Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sweetest Sadhana


I got to say, I adore this sanskrit word : Sadhana. I guess the closest english word that pops to my mind as a literal translation is ‘communion’. As something which could be understood by the masses. A perpetual communion with god; or whatever one may wish to call the power.

Sadhana to me is being. It is the natural soul state of the universe. It just is, as it is. Sadhana is the flow of the ‘all’ known, unknown and the music everywhere in between perpetually in all ‘space and time and all other dimensions as you wish to perceive’ ( I know trying to explain abstract stuff in words, is perhaps the most naive medium).

The king of sadhanas remains the master of time and the ruler of death. Shiva.

Shiva is in sadhana and created the universe through his power. Well that’s what I wanted to explain in the first place~ About his personal power (like yours and mine)

Shiva is in sadhana with his personal power. He is in perpetual union and deep love towards his power. His shakti. His goddess and counterpart; Chandi *or as you may wish to call the divine feminine*

Most people (if they know what sadhana means) understand it as some sort of rigor mortis towards the material world, and an undivided attention to the spirit. I too used to imagine the same while introspecting, but I understood the real method to gain divine inspiration is to be wise through knowledge and unlearning this known world and to remain a lover at heart, always in a state of drunk bliss towards the entirety that is this existence.

To me sadhana remains a love story, between the master shiva and his divine consort Shakti. Shiva is a true lover, brave and without fear; He has given up his worldly possessions and adorned rudraksha and wild serpents around his neck. In his constant trance towards his powerful love, he has left all known human civilization and sits in the periphery of the known world- the jungle and the burning ghats, always gazing inwards and everywhere into the unknown that is his love; Tara. You see what love can do to people and gods :)

He sits day and night, unfazed by weather or wild beasts. There are myriad distractions in the human mind, but the master has shunned these to remain in an eternal ethereal sort of adulation towards his bride. Towards the union that is consciousness surrounded by vast unlimited power (shakti). Shiva is a man, is a god and is a lover par excellence. He is eternal because he chose it with his shakti. He is you and I (possibly). He is the blessed union which is the shiva linga, the representation of the ‘communion’ of his consciousness to his personal power. This is the best and most complete representation of both human and divine love (if you think about it lol)

Sadhana to me remains this awe-d state of attention, this meditation and this music from the heart extending towards such a state. Where there is no separation of love. The world stops turning and the mind vanishes out of sight. There is only this great vast power, everywhere. This is shiva in perpetual union with shakti. This is the great sadhana of our times.

Shiva lights the dhuni and the fire burns through time, He looks at the shri chakra in elation and laughs and cries just the same. His minions look at him dazed, where is the master lost~ Lo, he has fallen to the ground to raze his power above him and dance on him. He loves seeing devi dancing on his chest. He remains in perpetual incurable love. What a sight to behold. His woes of separation do not remain untold, anymore!

Such is sadhana and hence its so sweet. When you know the inner depths of love. That it is what creates sustains and dissolves this known world of ours, You too will breathe not air, but this energy. Ever renewing and eternally flowing.

I guess this communion is what organisms try to end towards, a perpetual state of bliss, where no want remains and all is love. This is a wise state. Difficult to achieve but as I know, once you will sadhana to enter your life, this state of pure love towards your shakti, your personal power. The reflection of the universal state of power. Your love manifolds and blooms, it becomes everything which has been, is to be…


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