Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shri Mahavidyas: Bhairavi

Ever since this wretched creation began, I waited for you mother. Ever since I was born, my fragile heart and my warrior soul has been yearning for you dark mother. Ever since I was thrown out from the womb, crying howling in pain at life and its impending sense of doom… I have been waiting for you, in tears and separation. Mother darkness, I wait for you to stomp me back to smoke and ash. I wait for you to alleviate this false sense of duality and purpose… this notion of knowledge and existence….this feeling of life and death…. this state of separation from you!
When you see that life has become a gutter, overflowing with thoughts, notions and ‘things’ which are both temporal and useless, then ask your heart to be stronger, and pray to bhairavi. She is final. She is first. She is everything in between.
Bhairavi is fond of dissolution, well; well you can look at her…. and try to please, try to pray… but she will love you just the same. She will lift you up and press you to her bosom and you will exist apart from her no more.
Whereas the mother becomes kali when she is dancing on top of her consort Mahadeva, she is supreme yet remains as an actor continuing the notion of duality and the separation of chit from shakti, even if only by a fragment. But Bhairavi is the absolute; In other terms she can be seen as the shiva-yoni linga. She is united; never seperate in any sort of false duality. There is no play here, There is no drama or unfolding at her feet, There is but dissolution and absolution.
Bhairavi is Kala-ratri, the darkest night of dissolution, she has infinite forms and each form becomes more powerful than the last, she comes vision after vision… until everything which ever was is swallowed whole in her. Consumed and destroyed and reaffirmed as entirety as her.
Bhairavi is without form, she is void. The void is darkness of existence or of this entire mess we choose to perceive it as reality. She takes myriad forms and comes when misery becomes overpowering, when love gets shook and apathy takes over. Don’t be mistaken, she is ever here with us, within us. Just waiting for us to open our eyes (our inner eyes) and see the waste, the waste of everything here and now and present. When we start seeing for the very first time, we notice that everything lays to waste…. and this is when she pulls us to her feet. We become conscious of power and the power that is out to consume itself, and this is who bhairavi is…. She is violent compassion, destructive restarting, third eye of Shiva and the cosmos keeper.
She in classical iconography is depicted with two hands (sometimes maybe more, I have seen temples of her with myriad arms and legs to depict her absolute power). These two hands hold a cleaver and a rosary or perhaps a book of wisdom. The cleaver cuts of our karma with the temporary, and the rosary makes us realize our true nature with respect to power.

She has her tongue out, dripping with blood, the life force of the universe. She is black as night and naked; only covered with skulls of her devotees which form a garland across her chest and wild long black hair flowing with the wind. She haunts everywhere, but she is more easily seen where of course death and ashes exist in abundance.
Bhairavi worship is a must for all those who love and respect power, all those who would like to find the meaning to their lives, abandoning ignorance and what others have made believe to be reality for us too. If you become one with bhairavi, she will grace you with unlimited wisdom, clairvoyance, power/siddhi and love. She will be at your back, and see that no harm ever come to you in the path to her feet. She is a mother after all, even if she is the mother who would destroy her own creation. There is none comparable to bhairavi; for after her there exists but herself. She is the void which is veiled in Maya and which we perceive and make belief as normal day to day reality. In reality she is the matrix on which consciousness and universal powers exist and survive. She is the framework of god and absolute. She is all that is ever.

You and I will sit and in silence, and become like Shiva. Our minds will become calm and unflustered and our netr (eyes) will stare at our companion, consort, mother and dual- bhairavi. In doing so, we shall become adepts in harnessing and living amidst the wild cosmic destructive existent power/force that is this reality.
By worshipping bhairavi, we become ourselves Bhairava, ones without fear or remorse; looking for nothing in this world for we attain the state of inner content-ness. Which cannot be changed, transmuted or transfigured any which way. We become specs of power that is bhairavi’s body itself. We attain freedom.
One does not have to keep patience if worshipping the grand black goddess, for liberation is instant. The capabilities she shall make you live through your fragile body and spirit is mindboggling. She will take you and kiss you on your third eye, where you shall fall down and never ever remain same to this world. Once you have been smitten by the beautiful mother of destruction; You are made!

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