in absolute silence and trailang sits and laughs and jokes and cries for his lord. This is the sadhu who could transmute matter to energy and vice versa, This was the master who uttered a single syllable an entire decade. He cared not for his disciples and He was not himself ever again. Lord trailang remained in eternal embrace of his master nath in a world so gone~
(You can search for Trailang though not much information is available:
The wikipedia link:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shri Mahavidyas: Bhairavi

Ever since this wretched creation began, I waited for you mother. Ever since I was born, my fragile heart and my warrior soul has been yearning for you dark mother. Ever since I was thrown out from the womb, crying howling in pain at life and its impending sense of doom… I have been waiting for you, in tears and separation. Mother darkness, I wait for you to stomp me back to smoke and ash. I wait for you to alleviate this false sense of duality and purpose… this notion of knowledge and existence….this feeling of life and death…. this state of separation from you!
When you see that life has become a gutter, overflowing with thoughts, notions and ‘things’ which are both temporal and useless, then ask your heart to be stronger, and pray to bhairavi. She is final. She is first. She is everything in between.
Bhairavi is fond of dissolution, well; well you can look at her…. and try to please, try to pray… but she will love you just the same. She will lift you up and press you to her bosom and you will exist apart from her no more.
Whereas the mother becomes kali when she is dancing on top of her consort Mahadeva, she is supreme yet remains as an actor continuing the notion of duality and the separation of chit from shakti, even if only by a fragment. But Bhairavi is the absolute; In other terms she can be seen as the shiva-yoni linga. She is united; never seperate in any sort of false duality. There is no play here, There is no drama or unfolding at her feet, There is but dissolution and absolution.
Bhairavi is Kala-ratri, the darkest night of dissolution, she has infinite forms and each form becomes more powerful than the last, she comes vision after vision… until everything which ever was is swallowed whole in her. Consumed and destroyed and reaffirmed as entirety as her.
Bhairavi is without form, she is void. The void is darkness of existence or of this entire mess we choose to perceive it as reality. She takes myriad forms and comes when misery becomes overpowering, when love gets shook and apathy takes over. Don’t be mistaken, she is ever here with us, within us. Just waiting for us to open our eyes (our inner eyes) and see the waste, the waste of everything here and now and present. When we start seeing for the very first time, we notice that everything lays to waste…. and this is when she pulls us to her feet. We become conscious of power and the power that is out to consume itself, and this is who bhairavi is…. She is violent compassion, destructive restarting, third eye of Shiva and the cosmos keeper.
She in classical iconography is depicted with two hands (sometimes maybe more, I have seen temples of her with myriad arms and legs to depict her absolute power). These two hands hold a cleaver and a rosary or perhaps a book of wisdom. The cleaver cuts of our karma with the temporary, and the rosary makes us realize our true nature with respect to power.

She has her tongue out, dripping with blood, the life force of the universe. She is black as night and naked; only covered with skulls of her devotees which form a garland across her chest and wild long black hair flowing with the wind. She haunts everywhere, but she is more easily seen where of course death and ashes exist in abundance.
Bhairavi worship is a must for all those who love and respect power, all those who would like to find the meaning to their lives, abandoning ignorance and what others have made believe to be reality for us too. If you become one with bhairavi, she will grace you with unlimited wisdom, clairvoyance, power/siddhi and love. She will be at your back, and see that no harm ever come to you in the path to her feet. She is a mother after all, even if she is the mother who would destroy her own creation. There is none comparable to bhairavi; for after her there exists but herself. She is the void which is veiled in Maya and which we perceive and make belief as normal day to day reality. In reality she is the matrix on which consciousness and universal powers exist and survive. She is the framework of god and absolute. She is all that is ever.

You and I will sit and in silence, and become like Shiva. Our minds will become calm and unflustered and our netr (eyes) will stare at our companion, consort, mother and dual- bhairavi. In doing so, we shall become adepts in harnessing and living amidst the wild cosmic destructive existent power/force that is this reality.
By worshipping bhairavi, we become ourselves Bhairava, ones without fear or remorse; looking for nothing in this world for we attain the state of inner content-ness. Which cannot be changed, transmuted or transfigured any which way. We become specs of power that is bhairavi’s body itself. We attain freedom.
One does not have to keep patience if worshipping the grand black goddess, for liberation is instant. The capabilities she shall make you live through your fragile body and spirit is mindboggling. She will take you and kiss you on your third eye, where you shall fall down and never ever remain same to this world. Once you have been smitten by the beautiful mother of destruction; You are made!

Ode to Humanity

I am not a big fan of human kind, the version of life that in today’s day seems to be only focused upon itself. The day’s pass and humans ...