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Trailanga The Treat/Wandering Shiva of Benaras!

There and here sits the swami trailang. He is as old and fat as his skin. Some say he is immortal; some won’t live with the thought. The ancient naked swami sits in benaras in quite contemplation, year after year…. century past another.
Trailanga is shiva in disguise, everyone mutters but no one dares speak in front of him. He is violent and silent, naked and a true treat to those who wouldn’t dawn the sheeps skin.
Trailanga was a saint who existed on the banks of the ganga, some years before he immersed himself with the flowing river in eternal samadhi. Disappearing into the water and reappearing just a moment later above the water floating and showing himself on the other shore to his devotees, so they knew he has not gone anywhere away from this chained web we call our reality, our world.
Trailanga was a nath and a power yogi, people used to try and test him and fail miserably… poisoning him and he like the innocent child shiva would convert the very same poison into honey for him and the effects of the karma would hit the lesser hearted person in turn, the english soldiers would try to put him behind bars for indecency, nudity and not obeying/heeding their orders and he would be again found wherever he wished to be.. no bars and jail could ever hold him. He was free and everywhere and he was constantly in shiva-consciousness, worshiping his shakti. In unison and joy. He was the child shiva. Ever free and seeking nothing from anyone.

Om Namacivaya- Trailanga in his power mode~
He was known to be fat (over 300 pounds) adding weight for his years in his current body (existing over 300 years), he did not speak to anyone. Even those he knew as his guru brothers or his masters disciples. He always remained one in silence, and those in his presence must have felt the same. People changed into gods near this saint. His spartan existence for eons has transcended so many souls into communion with the father shiva.
Lord Trailang was defiant, he worshipped as he pleased. He worshipped himself, but without the illusion of I from within. Trailanga was blunt and clairvoyant and he displayed no overt emotions though just a touch or a glance from him could send you into the world for which we are all meant for. The world of one; shiva consciousness. It would transform you into the saint and lover you deserve to be.
Trailang remains as the only person in the history of the world, who was able to enter and worship the holy shiva linga on the banks of benaraas – kashi vishawanatha with his own faeces. He worshipped with his own stool the linga which is supposedly the most powerful and holy on this earth. The pandits tried to stop him and he converted what they saw as his stool into flowers within a blink of the eye. He did this not as his own power, this is the power of shiva. Of eternal transmutation and power. It is a tale by itself, and everyone who saw this saint come into the temple and worship the shiva linga with turd, was amazed to see trailang laughing and embracing the shiva power there with abandon and such child like ness, they concluded that trailang was no more apart from shiva anywhere or anytime. He worshipped with anything and nothing and the power herein. The yogi remained in constant bliss of shiva consciousness and power. Its truly a feat worth mentioning!
Trailang is a treat to know and be, and you can call him with careless abandon time and again too. You see he is in the ether and the jasmine smelling of heavens and in plenty. Take time and sit with him on the banks of the holy ganga, and his spirit shall fly near you and you shall be set free from this world and its myriad illusions. The power of trailanga shiva still roams everywhere in this spider web of reality.
He roamed the ghats where the ganga took in the sins of the living and where she took in the burnt charred skins of the dead, and everywhere in between. He did not see like you and I. His focus, gaze and instant were defined by the power that this life/existence is (as best as it can be described with words)
Om Na Ma Ci Va Ya
Speaking in silence, trailang and shiva converse under the banyan tree of wisdom. There is no gravity, There is no air. Its not apart and its not come undone. Shiva speaks in absolute silence and trailang sits and laughs and jokes and cries for his lord. This is the sadhu who could transmute matter to energy and vice versa, This was the master who uttered a single syllable an entire decade. He cared not for his disciples and He was not himself ever again. Lord trailang remained in eternal embrace of his master nath in a world so gone~
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